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Messed up Chapter 1: Al’s sucide!

Chapter 1: Al’s sucide!

Hola Twistinians. Welcome to the first Divergent fanfic, I have ever written.

“I would love to say hi to all the people, who will be reading my point of view and how my life is a blo*dy mess.” “Oh I’m sorry, I had forgotten to introduce myself!” “My name’s Albert but my friends call me Al and this is my story till the day I die!” “So lets start with the story ladies and gentlemen!” I talk to the camera infront of me before I jumped into the Chasm. I didn’t care about the others but I didn’t wanna live my messed up life anymore.

The full story of my life(recorded)
“I was a boy from Candor but to be honest I hated Candor a lot as it was to loud for me as well as the people of that faction were to honest for their own good.” “I never fitted in that faction as I kept a lot of secrets which I carried around wherever I went.” “My parents were always worried as they thought that I was acting like a weirdo.” I said into the camera and after a while I continued talking into it by saying: “I still remember the day, when I saw Tris for the first time in the choosing ceremony, she was a petite girl of Abnegation but she still was hot, even though many of them thought that she was way to skinny on the other hand Peter, Drew, Eric and even Four wanted her.” “I still can’t understand the way Four looks at her, it looks like he is memorizing her or he thought that someone like her will like a broken person like him and I will never let that happen as I have my plan fully prepared for that, so that someone else fulfills my plan after my death!” I smile into the camera and jump of the ledge into the chasm, where my new journey awaits me. After the jump I landed on a hard rock, I heard a voice screaming my name and soon unconsciousness took over me.
End of his pov

-Christina’s pov-
I saw, how Al jumped into the Chasm, I screamed his name over 10 times, but he didn’t listen and jumped. When I looked into the chasm, I saw that he was smilling, before unconsciousness had overtook him. I went to Four and told him what happened, he just shouted at me with frustration, after a while he calmed down, apologized for his behaviour and told me to get the other initiates, while he will meet us by the chasm. So I went to wake the others up and told them to come to the chasm just like Four told me to do. Soon I saw and heard how Eric was “praising” Al for what he did, but I didn’t listen to the speach of his as I was drowned into my own sorrows as well as Will. Tris, who couldn’t stand the speech just left with tears in her eyes and soon after her Four left as well, which I thought was a little bit fishy, so I told Will about it and we followed the path where these two went. When we reached there we saw how Four kissed Tris’ forehead, I don’t know why but jealousy overtook me, I angrilly went from there and found a camera lying near the Chasm, so I took it and broke the moment of FourTris apart, while I said: “I have found something that can maybe tell us the reason of the sucide…
End of her pov

I don’t own Divergent neither the characters of the triology as they are owned by Veronica Roth. But what I own is the storyline of this few chapters.


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