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‘ Will you be mine? ‘ by M_L… Part-12

HEY BUDDIES….. This is Moon back… How are you all? Long week has passed and I’m back with the next part… hope you all would love it… Ok friends, I’m not stretching much longer, and THANKS TO ALL who have supported me and conduced me to pen down more and more… To everyone…


And thank you all my silent readers and commenters.. I know I’m quite late in replying or sometimes I don’t even reply… that’s not bcoz that I don’t want, it’s bcoz that I don’t get enough time… As my exams went roughly I couldn’t even got the time to read the comments properly.. I read the comments yesterday… Ok Ok Ok.. let’s off to the part… enjoy the shot!!!

—— Continuous———*

Anika slowly opened her eyes and found herself on the bed… she rubbed her eyes squeezing down and opened with bleariness.. her head was heavy so she gave it a support and sat on the bed…  she saw the mug with coffee on the table.. she slowly neared it and saw a smile drawn in brown.. a smile crept over Anika’s face.. she got down and was shocked to see the clock pointing 10…. After pouring a sip inside she walked speedily but Mallika’s voice stopped her before anything…

“ it Ok baba.. GS gave you an off today… “ she smiled and placed the food she brought aside… Anika was astonished with her words…

“ huh? GS gave me an off?h..how is that even possible? He never would… “ Anika scratched her head with a ‘NO’ face.. Mallika made her sit and took the plate to feed her…

“ Yeah! First he didn’t…. but your so called Shah Rukh Khan was not ready to leave.. First he requested, then begged, and finally ordered to the core! And, GS couldn’t hold bit longer.. so yes, you’ve off… “ Mallika took a spoon full soup.. Anika caved it inside her mouth with a shocked face..

“ He..he argued with GS for…for me? “

“Mm-hmm… “ came the hum..

‘ I don’t how Veerappan is gonna react for whatever I told him yesterday!.. he.. will he go away? He’s a business man and I’m…I’m just a..an Orphan! Who has nothing to do with this life… Will he accept me as he had done!! ‘ her mind wandered somewhere while Mallika continued her blabberings…

“ Oh Hello! I’m talking to you!.. “ she distracted Anika from thoughts… Mallika understood what she will be thinking!

“ Hey Anika!.. I don’t what all happened last night.. but from today’s doings of Shivaay, I understood that his care for you only increased… Relax now… and somewhere I feel like he’s having something in his heart for you!.. “

“ what do you mean? “ asked Anika.

“ what I said!.. Anika, for once in this 2 week, haven’t you ever felt anything between you guys? Look, I love Rony and I know how a lover feels for their love! And somewhere in both of your doings I feel the same… spit it out!… “ Mallika conduced her leaving Anika wholly surprised…

“ hey..you’re…you’re crossing limits… there’s nothing…. “ Anika was cut again by Mallika..

“ to whom you’re lying Anika? To me? No chance… “ Anika sighed and gained strength..

“ I..I mustn’t feel anything for him… you know us!.. how we are and.. how we’re gonna be.. we’re together only for few days.. 2 weeks more, and he…he’ll go!.. you know that.. I cannot make up myself… I should never feel anything for him… however hard it would be for me, but I must learn to control my heart not to fall before him… “

“ ssssso, you agree that you’re…uh, you’re falling for him! “ Mallika was surprised.. Anika looked her blanked.. she opened her mouth to say but the door’s sound pulled her back..

“ hey.. Morning ladies.. “ Shivaay entered with a smile.. Anika glared Mallika signaling her not to talk about the current topic..

“ Hi Shivaay!.. Ok, you guys carry on and Anika…. “ suddenly Anika’s watch alarmed rockingly… Shiv-llika looked each other while Anika gave a sheepish smile.. Shivaay took the watch and offed it giving Anika a ‘fed-up’ look..

“ Anika, if this thing alarmed one more time, trust me I’m gonna rock this rocking thing.. “ Shivaay said placing it down..

“ ok, so what I was saying? Oh yeah.. your food! It’s here, have it! Waise this watch alarms correctly when its food time… “ Mallika said and left giving Shivika a space… Anika didn’t dare to look him coz she knew what he would be asking soon!.. Shivaay noticed an uncomfortable Anika and thought not to speak anything.. he sat next to her and took the bowl in his hand.. Both didn’t speak anything but their actions spoke louder than anything..

