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A Quest for the Heart – Episode 20

Hi all, I am back after 2 months. I was really sad that Immj2 was ending and needed time for myself. My holidays are now goig on so I am back to writing again. Although I am sad that Immj2 has ended, my fan fictions will always stay. Thank you for all your continous support for all my episodes and I am sorry for not updating so long. I will update every 2 days now so you will get more of my stories. Hope you enjoy the episode and this will be longer to make up for those who have missed my writing.

Recap: Riddhima and Vansh are locked in his room and Kabir is being kept in the basement.

Episode starts…

In the basement..

Hang looked over at Kabir as he was trying to cut the rope with a screw sticking out on one of the chairs. He then stopped and looked around and noticed there was a CCTV camera at the corner of the room.

Hang: You are never going to succeed. This place is a fortress. Only Vansh knows who goes in and out.

Kabir: Will you shut up? Either you help me or you stay here and rot.

Hang: Just giving you a warning man..that CCTV camera is never going to let you out here alive.

Kabir looked up towards the CCTV camera and thought of an idea.

Next morning back in Vansh’s room..

Vansh got up first and found Riddhima on top of him. She was laying her head gently on his chest. He did not want to wake her and just looked at her, Her hair was flying on his face from the wind coming from the window. She looked peaceful without those nightmares haunting her,

Vansh (thinking): What is this? After Ragini, I had to build a wall over my emotions. Riddhima is changing everything. Was this love?

Riddhima twitched and opened her eyes. She noticed where she was laying and turned her head to face Vansh who was still looking at her. They shared an eyelock.

Suddently the door swang open and Angre walked in looking at a file in his hand.

Angre: Boss, Boss, something –

He stopped and then looked up and found them in an eyelock. Riddhima quickly turned over on to the other side of the bed and sat up while Vansh was fuming.


Angre: But boss-


Angre looked from Vansh to Riddhima and then walked backwards out the door closing it but left a gap as to not let them get locked in again.

Vansh turned to Riddhima: Sorry about that.

Riddhima smiled

Vansh: Say something please

Riddhima; Don’t worry and thank you for letting me stay the night. It was nice not to have nightmares anymore.

Vansh: You are welcome here anytime sweetheart.

Riddhima blushed and then got up to go out the door. She stopped by the door and turned back

Riddhima: I was wandering…can I please see Kabir?

Vansh jolted up and looked at her.

Vansh: Are you mad?? Didn’t you see what he did to you? Why on Earth do you want to see him again?

Riddhima: Please Vansh, I need some answers.

Vansh sighed: Fine but I am coming with you and that’s final

Riddhima nodded.

Vansh: Meet me in my office in 20 mins.

Riddhima again nodded and goes out the door. Angre who was hiding at the corner saw her leaving and went to Vansh’s door and knocked.

Vansh without turning to see who it was

Vansh: Come in

Angre: Boss –

Vansh: Angre, you better have a good explaination for this morning.

Angre: Sorry sorry boss, I didn’t know Riddhima was here. What happened?

Vansh: Forget what happened. Get a damn repair man in to fix the doors

Angre: Yes boss. That will be arranged. Sooooo how was your night? (he winked)

Vansh: Shut up Angre!

Angre: Come on boss, tell me na, you tell me everything anyway

Vansh: About business, not my personal life.

Angre: Okay okay but I think you are having feelings for Riddhima.

Vansh: Oh is that so? And how would you know? Mr Matchmatchmaker?

Angre: The way you always go near her, you melt. Boss you should express and open up to those feeling. Love is not a bad thing.

Vansh: I can’t..you have seen the last time what happened. I lost Ragini in my own hands and now I can’t put another woman’s life in danger. Especially not in this kind of life.

Angre: You will see boss, running away from your feelings will only bring you two together. Open up before its too late.

Vansh: You won’t understand Angre, you have never had a girlfriend.

Angre changed his expression and cleared his throat.

Angre: Anyways boss, we need to go check the camera room. There was a message from one of the security man that there was an issue with the CCTV camera in the basement.

Vansh nods and follows him out the door and into one of the rooms of the hallway.

Angre went in and saw the security man on the floor

Angre: What the hell happened?

Security man: Big problem

Angre: Hurry up and get to the point.

Security man: There was a breach in the basement camera. It was briefly turned off between 1-2am and then turned back on again around 3-4am last night. When the camera was on, Kabir was there, once it went off and came back on again, he was gone.

Vansh: WHATTTT!!

Security man: B…b..boss


Security man: B..boss, there is no way of finding out what happened. He is gone.

Vansh went up to the man and grabbed his collar.

Vansh: I don’t care what you do, find out how the camera was turned off and then on again without anyone noticing.

He let go of the man as he got back to work.

Angre: Boss, what do we do now?

Vansh (thinking): Riddhima! Did she know about this? It can’t be possible, she was with me the entire night. I need to talk to her.

Angre: Bosss!

Vansh: Huh ohh, Angre, help this man and call me if you get any leads. I will go down to the basement to see if anything is amised.

He walked out and went towards his office to wait for Riddhima. She was never late and he saw her coming towards him.

Riddhima: Hi Vansh

Vansh briefly smiled.

Riddhima’s expression changed: What happened?

Vansh: We can’t go see Kabir now.

Riddhima: Why?

Vansh: mmm….

Riddhima: Vansh..just tell me.

Vansh: He escaped.

Riddhima hearing that dropped her phone that she was carrying and nearly fainted but was caught by Vansh.

Vansh: Heyy, are you ok?

Riddhima panicked: But how?

Vansh told her everything about the camera breach and the security man.

Riddhima: I didn’t do anything Vansh, you trust me na, I was with you the whole night.

Vansh: mm..

Riddhima: Vanshhhh

Vansh: Okay I did for a moment but I knew you couldn’t have done it because we were together the whole night.

Riddhima: If he has escaped, I have a pretty good idea where he might be..

Vansh: Where??

Riddhima: In a warehouse not far from here.

Vansh: How would you know that?

Riddhima: Come on Vansh, I dated him for nearly 3 years. I will know everything about him

Vansh: Oh yea right.

Riddhima: Its over with him Vansh, we never agreed on anything. Please just send some men to check the warehouse. He could be there, its his place to hide when there is trouble.

Vansh nodded and made a phone call.

Precap: Riddhima and Vansh enjoy a moment together and Vansh nearly confesses his feelings for her. Ishani and Angre and Vansh and Riddhima go for their date

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