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Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: The girl with new face is Arohi

Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The girl says deep its me I am arohi. We are fooled. She changed my face. I was burn in that room. My face was changed. I married you not her. Please help me deep. Deep says I know who my Arohi is and my heart beats for her. Here she is. She leaves. Arohi says to chawani relax. Don’t worry. He says i know you are my didi. Who was she? Is tara behind her? The gets back in. She says show me that mark. That was made on your back. She checks it but it is not there. A woman comes forward and slaps her. She says how dare you misbehave with Arohi like that. She says who are you? Deep says enough. I know who my wife is. Go from here. Why didn’t you recognize your mom if you are Arohi? She says deep my mom.. The woman says I am Arohi’s mom. Everyone is dazed. Arohi says my

mom died in childhood. I am arohi. I am Arohi and she isn’t my mom. i know everything about myself. Ask me anything. Ask me about you. Deep says I don’t wanna ask anything. Go from here.
Deep says prove if you are arohi. THe girl says I am Arohi. I don’t have anyone but you. Deep says shut up and get out. The watchmen take her out.

Scene 2
The girl is on road. She recalls what Deep said. She comes to temple and says God is with people who have no one. I thought tara is gone but she took everything from me. Even my face. But you know I am arohi. How can’t he see my love. Why did you do this. How do i tell pepople I am Arohi. I don’t want this face. This face shouldn’t be there. Its not mu identity. She picks glass. The girl says Arohi.. Will you give up because of just your face? SHe says how do I tell people I am Arohi. she took deep from me. Even chawani can’t recognize me. Why is this happening with me. Her conscience says you have to fight. Take your revenge. Who can do this with you.. Tara or.. She recalls her moments with Deep in the end. She slept in that room with Deep. She says deep can never do this. He doesn’t know I am Arohi and she is Tara. Her conscience says go and tell everyone that she is tara and you are arohi.

Deep says to Tara why are you so silent? She says I am scared. I dont’ wanna lose you. Deep says Tara wont ever come back. The one who came yesterday was a fraud. He gets a call. He shouts and says what.
Deep comes to police station. Inspector says we have to take your wife’s finger prints. We will match them in our records. Deep says okay you can take them. Tara says I wanna go washroom.
Arohi is in police station. Deep says to Tara she can’t come back. That girl was just pretending. Tara says she will take you from me again. Deep slaps her and says why are you acting like this. Do I have to remind you what happened at that night? Arohi hears.
Precap-Deep says no one can separate us after that night. Arohi hears all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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