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Silent Whisper With a Devil ( 6th Chapter )

( P.s. in previous chapter I told about ” Devash” …. actually in my ff I mean it as a gift of god and a holly thing …. but in real its just a name ok….😊😊 but the meaning of Devash in real is also the gift of god that’s why I took that name to refer the necklace of Ridz…😊 that necklace is very special)


When I came home I quickly sat on the sofa and try to unlock that box from the pendant of my necklace …. Aish!!!! there was only a letter…. it was also so old looking like that letter was written many ages ago…..

What’s that letter? I don’t know even that language…. it was  neither hindi nor other language I know… If I don’t know this language then what’s the propose of reading that…. nonsense !!!! maybe someone trying to do a prank on me… ahhhh I hate pranks…. I wasted my time….

I put the letter in to that box and throw it in to the dust bin and went to have a good sleep….

( A / N ; if she ever knew that letter contains so much secrets about her and how much it valuable for her , she would never throw it into the dust bin….😌😌😌 )


I wake up and get ready to enter my new life…. ya from today I am a training doctor of New City hospital ….as I know City hospital is the one of best hospitals in India. I am so happy…. After 6 months or 1 year later I am qualified doctor in India…. since in my childhood I wanted to be a doctor don’t know why every time I feel like my hands are born heal people….

( here my outfit for my first day as a training doctor… don’t you feel I am too much pretty to be a doctor…. 😂😂 )

I took my scooter and ride it to the City hospital  as we all were announced to be there by 8 a.m…. for god sake I able to come there by 7.55 a.m. otherwise my first day will be the worst day..

”Cure pie …. come quickly” Sejal shouted waving her hand… aish why this girl can’t say Ridz when we are in public….

”hey Seju why everyone gather here… don’t we tell to be in conference hall ?” I asked seeing all my collage friends gather in the entrance..

”they say we have to meet our senior consultant who is in-charge of our training….” Sejal say in a serious mood

”oh I see…. is he an old one” I asked as most of the senior consultants I have seen are in the age of 60 or 55…

”no cute pie…. I heard others say he is such a handsome and attractive guy ” Sejal said winking at me …

”if he is  that much handsome why don’t he do modelling instead of being a doctor” I said under my breath

”Hello everyone ! I told you all to come here to meet our senior consultant and the doctor-in-charge of your training time …..” our professor said with a bright smile

”so welcome our senior consultant Mr. Vansh Raisinghania”  

What!!!!!  is that alien is my senior… what the heck!!!  no way!!!!!!!! how is that possible…. he is such a jerk!!! I mean uffff….. no way!!!! how can I be with that alien ….. oh god!!!!!!!

” cute pie why are you trembling?”‘ sejal asked holding my hand…. yes I am trembling… I am trembling thinking of my future days with this man… aish!!!!

”no…nothing I just feel cold” I said without looking at her

”hello everyone… I am Vansh Raisinghania… I am you senior… so I hope I can spend a quality time  with you …. and I hope we all can work together and do our best for patients during this training time” That alien said with a smile… aish !!! why do I feel his gaze is on me … ufff what a horrible fate I have


Vansh POV, 

Flash Back…….

” Angre she is not a human but she is hiding her identity through that necklace… ”’

”Lord do you think she is doing that on a purpose?”

”not sure but I feel like she is a threat to me ”

”you? why is that lord”

”Angre , I can’t describe everything to you… but all I can say is that she is a threat to me… tell me where is she ”

”Lord she is going to the city hospital for her training period ”

” ok anyhow I have to be close with her to know who is she and what are her intention… ”

” but how lord”

”Angre go and change the minds of that people in the hospital to believe me as their senior consultant… ”

”AS you wish lord”

”huh! lord of the hell, who is like a doom to everyone’s life is going to be a doctor… what a ridiculous joke”  Vansh said after Angre left from there

Flash back end…..

All I need to is keep and eye on her and be close to her know who is she …. though Ahana keep an eye on her I can’t satisfy until I do that myself… It will be fun to play games with you SWEAT HEART!!!!!!!!!!!


” cute pie don’t you think doctor Vansh is super handsome… I feel like I saw a Greek god when I saw him” Sejal began to prise that idiot’s look  which makes me more and more irritated…

”handsome my foot” I said showing a nuances face and left Sejal there and turned back to go the canteen in hospital to reduce my pain…. don’t think I am overreacting… I just feel bad on myself …. don’t you feel irritated when you see someone you don’t like to see again and again….

Cursing my fate I was on the way to the canteen when my head hit somewhere…. to be honest I felt like my head hit on a rock…

”Aaaahhhh my head” touching my head I looked up to see where my precious head hit…

”oops sorry…. you should concentrate your attention when you walk sweat heart… otherwise you could be in a big problem”  ya ya ya my precious head hit on that monster’s chest…. does he ate elephant meat to have such a hard chest ? huh!!!

” hey I am just a normal man …. I don’t eat such weird meats…” he said smiling at me… uff I forgot he can read minds…

”I don’t think I ever see you as a normal man” I said annoyingly

”Because I am not a human” he said looking in to my eyes… aish!! his eyes are going through my eyes like he is trying to hypnotise me… actually for a second I was lost in those chocolate eyes….

”why why…. now don’t tell me you are an alien or something like that” I said braking that eye contact

”no not an alien but the lord of the hell” he said in a serious look …. NICE JOKE!!!!!

”Then I am the lady of the hell  ” I said leaving him there…. LORD OF THE HELL! nonsense…… He may be think I am a 5 year old child to scare saying he is the lord of the hell and bla bla bla….


So how was this chapter?😊😊

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