“uh… you’re hungry? “ Shivaay asked.. Anika nodded and was about to take the bowl from his hands while he stretched a spoon filled spoon to feed her… they both were hesitated to take the next step..when Anika accepted to have Shivaay gave the bowl and vise versa.. finally, Shivaay gave the bowl to her and sat there unknowingly.. Anika sipped the soup in looking Shivaay..

Shivika “ so you were…… “ both looked each other..

“ No I was just…. “ again they said together..

Together “ Ok you go on….. “ they smiled at each other and Shivaay started..

“ Okay…so I’ll be downstairs.. so you rest here.. and if you need any help me then let me know.. “

“ wait.. aren’t you going today? You’ve lot many works, haven’t you? And..and I’m fine! I don’t have to rest! I’m not diseased..so chill…. I’m going for delivery and you’re also going for work.. come on now….. “ Anika completed and tried to stand but Shivaay pushed her back to bed…

“ Oh No.. No.. No.. not soon Annamma! You’re staying here and I’ll be down! “ he pointed warningly while she went on looking him.. “ and yeah, today is 2nd Saturday.. so job is less as well your delivery packages are.. so everyone’s down and call if you need anything!.. “ Anika opened her mouth to resist but before it Shivaay went out taking his watch..

‘how I wish I could be with you FOREVER…. ‘ thought Anika..

——downstairs – Restaurant—–*

“ So, you’re really gonna do this? “ Mallika questioned Shivaay who was giving a dead glare to the stove..

“ I have to.. “ Shivaay took the April and tied it against him… he pressed his fingers on the flour and drew three lines over his forhead…he was all ready for the challenge….GS stood agape so as the other staffs… Mallika’s eyes widened with shock and took the pan and knife on both hands.. they looked like a soldiers in war!!..

“ here we go! “ Shivaay shrinked his eyes… “ ALOO PURI!!!…. “ they said like a fire dialogue in films…

“ are you sure you’ve to do this? “ asked Kavya (staff) scratching her head…

“ um..well yeah.. I mean she loves Aloo puri.. so I’ve to make this! “ Shivaay rested hands over the slab looking the flour..

“ This is really a strange food item!. In kerala, we don’t eat this stuff so it’s obvious that you can’t buy a one rather than making! so go on.. we’re with you… do you know to make? “ Rony raised his brows..

“ to be honest, NO! but we have phone… “

“ without Net! “ added Mallika…

“ what??? No Net? But..but you only told there’s a modem connected here… “ Shivaay argued..

“ well for your kind information bro, Vikram sir has the connecting system of modem.. as it’s 2nd Saturday, he’s not here and we can’t get the connection!.. “ Rony patted his back…

“ No worries Shivaay.. we all are chefs… just say out the procedures and we’ll make it… “ Sruthy said giving a smile.. everyone gathered around and took each items in their hand like heroes….

— Meanwhile——-*

Gauri entered the Oberoi Mansion with stressed face.. she saw everyone gathered around the hall on their respective places.. she rubbed off her sorrows and managed to paste a clean smile over her… Jhanvi saw Gauri coming and signaled everyone to be proper…

“ hai everyone… “she greeted..  her voice soon hit Om’s eyes.. before he could wipe his red eyes, gauri saw it..

“ Omkara, you..you were crying? “ Gauri moved to him but was stopped by Rudy…

“hha..ha bhabhi… crying? No.. we were just playing like who can shed fake tears.. look, even my eyes are bleary! See…… “ he showed out his eyes… by this time Om cleared his face happily..

“ Yeah Gauri.. we were just playing… and yeah I won!… “ Om stood up giving a look to priyanka..

“ No bhayya.. I won! I shed more tears than you.. “ she stood up with a complaining face..

“ Ahha! Seems like no one saw how much tears I shed!… more than 20!.. “ Sakthi too joined.. all tried to make gauri believed and so she did…

“ Gauri puthar… kaise ho thum? Aur koi khass baath hai kya jo subhah subhah aa gaya..? “ asked dadi..

