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The Soulmate!!! #My First OS

The Soulmate!!!!

It was a big hall full of many news reporters and interviewers. The media persons were sitting in the hall on their respective chairs and a press conference was going on. A very handsome and successful businessman was being interviewed by them. They had bombarded him with questions to which he was answering very professionally and efficiently. One of the Media persons asked him a question that widened his eyes and he became speechless for a moment. The interviewer asked,

“So, Mr.Vansh RaiSinghania! We had heard that after you had suffered a huge loss in business and your engagement broken with Ms. Ragini Mittal, you had decided to close your company forever and leave India. What made you change your mind that moment that you have grown up such a successful empire in such a short time?

A second interviewer asked,

“What was your insipiration and secret behind your success that you had made you hundreds times more successful than you were in those days?”

Vansh’s eyes widened and he got reminded of an incident in his life. He closed his eyes and reminisced in his mind…………………….,

“Vansh was moving on a deserted road with very less traffic holding an engagement ring in one hand and an alcohol bottle in the other hand. He was walking blindly on the road not aware of where he was going. His clothes were rough with his shirt buttons half opened and his hair all messy. He seemed broken and emotionless. He went towards a cliff and stood at its edge. He said looking towards the cliff depth,

V(broken teary eyes): How can you do this Ragini! How can you betray me! I had loved you alot! You were my everything! Why my world shattered!! Why everyone left me alone!! First, My parents left me in that horrible accident, I was not even able to run his company successfully. It suffered such a huge loss! How Will I repent it!! I had decided to leave India forever but I stoped just for you! But you!! You also cheated me with another man!!! You had loved someone else!! You could have told me this!!! But you cheated me with that boyfriend of yours!!!! (Shouts) Why did you do this??????

His voice echoed. He was about to jump but he heard a voice in return,


He turned abruptly to find a girl in a beautiful white frock standing there. He glared her angrily and said,
V: Look! Miss whoever you are! Just leave me alone!
R(smiles): If I wanted to leave you alone then why would I have stopped you! I know you were going to jump!!! How can you fall so weak!!
Vansh glared her in confusion as she was smiling to his deathly glares.
V(angry): Listen! I will do whatever I want to! I don’t need your advice and favours! Go away from here! Let me do what I want to!
R(smiles): Look! If you jump from here, then how will you face God up above who had sent you for a purpose here! And how will you face your parents up above?
V(shocked): How do you know about my parents?
R: I even know that your fiancee has cheated on you that’s why you are standing here.
Vansh was shocked and was just staring her confusion.
R: I know everything as I heard your words!!! Come on! Its written on your broken face! A man seems only broken if he has lost his dear ones or his love! And you were saying that why she did that? Tell me! Why can’t she do that???
V(serious): She was my finacee!!! I loved her!! How can she cheat me???
R: You loved her then you can surely understand what love is! She had loved someone else! Don’t she has the right to love someone? Don’t she have the right to choose the person of her own choice?
V: She betrayed me! If she had loved someone else why didn’t she tell me! Why did she got engaged with me then?
R: Maybe she got in love after getting engaged to you! Love is unconditional and unresistable! No one can stop it! You have loved your parents right? They would surely be wanting to see you successful?
V: I let down them too! I suffered a huge business loss! I have no right to live now!
R: Who said that you don’t have right to live! Look around you! There are thousands of people who don’t even get a proper meal three times a day. They dont even get enough to eat that could satify their hunger. There are many people who for one reason or the other, lose their respect and don’t get a chance to build it up again!! Family breaks! Friendships break! Trust breaks! Heart breaks! But life never stops! Time never stops! Do you think that after jumping from this cliff, you will be able to get any peace? You will be able to get your love! Believe me! You won’t! Your life will just end and you will have not even a single way to repent!
Vansh was getting a little affected by her words. She sat down on the edge of the cliff and asked him settle down too. He also sat down listening to her,

