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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update : Shailas charm.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu says Prem leave stop sstarring at me,Prem says let me stay please,Vibhu says okay then stop staring,Tilu makes a call to Shaila, and says help me win my love,Shaila says don’t worry baby my Love will cure and help you win everything,Tilu says my love im waiting for you,Shaila says close your eyes and I will take you to heaven,Tilu says this wont work come to me,Shaila says my dog doesn’t allow,Tilu says im dog too take me with you,Tilu says this is fun, thank you my love,and Shaila i feel like kissing you,i will go in private and call you,Shaila says sure and dont forget Shaila loves you.

Vibhu gets another call,its from Malkan,Shaila asks what can i do for you my sweetie pie,Malkan says Shaila my love accept my love sweetie pie,Shaila says and you cutie pie,Malkan

says you haven’t met me how do you know im cute,Shaila say i know all the details,Malkan says then when will you meet me darling,Shaila says patience bears the most tasty fruits,close your eye, Malkan says yes i did,Vibhu cuts the call.

Hapu calls Shaila,hapu says Shaila im calling your Love your fan,Shaila says oh how are you, both have a romamtic talk, and Vibhu cuts the call and says these bos and Hapu singh and so cheap,Prem says this will increase our business,Vibhu say you and your cheap business plan,Vibhu gets another call .

Angoori upset in kitchen and says let me call Amaji and ask her for help,Angoori says Amaji iim in tension,Tiwari doesn’t talk to me and is always annoyed he doesn’t love me anymore,Amaji says i wont spare that boy,Angoori says we have to do something else, Amaji say call some friend of yours, Angoori says i just have you,Amaji says i shall find a solution and give you a call.

Meenal asks do you have anyone who is always annoyed,Anu says yes i do everyday,who it is, Meenal says its Vibhu,Anu gets angry,and says no ky Vibhu is nit the one,he is very charming and handsome but that person is,Tiwari walks in,Anu says meenal look he is the man, Tiwari asks me why, Meenal says Anurag is making a documentary on depression and we find you are the one,Tiwrai says bbhabhiji you feel so,Anu says yes i mean your mustach, specs,all is old fashioned.Tiwrai thinks is this why Angoori is drifting away from me.

Boys discussing about Shaila, Hapu joins them,Tika says so you had a night talk with her,Hapu says yes 8 hourz,Tilu says we spoke half hr and bill was900₹, Hapu says i dont have to worry about bill,iits all on police station phone, Commissioner hears that and says Hapu government wwont pay for all this and action will be taken on this, Hapu says please dont and you have a chat too you will feel better, Commissioner says please go police station lot of work is pending,Hapu leavez, Commissioner asks for shailas number.

Tiwari in worry and says let me talk to Vibhu and meets him and says i need help, do you feel like that i dont have the charm anymore,and i feel like Angoori is bored from me,Vibhu says thats a good jews,Tiwari says what arw you saying,Vibhu says im joking, and you have to update yourself,

Pre cap : Tiwari on call with Shaila

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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