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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shamsher sends Roop to Military School

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua trying to stop Kamla from leaving the house, but she comes out of house with her kids. Bua asks her to let Shamsher come there. Kamla asks himani to sit in auto. They are leaving in auto when Shamsher comes there and stops auto with his leg. Auto driver runs out. Shamsher holds Kamla’s hand and takes her inside the house. Kamla asks him to leave her hand. Shamsher says nobody is leaving except Roop. He says Roop is going to study in a military school and will stay in the hostel only. Kamla says my son will not go anywhere and will stay with me. Shamsher says my son shall be ready by 5 pm. Kamla says my son will come with me. Roop says I will go to military school. Shamsher smiles. Roop tells Kamla that he will go to military school and says he will not be the

only boy to stay there and says there must be many boys with me. Shamsher looks at the watch. Kamla asks why did you agree? Roop says if I don’t stay here, then you all will not be scolded or beaten because of me. Bua comes and asks Kamla to unpack her things and pack Roop stuff. Ranvir asks her to pack Roop’s stuff in the suitcase. Bua asks Kamla to make something for Roop. Roop asks Himani to make roti and not paratha.

Shamsher tells Bua that he was helpless to send Roop away from him and says my morning can’t start without seeing him. Bua says your decision is right and needed for Roop’s betterment. Kamla asks Roop to vent out his anger on the pillow. Roop hits on the pillow and tears it. He cries. Kamla cries hugging him and asks him to make her proud. She asks him to go happily.

Himani makes roti and asks Kinjal to keep acchar. She asks Kinjal if she called Palak. Kinjal says yes and says she will come to meet Roop. She asks if it is necessary for him to go. Himani says yes. Police jeep comes. Palak comes to Roop and says my papa will convince your papa. Roop says I am doing this for my sisters and mummy. Jigna calls Himani and Kinjal. Palak gives him raksha thread. Jigna asks why did you bring it? Roop says for us. They tie each other. Roop asks them not to get sad and says I am leaving to protect you from Papa. He says our bond is special. They all hug each other. Shamsher waits for Roop. Bua tells that maa and sister’s milap is not ending. Kamla does his aarti. Roop calls his sisters. He touches Himani and Jigna’s feet. Shamsher calls him. Roop comes out with Kamla, Palak and his sisters. He touches Ranvir and Bua’s feet. He asks his sisters not to cry. Shamsher asks him to come. Roop asks him to promise that he will not raise his hand on his mummy and sisters. Bua asks what are you saying? Roop says I am leaving my house because of this, else I will not leave from here and will stay here to protect my mummy and sisters from Papa. Shamsher promises him. Roop tells Shamsher that he is getting tears, but he will not cry being a man. He walks towards the jeep. Kamla, Himani and others run to hug him and cry. Shamsher asks Roop to sit in jeep. Roop sits in jeep and waves them bye. They all cry.

Shamsher asks Inspector to bring his son back and says he is coming from military school. Roop calls him and says lets see who reach first. He runs on road to reach home. Shamsher drives the jeep to reach home. Grown up Roop is shown.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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