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This chapter involves introduction of a new family that is supposed to play a huge role in upcoming episodes. Please do read and do not get confused. In order to make these characters less confusing I am dedicating a huge part of the episode to these new characters. And the villains so no part of the Oberoi’s shall be included but just for this part next would be completely based on Shivaay, Anika, Suk and Atharv’s venture in NYC.


The extraordinary buildings that pierce the sky or the congested sidewalks with people desperate to shop in the famous stores in which celebrities dwell, the streets filled with an atmosphere that is like a young child on a shopping spree in a candy store or the mob walking past you at leopards speed all make NEW YORK CITY an intriguing mystery. NYC is always awake and always waiting for new people to bask in its glory. The morning sunrise still being the calmest time of the day.

Among the people jogging down the sides of the streets with earphones plugged in their ears and body’s swinging with the music in the slow rambling wind, the most calm face looking towards the blossoming morning flowers catches your attention owing to it’s contrast from others.

As a yellow Lilly blossoms the girl sends a flying kiss it’s way mumbling “Good morning, Lily.” She smiles as the flower flutters open making her smile go wider.

She sprints down the lane walking past the house and barges in a beautiful house painted white, with climbers covering the front part of the house making it a natural prodigy. The name plate read in shimmering gold “AWASTHI’S HOME” . The girl smiles looking at the magnificently blossoming flowers in her garden. She walks towards the roses and wishes them by touching their petals gently “Good morning, roses.”

Halting her little sweet, cute moments with her flowers a voice comes calling out for her, “Pankhuri, is that you.”

The girl chuckles and nodding her head says, “Ji maa. Coming. Wait.”

Waving to her plants she walks in the house and goes directly towards the kitchen where she knew her mother would be present. She back hugs her mother making her huff in amusement. “Pankhuri, you scared me.”

The girl chuckles and hugging her mother even more tightly continues, “You are so cute maa, you get scared with smallest of things.” Saying so she walks towards the tap and fills a glass of water and continues to talk to her mother, “Maa, you called me. Do you need help.”

Her mothers denies with a smile, “No, Pankhuri it’s not me who needs help, it’s your papa.” she chuckles by the end. While the girl nods and walks out towards the patio but before that she stops near a table kept in living room and poured water on her favourite bonsai. “Sorry, for disturbing you bonse, you can continue to sleep.” Saying that she passes her little bonsai a flying kiss and leaves.

Reaching to the patio she comes across her father and hugging him she says in her jubilant voice, “Good morning, papa.”

“Good morning, Pankhuri. How are you?”

“I am totally tip-top. Maa said you were asking for me.”

“Yes.” He nodded in agreement setting his newspaper down on the table. “I had to remind you, that next week is the last day for school’s insurance renewal. So please get it done. ”

She nods, “Definitely, papa. Anything el….” She gets cut by yelling of her name that makes her sigh and her father chuckle.

“Pankh…… PANKH….. PANKH…..”

Pankhuri walks in her room in total annoyance and placing her hands on her waist questions being irritated by continuous shouting, “What?”

The man dressed in perfect formals wearing a baggie suit turns to look upto her and passes his most cute, adorable smile, with a naughty wink he continues “Wifey…. Where were you?”

Pankhuri: Urgh… Vatsalya, why don’t you grow up for once and for all.

Vatsalya placing his hand around his waist, now showcasing his perfectly built body questions with a cute puppy face: What did I do?

Pankhuri: Why were you shouting?

Vatsalya gets a striking reminder of his shouting: Oh…. That actually Miss. Oh… Sorry I mean Mrs. Pankhuri Vatsalya Awasthi, time is striking 7 sharp and you have to go to school by 8, while on way we have to stop for collecting your art work. So you are getting late.

Pankhuri bites her tongue and pats her head: I am so sorry. I will rush.

Vatsalya holds her arm and pulls her towards himself: Well, if you are so much sorry then it can be made up with a kiss. (he winks at her.)

Pankhuri punches him in stomach and runs towards bathroom: Shut up, you maindak (frog).

Vatsalya holding his stomach: Ouch…. Panda…..

Both chuckle speaking each other’s name.

Vatsalya walks down the stairs to his mother who has been working in the kitchen and hugs her and says in his vibrant tone: Good morning, maa.

Damini Awasthi: Good morning, Vatsa, go call your dad, breakfast is ready.

Vatsalya: Sure ma. But where is the man of the house.

Damini chuckles: He is sitting in patio.

Vatsalya kissing his mother’s cheek: Okay, maa.

