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My wife, Yuvani, part 13

Next day:
“Someone said it right, even though heart is at your left, it is always right. Always means ALWAYS!
Now don’t look at me shocked, but I know you are shocked, because yesterday I was cursing my heart and today I am praising it. Funny right, yes, I know it is, but what to do, it was the first time my heart acted impulsively. It was sad seeing Yuvraj and reacted, and me, I was so scared.
But now I am feeling guilty for cursing it, I should have believed my heart. Because sometimes, when the thing in which we are in is unknown to us, we should give it a try. Otherwise how will we realise what is right or wrong.
Like Einstein said, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”
Till yesterday, I was thinking which is more accurate and was trying to figure out things all by my own, but when it isn’t related to me alone, how can I alone think and decide, and then my heart tried out it practically. Now I have the result and I got the conclusion. ”
Yuvraj rolled his eyes, “what is she saying??”
“Ok, I am not creating more confusion, let me tell you everything directly.
Yesterday from the time Yuvraj left, I was upset thinking of my act. I was so scared that I didn’t sleep well, didn’t talk to anyone in the morning, didn’r even had my food.”
Yuvraj felt guilty.
“But luckily was I almost normal in my class, well that is the world of my Chemistry, of course I would be fine.
But by evening again the fear caught me. I came home, I knew that he is back; maybe he is happy but…
Anyway I headed to me room, lost in thoughts, when I felt like I dashed to something, for a second I felt suffocated, but there was a peace in this suffocation. Peace in suffocation?? Only then I understood that it was Yuvraj hugging me tightly, that tight, he was suffocating me.”
Yuvraj smiled at it.
Yuv: Sorry for suffocating you, but I was damn happy!
“I could feel his happiness, it was really beyond words, and he appeared as the happiest man in the earth.
Then he lifted me and rotated me. I let him, because he was expressing his happiness.”
Yuvraj smiled widely. He remembers how happy he was, he had a great day, he played really well, and he knew it was because of her. After the match, all he wanted was to meet her and thank her, but he know that she didn’t like him going to her college, that was why he was impatiently waiting for him at home.
“Then at last he put me down, he said he played well, in fact it was his best performance till date he said that the credit goes to me and told me that as a gift we would go on a date the next day.
He kept saying something and the other; I think he was telling me about his game”
Yuv: Huh? So you didn’t listen to me? I never talked in this length before and you!
He looked at her in cute anger, and she was in deep sleep.
“I didn’t pay any attention to his words, I was looking into his eyes, they showed REAL happiness. I have never seen him this happy before, never means never.
It was then I understood that his game is his everything, his solace. There is nothing in this world which can make him this happy.”
He nodded in agreement.
And there is nothing in the world which can make me happy and peaceful other than this awesome smile of his. Seeing him this happy and content, makes me happy and content. I felt like his happiness is at one side and the rest of the world at the other.
I could do anything, anything to keep that smile on his face till the end. Because his smile is my reason to live.”
Yuvraj had Goosebumps on his body, he was realising the depth of her love and he was overwhelmed by it.
(Guys, I too had Goosebumps thinking of Suhani’s love on Yuvraj, it was truly unconditional.)
“So now I got my answer, I know what I have to do.
But don’t think that I am being selfish.
I know family will be upset by my decision; I would for sure increase their worry.
But I feel like their situation will be more pathetic if Yuvraj quits his game.
I have seen it in his eyes, he can’t survive without his game, it is his soul, his life, and without it he would be a living dead body.
He would live longer, but just for the sake of living, and family won’t be able to take it. And if it happens they would be guilty too, which they won’t be here.
So comparing the pain, this one is less compared to the latter.
And for Yuvraj, he really needs a support now, because he fighting alone against the rest of the world an dhe is losing. I can’t let it happen.
That is why I said, heart always takes the right decision.
I am so happy today, glancing at the bed, my mind is literally dancing, because Yuvraj is sleeping there peacefully and my heart feels filled.
So have a very good night.
See you.”
Yuvraj was numb!

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