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Muskaan 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sir ji and Tabassum play games

Muskaan 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sir ji coming home. Aarti begs him. He asks her what’s the problem, when he knew about her daughter, he came straight to meet her. She cries. Muskaan gets hurt. Suzaine takes her to room. She asks her to have water and not cry. Muskaan asks who was that man. Suzaine says I will tell later. She goes. Aarti says don’t let mum tie ghungroo to my daughter’s feet. Sir ji says fine, what do you want to do then. Rakhi thinks why is Sir ji passing time. Aarti says I want to educate her. Sir ji says fine, its good to educate daughters, Aarti you can educate your daughter. Aarti smiles. Rakhi asks what’s this, my daughter is also illiterate. Sir ji says you didn’t teach her when to talk. This is the difference between Aarti and Rakhi.

Aarti thanks Sir ji. He says its not needed,

you can educate the girl, but I can’t permit you to send her to hostel. Aarti says if she goes from here, she will face many questions. He says that’s your problem, you lied, now you have to adjust, think this is the way to pay for the lie. He goes with Tabassum. Rakhi asks Chadda about Sir ji changing the rules for Aarti’s daughter. Chadda says don’t worry, Sir ji will control Aarti. Suzaine goes to Muskaan and worries for her wound. She asks Muskaan the game which she used to play in school, teach me too.

Muskaan plays with her. Aarti comes. Muskaan says mum won’t let me lose the game. Suzaine says yes, your mum is brave, she won’t let you lose. Aarti nods. Sir ji says girls have to be educated and speak in english, Muskaan is Aarti’s weakness, control her, you know how, Aarti is making demands, she is getting adamant. He scolds her. She says I shall do my work. He says spark is lit, it may change into fire. She says you have seen my work, I manage this kotha well. He says I know, you shouldn’t break my trust.

Muskaan says we shall do packing now, I will help you. She dances with the books. Tabassum gets the ghungroos and says you know what ghungroos mean to me, I swear on these ghungroos, Muskaan will wear the ghungroos and dance here, she will also become a dancer, its my promise to you and to myself, its time to show Aarti what I m.

Aarti says I told you Lord will give you anything you want. Muskaan tries and makes a wish to get chocolates. Aarti gives her chocolate. Muskaan goes and thanks Sir ji to give her permission to go school. Sir ji says you are so lovely. Muskaan says friends. He shakes hands with her and says friends. Aarti worries. Muskaan says smoking is injurious to health, change this habit soon. He smiles and says fine, I will change it, many things are going to change here. He leaves. Tabassum asks Ghosh to shut the door. Aarti asks why. Tabassum says your daughter won’t go to study. They all get shocked. Tabassum says I have kept my promise, it will happen what I want. Aarti gets shocked. Tabassum says this world runs on my wish. Muskaan says Tabassum is joking. Tabassum catches Muskaan and throws her bag. Aarti says I will call Sir ji now. Sir ji sees her call and doesn’t answer. Chadda says you shouldn’t encourage Aarti. Tabassum throws Aarti’s phone. She slaps Aarti.

Tabassum asks Rakhi to lock up Muskaan. Aarti and Muskaan cry. Rakhi throws Muskaan in storeroom.

Update Credit to: Amena

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