He runs out towards the patio but doesn’t finds his father there and then it clicks him where could have he gone. He walks back in the house and goes to the playroom and as expected his father was standing in front of the picture. He sighs seeing his father wipe his tears. Seeing his father in tears and that to early morning is worst thing. He just sprints in the room bouncing on his father making his breath hitch at his son’s action. Vatsalya backs off and starts laughing.

Vatsalya: Dad, look at you you are such a scared little cat.

Armaan Awasthi (father of Vatsalya) smilingly, slaps Vatsalya lightly on his face: You are fool.

Vatsalya chuckles: Dad, mom is calling us for breakfast.

Armaan nods and walks out of the door glancing at the photograph for the very last time.

Vatsalya moves his hand over the photo frame and smiles looking at the two most adorable people in it: I wish you were with us.

He turns out only to encounter his wife looking at the room with a sad face, he walks upto her placing his hand on her shoulder and calls her name: Pankh….

Pankhuri looks at him with a sad smile: I am so….

Vatsalya places his finger on her lips: Shh…. Don’t begin with it all over again I can’t handle so many senti’s in a day.

Pankhuri chuckles and punches him.

Armaan Awasthi or Professor Armaan Divendra Awasthi, had lived a huge part of his prior life in India but in order to forget the past circumstance he started his life in U.S.A. all over again and has been the Head of Department of Business Studies in the renowned “HARVARD UNIVERSITY” after his retirement he shifted to NEW YORK CITY with his family. He has a beautiful wife, Dr. Damini Awasthi, she too joined “THE HARVARD UNIVERSITY” in the PSYCHIATRY DEPARTMENT. They have a son christened. Dr. Vatsalya Damini Awasthi who is a renowned PSYCHIATRIST of NEW YORK CITY and married to the gorgeous and magnanimous Pankhuri Deshmukh Awasthi, the beautiful women has heart of gold. Vatsalya is the most versatile and energetic human present in the world, his smile is contagious and his all-time frolic mood just adds to his versatility. His naughtiness and childish behaviour isn’t restricted to the four walls of his house, his free spirit makes him one of the most adored human, even amongst his patients. While Pankhuri is a reserved human, yet she has the ability to make anyone smile. Having to cope up with her dull past she tries her best to not let it affect her life and future, yet sometimes she ends up being hopeless. No matter what Vatsalya always becomes her knight in the shining armour.



DR. DAMINI AWASTHI: Parineeta Borthakur



Well if you want different characters you can suggest I can definitely change them for you…. }


A girl laid partially on the sofa wearing a red full length gown with the bottom cut. She seems to be waiting for someone curiously. A good look at her face reveals that she is none other than RAGINI MALHOTRA.

After few minutes a man in his mid-forties enters the mansion. He is wearing black ragged jeans, with black shirt and brown jacket. His hair are tied up in a pony. He passes a vicious smile to Ragini, who stands up in excitement as her face fluttered with joy.

Ragini: Daksh….

She runs to him and hug him, while he reciprocates with a smug look plastered on his face.

Ragini: Finally, Daksh you are back. I missed you so much.

Daksh smirks and getting away from her says: I missed you too, love. But…. But you failed me.

As soon as the words leave him mouth Ragini’s smile disappears.

Ragini pulls him towards herself: Daksh… For god’s sake. We are meeting after so many years and all you are thinking is about your revenge. What about me? I have sworn my loyalty for you, since past 20 years. I agree, I failed but that didn’t end the game.

Daksh laughs evilly: Ragini…. Ragini…. Ragini…. You know what, you are the biggest fool I have ever met.

Ragini: Please, Daksh…. I have done everything in my capacity to get the Oberoi’s on the road but it’s not my fault that after all that, things turned out to be this way. For you I bared those Oberoi’s, only for you.

Daksh: I know that sweetie…. Well did you think what to do next?

Ragini huffs in annoyance: No. Not yet.

Daksh chuckles spitting pure venom: That’s you. Hmm…. Forget it. Anyways tell me how our kids are?

He ends up smirking and Ragini lets out a scoff.

Ragini: They are in Oberoi mansion.

Daksh: Poor, Aryan…. He loves them so much that even after knowing your truth he didn’t let them go.

Ragini: He has their custody. And it’s good only. I don’t give a damn.

Daksh: But I do.

Ragini looks at him bewildered: What? What fo you mean?

Daksh: You need not to worry about that, I shall take care.

Ragini: Fine.

She storms upstairs to her room but reaching on the floor she looks back at Daksh and smirks.



The lift clicks at 15th floor and Vatsalya comes out and greets his colleagues with a wide smile. What better can you ask for in a morning. He walks upto the reception desk.

