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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 56

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U may find epi thoda sa boring bear it yr…

So epi starts here

Scene 1

Vansh takes riddhima to his room in anger and drop her on the bed with thudd

Riddhima – Va.. Vansh what are u doing…

Vansh in anger hovered upon her and started traising her bare waist with his fingers dangerously and kisses her all over the body

Riddhima (stammering) – Va..van..kya..kya kr rhe ho..

Vansh (with anger) – yahi..yahi pr chhua tha na us abhishek ne tumhe…😬

Riddhima – Vansh he was teaching me..

Vansh (shouts) – Nobody..i  repeat nobody except me has the right to touch u..

He cups her face

Vansh – You are mine only mine..suna tumne..tum sirf meri ho..

Agr kisi me tumhe hath bhi lgaya to me uski jaan le lunga

Riddhima instantly turn him and hovered upon him

Riddhima (cupping his face) – You love me this much vansh..

Vansh pulls her more close by her waist

Vansh (anger) – You can’t even imagine at what extent i love u.

Agar me tumhare liye apni jaan de skta hu to kisi or ki le bhi skta hu riddhima

Riddhima kisses him on his forehead and cheeks

Riddhima – I love u too vansh..

Vansh Side her and stands up

Vansh – Go and change this clothes

(Pulling her close) – And dare u to wear this kind of clothes in front of anyone except me

Only i have a right to see u..like this..

Riddhima (smiling) – Tumne mujhe maaf kr dia vansh

Vansh (firmly) – Pyar krne me or maaf krne me frk hota hai riddhima

He kisses on her forehead in anger and leaves

Riddhima (smiling) – I know u love me so much vansh..

Soon u will forgive me too

She jumps in excitement and message angre

Riddhima (on messege) – Your plan got successful bhai vansh is melting

(This was plan guys which angre told riddhu)

Scene 2

Ishani drags angre to their room and lock the door

She pins him to the wall and hold his collar suppresing the gap between their lips

Ishani (between the kiss) – How dare that jiya piya..to touch u..

Only i have the right to touch u..angre

Angre (between the kiss) – Yes jaan only u have the right on me..

He pulls her more close by her waist

Ishani realize and back off from the kiss

Ishani (angry) – I swear angre if i see that jiya piya again near u i will kill u both..

Angre pulls her again

Angre – i am yours jaan only yours..

Ishani (angry) – I am gussa abhi bhi…😏

Stay away from me..

Angre (casually) – Ok then i will go to jiya again

Ishani holds his collar in anger

Ishani (angry) – You are mine only mine

She leaves from there fuming in anger..

Angre smiles seeing her possessiveness

Angre (smiling) – Soon u will be in my arms again jaan..

He messages riddhima

Angre (on message) – It’s time to execute your plan sona!! Best of luck..

Scene 3

At night

Ishangre’s room

As soon as ishani enters the room she left bewildered

The whole room is decorated like a honeymoon sweet

When she see angre she left jaw dropped

Angre is lying on bed shirtless

Angre (seductively) – Hiee..baby…wanna have fun😉

Ishani gasped seeing his this side for very first time

Ishani (stammering)- An.. Angre..what..what is this.

Angre(seductively) – Love baby love..😘

This is my love for u..

He stands up and bent on his knees bowing down his head in front of ishani..

Angre – Jaan..i know i am poor in expressing my feelings

But my heart only beats for u..

I can’t stay away from u

If u want to punish me go ahead i will accept happily but don’t stay away from me..

It hurts like hell

It feels like someone is killing me from inside..

I may not be that typical romantic husband who gives surprises and gift regularly

But i am also not that type of husband who fakes his love..for his wife in front of the whole world

My love for u is as pure as u..

I love u jaan Plz mujhe maaf krdo..

Ishani is standing speechless having tears in her eyes

First time in her life angre expressed his feelings like this to her..

Angre – My knees are hurting jaan say something

ishani bend down to his level and hugs him crying

Ishani (crying)- i love u angre..i love u so much..

I am sorry i was miffed with u..

But i can’t stay away from u..

You are my life..jaan

Both hug each other..

Ishani (keeping her hand on his bare chest)- Wese..this setup is hot ha…like u..

Angre picks her in his arms and throw her on the bed hovering upon her..

Both enjoy their time in each other’s embrace loving..each other

Scene 4

Riansh’s room

Vansh is doing something on laptop suddenly sound of door opening comes

He looks towards the door and left flabbergasted

Vansh (gasped) – Ri..riddhimaa!!

He rubs his eyes several time to make sure his wife is standing in front of him wearing a hot nighty

Riddhima comes near him and close his mouth

Riddhima (seductively) – Stop staring Mr.raisinghania

Recovering from shock vansh realise he is angry from her

He goes to chair again and resume his work making riddhima pissed

Riddhima goes to him in anger and sits in his lap encircling her arms around him..

Riddhima – Just look at me na..vansh..

Kb tk nrz rhoge..i can’t bear this more…

Vansh eyes softens seeing her tears..

But composing himself she stands up and goes to window facing his back to her

Vansh – Don’t use this trick on me riddhima

Now this is limit for her

She is trying her level best to pacify him but he is not letting go off his ego

Riddhima (hurt with tears) – Fine u have decided na..that u will not Talk to me..

U are seeing only my mistake vansh but what abt my love my feelings for u .. Can’t u see that..


Your ego is more important na than our relationship

Fine!! If u don’t want to be with me..then i am leaving

Then u will be happy right

This words hit him like a thunderbolt..

His face expression changed to scared from angry

Riddhima turns to leave..but found very next moment herself in her husband’s arm

Vansh hugs her tightly as if she will disappear if he leave her..

Vansh (with tears) – Dare u to think abt this

You can’t leave me.. Whether i am angry from u..or not

If i too want u can’t leave me..

He get silent not getting any response from her

Riddhima is crying silently in his arms feeling his warmth..

She was missing this for 2 days

Her sobs starts increasing along with vansh’s tension

Vansh (caressing her back) – I am sorry sweetheart i was so harsh on u..

But u know na..when there is love..we get more hurt..

No body from this outside world can hurt vansh raisinghania

But u can hurt me because i love u..

I am Not VR for u..i am only vansh your vansh

He kisses her crown insuring her that he is with her..

Riddhima is still sobbing

He picks her in his arms and take her to bed

Riddhima – I am sorry vansh i shouldn’t have done that..

Plz maaf krdo..

Vansh – U r forgiven sweetheart

But i have a condition

Riddhima – What!

Vansh (cupping her face) – See sweetheart whatever we both are doing we have our own reason

Par kahi esa na ho..ki us khel me hm ek dusre ko hi kho de..

So from next time nobody will play this kind of stunts neither u nor me..

If we want to know something we will surely investigate but not in this way..

Riddhima (smiling) – Accepted

She hugs him again

Riddhima – You are best vansh

U know what to do on what time..

I love u so much…

Vansh (hugging her back ) – Ok now no more crying

HE kisses her on forehead..

Both sits in each other’s embrace

Vansh is stroking her hairs and she playing with his shirt’s button like a kid..

Vansh (serious)- sweetheart i want to tell u something

I know may be u will get angry on me..but i can’t hide..this from.u

I am saying sorry in advance

Riddhima looks at him in speculating way

Done for today

Precap: vansh’s confrontation

Kinda boring epi..i thought so

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