“ no Dadi.. I was crossing so I just came by… and where’s Shivaay bhayya? Its Saturday so he would be here…. I never got a chance to meet him.. “ Om’s eyes filled hearing it.. he tried his lever best not to shed a drop before gauri…he soon went inside leaving gauri confused… others understood why was he so disturbed…

“ Priyanka, bhayya kaha hai? And..and Omkara? What happened to him? “ she kept asking the questions to everyone..

“ Rudy, say it out!!.. what’s happening? “ Rudhr’s eyes became watery..this made Gauri so trembled.. she went to  Om’s room leaving everyone there struck..

— there—

Om was standing near the window looking out tightening his grip over the rod each time… Gauri entered without knocking the door and swiftly moved towards him..

“ Omkara, enough is enough… would you please say wh…….. “ her words died in her throat witnessing his eyes red blooded…

“ Omkaraa… wh..what’s wrong? “ she stood front of him cupping his face… his hair hid his face behind when he looked down.. Om wiped his face wholly and held her hands tight..

“G..Gauri… uh, I..I don’t know I.. I feel so….. “ his lips twitched soon and turned into a cry…

“ Hey.. Omkara… “ he hugged her tightly crying nearly at the crook of her neck… she was shocked to the core seeing him like that……

“ hey..hey…hey.. Omkara..relax..it’s ok..it’s ok… I’m here… I’m with you!.. “ she caressed his hair while he rounded over her wrest… he slowly backed, wiping his face sniffing….

“ come on say it Omkara, what happened? And Shivaay bhayya….

“ I don’t know!!… I don’t know where he is!.. I just don’t know..it’s been 2 weeks since he has gone and I..I just don’t.. “ he faced down crying…

“ he’s been… missing? “ whispered gauri..

“ I call him and he calls me.. but I don’t know how he will be now… he doesn’t say anything.. He calls from different phones.. I can’t catch him up… we are so lone without him… everyone is!..don’t know when he’s gonna come… I..I cannot.. I.. “

“ why didn’t you tell me? You..you could have told me before… Omkara…. “ he looked up and rubbed his whole face…

“ I.. I couldn’t… already you were so depressed of loosing Anika.. I couldn’t push you more though.. I’m..I’m sorry! “ Gauri wrapped him over his chest while he rested his head over hers…

“ everything will be fine Omkara.. bhayya is very brave.. and I know wherever he’s now, he’ll be fine and there must be someone in this world who would help him…  “ she broke the hug holding his hand…

“ may be this is the stage for which we all were waiting!.. after this incident, bhayya would learn what life is! And how we were un-alert of it… this could change everything.. trust me!.. “ Om gave her a fade smile..

“ I can say this for you too…. “ she smiled thinking of her..

“ it’s strange that we both have to pass through the same situation.. “

“ seems like God wants us to be together in every hardships… “ they jointed their foreheads smiling warming with each other’s presence..

@7:00 pm..

“ Mallika, open the door.. or I will bang the door on your mouth… “ Anika said pushing the door out..

“ Anikaa.. why can’t you just stay put… I gave you pizza na? “ Mallika shouted pushing the door in.. both were playing with that one door, one trying to open and one trying to close.. Anika left her hand resulting the door to be closed hardly..

“ Mallika, for the one last time I’m asking… what’s happening there? “ she arced her hands to hips…

“ nothing Anika… everything’s fine….. “ she rested her head over door panting..

“ uh-huh.. 5 mins more, I’m coming downstairs either breaking or jumping out the window… “ Mallika went down sighing a big one


Surroundings were so empty with people… it’s usual in 2nd Saturdays that after 6, nobody would be seen anywhere… Mallika pedaled speedily and reached near the kitchen… anyone must have seen how pathetic the kitchen looked like… Mallika entered siding the potatoes on her way…

“ are you preparing or throwing Aloo-puri? “ she asked Shivaay who was about to fall asleep into the sink… her voice alerted all the staffs..