Vatsalya: Good morning s*xy Stella.

Stella smiles: Good morning Dr. V. How are you?

Vatsalya dramatically: So great after seeing you.

Stella chuckles and forwards a file to him: Mrs. Granger is waiting with her daughter, doc.

Vatsalya: Thanks s*xy…

Stella flashes her smiling, she obviously know he was just into healthy flirting and always admired him for his down to earth yet naughty nature. She considered him as a mentor and a friend.

Vatsalya enters his cabin only to find a blonde beautiful brunet wearing formals waiting with her six years old daughter.

Vatsalya: Good morning, Mrs. Granger.

Mrs. Granger: Good morning, Dr. V.

Vatsalya bows to the level of the little girl: Hye, beautiful.

Girl meekly: Hello!

Mrs. Granger: Sorry to interrupt Doc, but I am quite busy so I will finish my part in a jiff.

Vatsalya looks at her being a bit upset but nods and takes his seat and signals the lady to continue.

Mrs. Granger: I work for the Cache Company and I really don’t have time, sorry for that. This is my daughter Daviana, I have been receiving n no. of complaints from her school, lately and everyone suggested me that I should get her checked up by a psychiatrist. I think so she has a bit of problem so I believe you could help.

Vatsalya looked at her, while he chuckled inwardly at her foolishness. Well he always had this kind of feeling because half of the time the patients who showed up really didn’t suffer with any psychiatric disorder or any problem they were just forlorn but in this busy world people hardly realised what they put others through. As a psychiatrist he knew in the first glimpse that there was nothing much wrong with the girl so he kept looking at the little girl lovingly, as her mother continued making him count all her daughter’s faults. Soon Mrs. Granger stopped and Vatsalya turned to her.

Vatsalya: It’s alright Mrs. Granger. I will suggest that you leave her here for the day and pick her up around 5, if you please.

Mrs. Granger: That would be a great adjustment, her babysitter shall be free so she shall pick her up.

Vatsalya nods as the woman leaves.

Vatsalya picking up the intercom dials for Stella: Stella, will you mind cancelling my appointments for the day.

Stella: Well, I knew it doc, there are no more appointments for you as such, just Mr. Brown has an emergency.

Vatsalya: Oh… That’s okay I would love to meet him, just inform him I will catch up around 3, at his place.

Stella: Sure doc.

Vatsalya: Thanks s*xy.

Stella chuckles and hangs up.

Vatsalya walks upto Daviana and forwards his hand for her, she takes the hand obediently and gets off the chair to walk with Vatsalya. Vatsalya opens the door next to his cabin, the room is painted in light peach and walls have all the cartoon hangings from Tom and Jerry (well they are my all time fav.😉. Who’s yours?) to Doreamon, Scooby doo to Spider man, Aladdin and Jasmine to batman, the room had a soft carpet laid with numerous soft toys, blocks and video games for kids to play. It was a perfect play room.

Vatsalya chuckled seeing Daviana’s open mouth: Did you like it cup cake?

Daviana’s eyes shoot up hearing the nick name and an assuring smile on Vatsalya’s face makes her nod frantically in agreement.

Vatsalya: So cup cake today it’s just you and me and we both shall do everything you want to do. Okay.

Daviana speaks in her sugar sweet voice: Okay, doc.

Vatsalya makes an annoyed face, confusing Daviana.

Daviana: Did I do something wrong?

Vatsalya nods in agreement and Daviana gets scared, so he comes to her level.

Vatsalya: Cup cake, your mistake is that you called me doc (he continues with puppy eyes) and that’s not what we call friends. Am I right.

Daviana with a wide smile: Are we friends?

Vatsalya nods and forwards his hand: So Miss. Cup Cake I am Vatsalya and you can call me whatever you want accept for doc.

Daviana shaking his hand giggles: Okay, friend, I shall find a good fit name for you by the end of the day.

Soon both start playing with toys, being oblivious of the passing time. Vatsalya had always loved kids but to his fate he didn’t had any children, owing to dark past Pankhuri can never conceive but Vatsalya always tries to cheer her up. That’s a reason whenever he has a child as his patient he gets all his appointments cancelled, which is quite frequent. Still the couple always feels void in their life but they together try coping up with it.

Vatsalya while playing with Daviana: Cup cake, shall I ask you something.

Daviana nods concentrating on the blocks she was playing with, which makes Vatsalya smile.

Vatsalya: Cup cake, what happened in the school that your mom got you here.

Daviana stops playing with the blocks as her face falls down, showing that she is highly upset. Vatsalya sighs seeing her and then picks the girl up and walks to the sofa with a stuffed toy.

