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hi friends. Iam Eesha here..this is my first FF in telly updates world!.hope you all like it..so kindly support through your comments😊.here is the charater sketch…


1.Akshara and naitik Singhania:

parents of veer and Lisa. Their lost their one of the twin of Lisa due to some misunderstanding in past during the birth of Lisa and her twin. Kind and humble parents. They think Lisa’s twin is dead..

2.veer Singhania:-

son of akshara and naitik. Event manager of marriage or party halls. Little anger in habit.

3.Lisa Singhania:-

daughter of akshara and naitik. Girl friend of rehaan. Fun and bubbly girl..

4.Naira :

daughter of akshara and naitik. Twin of Lisa. She is separated from her parents at her birth due to some misunderstanding (that past will be revealed in episodes).lives along with Anurag in Bangalore. She is tourist guide in Bangalore. Anurag and naira have brother sister bond..


5.Jhanvi and Ashwin Sharma:

parents of bani, gauri and Aditya. Little strict parents. Ashwin hates Aditya’s girl friend prerna and often clashes with him in this matter.

6.bani and gauri Sharma:

Daughters of Ashwin and Jhanvi. Bani is elder sister of gauri and younger of aditya.she is a employee in an office. Gauri is a college student and diabetes patient.both sisters shares a great bond and they are supportive of each other..

7.aditya Sharma:

son of Jhanvi and Ashwin. Elder brother of gauri and bani. Boy friend of prerna. Clashes often with his father in prerna’s matter.


8.swarna and Manish Goenka:

parents of kartik and prerna. They took responsibility of manish’s brother’s children when his brother and his wife died. So they call them also as their child.

9.shivaay Goenka:

son of akhilesh and surekha. Adopted son of Manish and swarna as his parents were died at young age. Loves bani secretly. Successful business man.

10.zoya Goenka:

daughter of akhilesh and surekha. Adopted daughter of swarna and Manish as her parents are dead at her young age.CEO Of a maya industries. Jolly and funny girl but afraids of dark.

11.kartik Goenka:

son of swarna and Manish. Elder brother of prerna. Loves urvashi and haven’t proposed yet. Perfect in his duty. CEO of Goenka company.

12.prerna Goenka:

daughter of swarna and Manish. Younger sister of kartik. Girl friend of Aditya. Studies in college along with gauri.


13.Anurag :

he is an orphan. Lives with naira in Bangalore. Cares for naira as his own sister. CEO in one of the company in Bangalore. Perfect, strict and handsome guy.


his family will be revealed later. Boy friend of Lisa. Professor in gauri’s class.

This is the charater sketch guys!!.please tell your views through comment box please..








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