“ Yaar Mallika, it’s 2nd Saturday… let’s go home.. Anika will eat something else Shivaay… “ Rony said with sleepy face…

“ Haa Shivaay, Anika will be here in any minute.. we’ll clean all this mess before she arrives.. I managed to keep her stay.. and in noon, I adjusted to give her pizza!.. C’mon Shivaay help me clean this… “ Everyone stood to clean up but Shivaay didn’t..

“ I thought… thought I could make… “

“ it’s ok Shivaay… she would never complain about anything! And it’s your kind heart thinking for her this much… “ Ravi (staff) patted his shoulder… “ ok then have this… “ he offered a beer..

“ no thank you… I don’t drink.. “ Shivaay ignored moving back.

“ you don’t DRINK!! Wow.. that’s really good of you…. No wonder why your skin is pale as white…. “ Ravi drank a sip passing the bottle to Rony.. Rony took the bottle from Ravi with a hurry face and was about to have a sip when Mallika gave him a dead glare.. he gave a sheepish smile..

“ heehee.. good for health, you know!.. “ Kiran took the bottle from him and drank a drop….

“ Guys, help me to clean up!! “ Mallika shouted tying her hair up.. Shivaay was still trying to cut the potatoes to make Anika’s favorite.. he couldn’t balance the oil and ingredients.. and the only secret ingredient is only known to Anika… He threw the April over the flour which resulted it to puff over Rony’s face…

“ what the…… “ he cleared his face while other’s gave out a hilarious laugh..

“ guys, look… Man in paint!!!…. “ Kavya out cried laughing… Shivaay gave out a smile witnessing him.. Rony saw how much enjoying Mallika was… he took a hand full flour and threw it on Mallika.. her smile vanished the very moment looking Rony with a ‘what the’ look..

“ Ahhha.. who’s in paint now? “ Rony laughed giving a hi-fi to Ravi…

“ Oh you did a big mistake my boy… “ she took a bowl full flour and threw it upon Rony but failed and fell on Kavya.. and soon it began with Kavya.. later on It wide-spread to everyone… Shivaay maintained a safe distance and kept smiling witnessing everyone’s joy…

“ Kavyaaa… you’re not gonna escape now… “ Mallika threw a ball of flour aiming her but landed on Anika but fortunate for Kavya… Shivaay’s hands got unfolded seeing her struggling to get over it..

“ Oh God Anika… “ Mallika ran to her so do everyone.. flour had gone inside her mouth and she was coughing like hell….
‘ Anika… you ok? Hey Annamma…. “ Shivaay came front caring her…

“ take water Mallika.. “ asked Rony…. Mallika searched water but she couldn’t get it…. Anika was coughing hardly…. Her eyes became red and water drops were dripping down by time.. Shivaay couldn’t handle more… he took the bottle from table and gave it to her.. Anika drank the complete bottle with much thirst while everyone kept their hands over head.. she felt strange drinking it but finished it unable to control her cough..

“ Anika.. you ok? “ asked Shivaay..

“ Y..Yeah.. I’m fine.. “ Anika said in a cracked voice…

“ No Shivaay.. it’s not fine… “ shouted Mallika.. Shivika looked her with confuse..

“ uh.. Shivaay I think well, it’s not much bad.. but…

“ you gave her beer!!!….. “ completed Rony.. Shivika looked each other with shock….

Shivika “ pheil gaya raitha! “


Precap : Shivika moments…

“ Sh..Shivaay will you be mine? Forever? “

I am yours…


Halo guys.. so, loved it or not? Guys, please please please forgive me for being so late…. Am so sorry dears… I know you’ll forgive me, won’t you?

Author’s note :

Dears, Thanks to everyone who’s commenting and liking my stories… It’s my fault that I ain’t replying, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t wish to.. its just that I don’t get sufficient time..but friends please don’t stop commenting thinking about this… I read all your comments and am really happy for that… beloveds, In kerala, rain is showing it’s biggest strength… many houses are already destroyed and many people are suffering from erosion and all… please do pray my dear, for everyone…


I decided to have an account on Wattpad!..not soon but not late it’s coming up… May be a week, or a month… and yeah, my results arrived!!.. I scored the toppest in my batch.. don’t think am boasting but I really got!… jai Mahadev!!

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Till then take care and stay blessed!

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