R(smiles): Everyone has the right to love and to live life! This world has so much negative in itself. People have so much to say when it comes to bad mouth about someone! But there are rare moments when peopel find happiness and contentment in their life! When people get another chance in their life! Even I wasted my chance! You should Value your life! Life has given you another chance! Another chance to build up yourself from the very start! What if she has left you! She has got someone she wanted to be with! But what did you get? You will jump off this cliff, people will sob for you for one day, She will be sad for maybe one day but then, the life will move on! Its a butter reality but life has to move own! Time has never stopped for anyone! So, Try to Achieve what you have aimed for! And take it as a tip, Never tell about secret of your success to anyone! If you want to be successful always and reach heights……
Never disrespect your life! You will always get chances to better yourself! There will always be ways to make the best! But once the life ends, there is no way back! We always run behind those who have no respect for us and in the process, we lose respect for ourselves! We lose ourselves! Why can’t we seek what loves us! What respects us! We always seek what is not written in our destiny! Why don’t we try to achieve what is seeking us? Why do we neglect the blessings of God! Even this breathing is a blessing! (Observing his looks) Even your looks are a blessing! Thousands of girl can die on this personality of yours! And you are running behind that girl who doesn’t even look at you! (Puppy eyes) Awee! These dimples of yours!! I can see them even if they are covered with beard! And your cheeks!!!!!!

She was going to touch them but then stopped,
R(puppy eyes): Your cheeks!! So adorable you are!! I want to squeeze them!!!!!

Looking at her adorable face, Vansh finally smiles. He had got a deep impact of hers just with her some words.

R: Finally You smiled!!!! (Patting herslef lightly) I had given you such a long speech and you have not even told me your name! What is your name?

He looked at her in confusion. He was not understanding how his anger melted with her words and he was smiling by now. Even Ragini was not able to make him smile easily after he had lost his parents. She was so casual with her even when he had shouted on her and though she was right, Girls can die on his mere looks but Girls can also die with a heart attack no bearing his anger too. How is she not affected at all. He was about to speak something but to his surprise, she forwarded her hand,
R: Let me introduce myself First! Hi!! I am Riddhima!! Riddhima Sharma!
He was lost in her beauty and smile. He was about to shake his hand with hers but she moved her hand back.
R: Oops! I shouldn’t do that! You will get my secret!!
V: What secret??
R(biting her tongue): Aaaa…Secret of my touch!!
V: What?? What so soecial about your touch!
R(smiling but fakely this time): You will know soon! (Confidently) You should know that I am not less myself! Many boys have died over my personality too! (Sad) But I rejected all of them because I loved someone else! I loved Kabir!! But I didn’t get my love!
V: So, You should move on too!
R(murmurs): I wish I could!
V: What? I didn’t listen! (Brushing his talks) You wanted me to move on! Let’s move on together! Let’s make a new life together! (Smiles) Hi! I am Vansh RaiSinghania!
R: Nice to meet you!
V: Thank for saving me and making me learn the value of life!
R: I am glad that what I couldn’t do for myself! I was able to done it for you!
V: Means what?

She was going to say something when Vansh’s eyes caught the sight in the depth of the cliff as they were sitting on the edge. Some people had gathered down the cliff and he was not able to see what’s going on. It intrigued him. He said,
V: What’s there down the cliff?
R(nervous): I….I Don’t know!
V: Let’s go down and see!
R: We should’nt! Its so deep!
V: Oh come on! A while ago, you were talking so bravely and now look at you! You are nervous!
He got up and said,
V: You are coming with me for sure! Else I can abort my idea to live too!!!
He winks!
R(smiles): Okay I will go with you! But I am sacred of depth! If I will not be able to go, then I will come back at the edge of this cliff! You will find me here!

Vansh nos and they both starting to walk towards the depth taking a side pathway toward the depth. But soon Riddhima got nervous and went back. Vansh was determined to see what’s happening there. Soon, he reached down there and saw many people gathered there. There was an ambulance staning there and police men were investigating many people. He saw a dead body lying there covered with a white cloth. He went towards the crowd to ask about the matter. They told him that one hour ago, a girl has jumped from the edge of the cliff and had died. She had attempted the suicide. Vansh felt sorry for the dead body lying there and felt the value of life in his heart. He realized what he was going to do was not right. He was happt that Riddhima’s words had done a magic on him! He realized how she had affected his heart in such a short span even when He loved Ragini. He happily started moving back up the cliff to tell her that He wants to live and he will definitely move on and stand up on his feet once again! He was going back when he heard a voice,

“The body has been identified. The girl’s name is Riddhima Sharma!!”