Vatsalya: Look cup cake I am not going to harm you at all, I am your friend and we can share everything with our friends. Won’t you share with me?

He tries his luck while biting his lower lip.

Daviana looks up at him with teary eyes, she sniffles while filling over her words: Wi….Will yo…you gi….give…. m… me…. shock….

Vatsalya looks at her with shock, this was least expectant. Many kids have often been scared but it was more like being beaten up or having spanking but shock treatment. He frantically moves his head in disagreement: No… Never cup cake.

He runs tears off Daviana’s eyes: I promise you cup cake I won’t even hurt you, far is the shock treatment.

Daviana: Promise.

Vatsalya huffs: Pinki promise.

Saying that he forwards his last finger which is happily entangled by Daviana.

Vatsalya: Okay, now tell me cup cake what happened in school?

Daviana: Two days back I accidently bumped into a student, he is elder to me and he pushed me for bumping into him although I said sorry to him, he didn’t agree and then he again pushed me to the floor, once the teacher came he lied to her and nobody herd me. Principle ma’am called my mom and suggested her to take me to a psychiatrist.

Vatsalya hears her patiently: Okay…. Is that all or something else had happened before that too.

Daviana smiles mischievously and Vatsalya raises an eyebrow, so she continues: Actually, I had played few pranks earlier.

Vatsalya chuckles: And what were they like.

Daviana’s cheeks turn pink as she starts telling Vatsalya about her mischiefs: Once I had placed a cockroach on my teacher’s desk, once I had cut my friends bow that was around her. I had even torn pages from one of my classmates book because he teased me.

Vatsalya: He teased you. Why?

Daviana with a sad face: Because my parents never come to my school. Neither for sports day or career day not even for my annual function or PTM.

Vatsalya sighs: Daviana, do you like your school?

Daviana nods in no and Vatsalya smiles.

Vatsalya: So I have a solution for all your problems.

Daviana being excited: Really. What’s that?

Vatsalya: Umm…. Shall I show you.

Daviana nods in agreement.

Vatsalya smiles and gets up: Okay then let’s go.

Daviana: But where.

Vatsalya: Ary wait I will tell you. Come on now.


Vatsalya parks his car in the parking and holding Daviana’s hand enters the school. He directly walks in the play area and as expected he finds his wife their taking care of all the kids. He walks upto his wife and pats her shoulder lightly.

Vatsalya: Excuse me ma’am.

Pankhuri turns to him and her eyes become wide while he chuckled.

Pankhuri: What the hell Vatsalya?

Vatsalya chuckles seeing her shocked expressions: Ary baba chill. I am not here to do time pass, but to introduce you to your new student.

Pankhuri looks at him with confused expressions and then he points towards Daviana who was looking around curiously and yet she had clanged to his hand.

Pankhuri bends down to her level: Hello Miss??

Vatsalya call Daviana: Cup cake….

She turns to him with her magnificent blue eyes sparkling at him, he smiles back seeing her excitement and he too bends to her level.

Vatsalya: Cup cake, meet your new teacher and my lovely wife Pankhuri Deshmukh Awasthi.

Daviana turns to Pankhuri who is looking at her with sparkling eyes: Hello! Ma’am.

Pankhuri: Hello! Sweetheart. What your name love?

Daviana smiles brightly: I am Daviana Granger.

Pankhuri: Nice to meet you Miss. Granger. So how did you find this place?

Daviana jumps in excitement: It’s amazing and so much fun.

Pankhuri and Vatsalya chuckle seeing her excitement.

Vatsalya: Okay, cup cake as you liked this place. I will talk to your mom and ask her permission to let you come here and today you can play here. I have some work so I will pick you up soon.

Daviana looks at him with a glimpse of sadness: Are you going.

Vatsalya smiles: No sweetheart, I just have some work I will be back in an hour. Till then you can play.

Daviana nods and hugs him: Thanks angel.

Vatsalya looks on being shocked but hugs her back.

Vatsalya being in trances repeats: Angel?

Daviana: Yes, you wanted me to call you with a name na. So this is your name. Thanks for being my friend.

Vatsalya smiles and kisses her forehead: Take care cup cake.

He says bye to Pankhuri and leaves.

Shivaay, Anika, Atharv and Sukanya in NEW YORK….

So, all of you were asking about Ragini. She is back now.😂

How did you find the AWASTHI’S to be?

Did you like Vatsalya?

How was this? Did you expect this one?

What do you think is Daksh’s plan?

How did you find Daviana and Vatsalya’s bonding?

What do you think about the new couple?

Any guesses about the future twists???

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Stay blessed
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