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RIANSH (They Have No Boundaries) E20

20 episodes finally! Congratulations to all of us 🥳 Love you my dear TU Family 💓

VR Mansion: Author’s POV;

Episode starts with:

Hearing Riddhima, Vansh came to his senses and jerked Riddhima away slowly, he got up and shouted..

Vansh: No Riddhima. If we cross our limits of intimacy, you’ll be hurt and I can’t bear that.

Riddhima: (cupping his face) Vansh you didn’t hurt me at all. What just happened was a pleasure to me.

(Riddhima hugged Vansh tightly to calm him down, she stood on his feet and kissed him all over his face, moving towards his lips, they heard Siya..)

Siya: Not now please! Riddhima sometime with us also.

(Saying so Siya held Riddhima’s hand and took her down to sit with family, Riddhima goes with tears in her eyes, as they reach down Riddhima suddenly jerks her hand freeing it from Siya, Siya asks..)

Siya: Are you fine Riddhima?

Riddhima: Woh..

Vansh: She can’t bear cold.

Riddhima: Yeah, Siya sorry but your hands were extremely cold.

Siya: It’s ok.

(They all.sut together and spend sometime with Riddhima, it was evening when Riddhima said..)

Riddhima: I loved meeting you all but I guess its time to leave now.

Vansh: Yeah come I’ll drop you.

(Riddhima warmly bids bye to the family and Vansh drives her back home, entire journey none of them spoke anything. Riddhima reached her home and Vansh came Back. Meanwhile in a big ancient palace, some Vampires 🦇 discussed..)

Aurrow: It’s been 17 years still we haven’t found that human, who holds the future of entire VAMPIRE clan😤

Versech: We are finding your Majesty.

Aurrow: No! It’s time for final move. Get our most Powerful and Perfect VAMPIRE 🦇 only he can find that human and kill him/her.

Versech: You mean I should call…

VR Mansion: Author’s POV;

As Vansh returned back, everybody in the hall was tensed, Vansh asked..

Vansh: What happened?

Ajay: Riddhima is very innocent and pure.

Uma: She doesn’t deserve this.

Siya: She’s like an Angel.

Aryan: Very yum…I mean true and beautiful.

Vansh: (shouting) I know, then what?

Angre: But boss she’s ARTHALAHU.

Vansh: I asked you all na to burry this matter then..

Ajay: till when Vansh? One day our clan will know you love a Human, they’ll raise objection but still the matter can be handled, but if they come to know that she’s ARTHALAHU, without thinking for a second they’ll kill her.

Vansh: Noo; Nothing will happen to her. I won’t let them even touch her. Let the war begin 😠

(Vansh leaves from there, at night Riddhima was being restless waiting for Vansh, aand suddenly Someone backhugged her, she said..)

Raichand Palace:

Riddhima: (smiling) I was waiting for you.

(She rested her head on his chest, while he he kissed her hair and said..)

Vansh: Why didn’t you sleep? Tomorrow is school na

Riddhima: Was waiting to be embraced in your arms and sleep.

(Vansh smiles and lifts her, he makes Riddhima lie on the bed and cuddles her, stroking her hair, she falls asleep in his arms..)

Episode Ends!


Tell me your Theories on “The Precap” and who do you think “Aurrow has called to kill ARTHALAHU?”

Hope you all liked it. Suggestions, corrections and appreciations are needed in the comment section below 🙏 Thnqu ❤ keep supporting 🙏😘

Stay safe and healthy 😙😙 All!

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