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Tears of Love in The Night Of Pain – Challenge (24)

Hello all here is next episode 

Recap: Kartik and Kairav visit Naira at Sirat’s house. Rohan and Kartik search for Ranveer and find him missing. Sirat is in coma and is in Goenka house under Naira’s disguise

Episode starts

Sirat’s house

Kartik and Rohan get back. Coach and Naira meet them at the backyard

Coach: Any news Kartik?

Kartik tells everything 

Naira: He is missing? Something has definitely happened that day?

Coach: We need to find Ranveer but how?

Kartik: I will find a way very soon sir

Naira: Kartik we have another problem too. This house of Sirat’s nani..its mortgaged to that Mukesh and he is demanding the money or the house. What do we do now?

Kartik: Ill pay the money 

Rohan: But Kartik ji wont that create a doubt?

Coach: Thats right …

Kartik: Ill find another way for it dont worry. The house will get back to Sirat and her maudi for sure

Maudi: Chora…come and have some food…Sirat..bring him in

Naira: Ji Maudi..Kartik ji aayiye

Kartik and Naira get inside the house

Kartik: Amma do you mind me taking bath here? Its been a long journey

Maudi: Why are you asking permission for it? Sirat give him hot water to bath and bacha is sleeping peacefully , fever has reduced 

Kartik: Thank you for taking care of him Amma

Saying this Kartik leaves to the restroom. He takes off his shirt and is in his sleeveless banyan. He is about to remove it when the door opens suddenly . Kartik turns to see Naira with a bucket of hot water at the door

Kartik: Cant you knock?

Naira: Cant you lock?

She walks in and pours the water for him and turns to leave when Kartik pulls her closer

Naira: Kartik..chodo na…

Kartik: Kyu? You are my wife I have all rights on you

Naira: Im Sirat now..not your wife

Kartik: Woh toh duniye keliye not for me

Naira: Chodo na…

Kartik turns her towards him and bends down to kiss her

Kairav: Sirat…sirat…

Naira giggles and moves away from Kartik’s hold

Kartik: Meri pyar ka dushman ko na mein ne hi peda karliya

Naira: Aww you talk I’ll about our son

Kartik: But one thing he is a good actor..so quickly he adapted to Sirat

Naira: Haan bilkul baap pe gaya hai ye

Naira runs out laughing. The scene freezes 

Sometime Later

Kartik is busy in his mobile while Naira is preparing food. They hear noises outside and come to find people measuring the house

Naira: Oye…what are you all doing? 

Mukesh: The buyers are seeing the property 

Naira: How dare you sell our house? 

Mukesh: Correction..its mine now..you did not give the money

Naira: But there is time still

Mukesh: Acha..so you will get money so soon? How by selling yourself ?

Kartik hears this and loses his cool. He holds Mukesh’s collar

Kartik: Mind your words mister

Mukesh: Why are you getting angry? Did she sell it to you?

Kartik: If you say one more word like that Ill kill you. Sons of good mothers cannot tolerate such words against any woman

Naira pulls Kartik away from Mukesh. She gestures him to stay calm which he obliges half heartedly

Naira: Ill arrange money by any means. You need money thats it right..Ill give you now leave from here

Mukesh: Ill leave but on one condition 

Kartik: Whats that?

Mukesh: There will be a kabaddi match between our teams. If you win Ill give you the time to pay the money..if you lose the house will he sold on the same day

Naira is shocked 

Kartik: Haan teek hai..we will play kabaddi with you. Team Maudi is ready

Mukesh: Teek hai phir chora…come lets go now..and match will be on Sunday. You have 3 days more

Saying this Mukesh leaves. Kartik goes to a weeping Maudi

Kartik: Amma..who is he? Whats your issue with him?

Maudi: He is my daughter’s husband

Kartik: Sirat’s?

Rohan: Step Father Kartik 

Maudi: Chora..you will leave today and the kabaddi match?

Kartik: Nahi amma when I have given the word on your behalf we cannot go away like that…unless you dont want us here

Maudi: Arrey nahi nahi par Kabaddi

Kartik: Dont worry we will win

Maudi gets giddy. Rohan takes her to the open space to give her rest. Naira walks away angrily. Kartik senses this and follows her. Once inside the house

Kartik: Naira what happened?

Naira: Hero ho tum? Bolo

Kartik: What?

Naira: Then why are you behaving like one? Do you even know how to play kabaddi? Bade aaye team maudi is ready kehne waale

Kartik: Naira he was insulting you..that too infront of me. How can I let someone insult my wife?

Naira: But is this the way? Now see if dont win then the house will go away. Is this how we are helping Sirat?

Kartik: If we win we can save the house right

Rohan: Kartik ji is right Naira 

Naira: Kya Rohan tum bhi. Kartik do you know how to play Kabaddi?

Kartik nods in affirmation

Naira: Do you even know how many players are needed?

Kartik nods in affirmation. Naira leaves a deep sigh of disappointment

Kartik: Wait a minute..I know someone who knows to play kabaddi 

Naira: Kaun?

Kartik: Akhil Chachu

Naira: Kya?

Kartik calls chachu

Akhil: Kartik..

Kartik: Chachu..woh.. (he tells the happenings)

Akhil: We are there for you. We will train you and join you. Dont worry Ill come there with Luv and Kush

The call disconnects 

Kartik: Chachu agreed to play with us and coach us 

Naira: Great…then..we have to win mendak

Kartik: Of course Sherni

Sensing the moment Rohan runs outside. Kartik chuckles and pulls Naira into his arms

Kartik: We have did so much together..we will do this too

Naira: I hope all this ends soon

Kartik: In a good way..we find Ranveer, Sirat recovers and we teach this Mukesh a lesson

Naira: Yeah lot to do

Kartik: But till Kaira are together we can do anything 

Naira: Haan Kartik…when you are with me everything seems alright. But those days when We thought that you were dead and..

Kartik: Bas…dont talk about that..its over

With Kaira in each other’s embrace the episode freezes

Precap: The Kabaddi Match and a Shock

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