His eyes widened and he turned abruptly. He was shocked. He looked around and then moved towards the dead body slowly and sat down beside it. The police tried to stop him but he asked them to let him identify her. With gathering courage, He removed the white cloth and looked at the face. His eyes widened and he stumbled back. The body was of hers! It was her. The same girl who she met at the top of cliff just a while ago. He kept on staring the body. Now everything made sense to him, How she knew about her! How she was saying that she didn’t get a second chance!! How she considered breathing a blessing too!!! How she didn’t touch him! The secret of her touch! (Realization stuck him but its was unbelievable) She was a soul!!! She was dead!!!! Her white clothes! He talks about life! She knew it’s importance as she herself was dead! Now, it all make sense to him why she was afraid if depth and why she was nervous to come with him. Because she feared that he will know her secret!

He sat there for some moment speechless and stunned! Then, he got up and with no thoughts, he started moving up. Once he reached up, he started finding her desperately. When he didn’t find her, he shouted,

“I swear I will jump off this cliff the way you did, if you didn’t come out now!”

And then he heard,


And she came out being nervous and worried. He looked at her with tears in his eyes. She smiles as she was a spirit, a soul, so she can’t have tears!!! He looks at her beautiful shining face having a smile on it and he smiles in return. And then he says,
V: I will ask just one question!…….Why? Why did you do this!
R(smiles): I had come here an hour ago just like the same way you came here. Holding a ring in one hand and an alcohol bottle in the other. I had loved him immensely and He had loved someone else! The one whom your fiancee has loved, was my love!! My Kabir! And I was same like you! He loved her and I got betrayal! I had seen you there when she and Kabir were announcing their their engagement and she broke up with you! But I was so broken myself that I lost my senses! I came here and jumped off not even caring for my family, my dreams and my life!…….When my body left my soul, I saw myself lying there dead and I got reminded of all those things that were meant for me. My parents were waiting for me at my home. My frinds were waiting for me to meet them tomorrow. My dreams were yest to be completed and I jumped for someone who had not even once thought about me! And Then, I got back in senses and Realized what I have lost! I realized the value of my life! But it was too late! I had no more chances left to make everything right! And then, I saw you standing at the edge of this cliff!! And you know everything afterwards!

Vansh was totally stunned and lost. She smiles whole heartedly,
R: After becoming a soul, I had only two wishes! I want you to be really really successful! You have to be earn success of my part too! I lost the chance to make my parents proud! But you will not lose this chance. When you will succeed, I will surely make your parents see your success and be proud of you!
V: And what would be your second wish?
R: It will never be fulfilled!
V: What is it!
She comes near him and touches his cheeks but being a soul, she wasn’t able too! She said,
“I wish I could squeeze your cheeks and die once again on your smile and personality! But it can never happen!”

Vansh tries to hold her hands but even He was not able to do so. He looks at her with so many emotions in his eyes.
R: Take care! Its time to say Good bye! But I will keep coming and encourage you always! You have to be strong and successful! You have to become The Great Vansh RaiSinghania! VRS!!!”

Saying so, she moves towards the edge of cliff. Vansh keeps staring her. She smiles and then, vanishes.”


He Finally opens his eyes and looks at the interviewers who were waiting for his answer. He smiles at them and replies,

“The secret of my success is my soulmate!”

Everyone looked confused as He had neither any girlfriend nor he was married. They start questioning her whether he is going to announce his wedding or something. But he said,

“Someone has once told me that the we should never tell the secret of our success to anyone if we want to reach heights!”

And then, he dismisses the question and they start asking other questions. And when the press conference ended, he looked at one corner and found Riddhima in the same white dress smiling at her and she looked proud!
He smiles back and says,

“She was right! We run towards the good for us but God had planned the best! His plannings are surely better than mine! I was seeking for a life partener and He gave me a……..Soulmate!

The End.

Hey everyone! I tried to write the very first OS of mine as it was requested by my very very dear Menna hussein! Mine and her relation is just like this! We had never met each other physically but we have a connection of the souls! Sometime, some people with just their special words make a special place in your heart in a very short span of time! And this is what Menna has done to me! She has made a very special place in my heart which I could never give to anyone! She is not just a friend, she is a sister and My life!!!! This OS is dedicated to her and I hope she likes it! This OS was requested by her as she was going for a surgery! Yes! At this moment, when I am writing this OS, she is going through a surgery and I request you all to please pray for her health! She has herself asked me to convey it to all of you that please pray for her. She needs your prayers!!!
Life is a beautiful blessing!! And For me, Mennu is my life!

I hope she could get fine soon and read this OS soon and like it!
Do tell about your opinion too!!

Sorry for the thumbnail as I had no other one😁😁😁😁😁

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