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Kasam 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kritika realizes her feelings for Ranbir

Kasam 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akki asking Ranbir why is he restless, and says now you know that you love her. Ranbir tells him that he knows that he loves her, but she doesn’t know that he loves her and she also loves him. He says if I tell her then she will think I am flirting with her. Akki asks her to propose with a ring and then get closer for a kiss. He enacts the scene. Ranbir says she will ask me get lost. Mahima comes there. Ranbir asks did old man came? Mahima says no and asks him to tell more about her bahu. Ranbir says ok. Kritika is still thinking about Ranbir and tells Jiana that don’t know who told Ishani about Yash. She tells that Yash tried to misbehave with her and that’s why she ran and went to cold storage and got locked. Jiana says Ranbir is a hero and praises her. Kritika tells that Ranbir

tried to alert her about Yash, but she didn’t believed him because of her anger. Jiana tells her that Ranbir protected you from Yash then how can he molest Malishka. She asks her to see and says Ranbir is innocent. Malishka asks Shilpa if they are mourning and sad. Shilpa says no, they are happy and celebrating. Malishka is shocked and tells that she thought Ranbir will come to her and beg infront of her. She says she has thought to free him of charges in exchange of house.

Balraj comes there and says my son will never come to you. Batra comes hearing him and asks him to spit the anger. He says I asked you to do out of court settlement, but you didn’t agree and slapped me. Batra says a son humiliated a father and says now nothing can be done. Balraj asks him to keep quiet and tells that Ranbir is his son and he will not break his prestige. He says I didn’t think that you will play such a dirty game with your daughter. He says my son asked me not to come to court as he didn’t want me to see that dirty picture. He told me everything and says he is Ranbir Kapoor and have never lost. He says he will never come here and will not lose the case also. Malishka asks why did you come? Batra asks did you come to distribute the laddo.

Balraj says I am giving you 10 days time and challenges that they will not stay there after 10 days. He asks them to do the packing. Batra asks what do you want to say. Balraj says when you was making dirty picture with your daughter, I was working on property case of house. He says now you have 10 days and asks him to fight one more court case. He says nobody can save you and your daughter. He tells that the case hearing is after 10 days. Malishka gets angry and says they can’t be saved from us. She cries. Batra consoles her and asks Shilpa to close the door.

Ranbir thinks of Kritika. Kritika also thinks about him. He looks at the wind chime which Kritika gave to jiana for her work. Kritika also looks at the wind chime. Ranbir thinks where is the moon? Kritika thinks now with whom I will talk.

Ranbir talks to the moon and says thank god you came. Kritika also waits for the moon and says how do you know that I have something in my heart for Ranbir. Ranbir tells that he was confused about his feelings last time, but now he is clear. He says I love her. Kritika hears him saying and looks out of the window. He says she is confused about me and doesn’t know what to do. She was in my place, and tells that she also loves her. Kritika thinks if she loves him. Ranbir thinks to talk to her. He calls Kritika. Kritika picks the call. Ranbir asks if she is looking at the moon. Kritika thinks how did he know and peeps out of window if he is outside. Ranbir asks if she is looking at the moon. Kritika says she was reading case papers sitting on bed. Akki comes and knocks on the door. Kritika says your brother is calling you. Ranbir says yes and asks her not to sleep and not to keep the phone on silent, says he will call her again. He cuts the call and opens the door. Akki asks him to come out.

Ishani, Jiana and Kritika come to Balraj’s house. Ranbir asks Kritika if she came to give court papers again. Kritika says she came as Malishka called her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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