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RIANSH (Budding love for eternity) Episode 46 (CONGRATULATIONS 🎉)

Last 4 episodes to go! Overwhelmed😻 by receiving all the love and support from my dearest readers 😍


Episode starts with:


Hospital: Author’s POV;


Everyone turned hearing some footsteps, Guessed it right, He was none other that Vansh. He came all tensed, everyone came to him and Aryan said..


Aryan: Thank God bro, that you came.


Ishani: Exactly, Now go to Bhabhi.


(Vansh nods positively and moved towards the labour room, when Shreya said..)


Shreya: Sorry Vansh as you’ve come from outside the state, I can’t allow you inside during Covid times, wait outside only, I’m here with her, and I’ll only deliver your baby. Just relax.


Vansh: Fine, take care of Riddhima.


(Shreya goes inside adn the door closes, she comes to Riddhima who’s screaming in pain..)


Riddhima: VANSHHH 😰


Shreya: Yes, he’s here, now can the baby come out?


Riddhima: VANSHHH 😰


Shreya: During Covid times I can’t allow him inside as he’s arrived from outside the state. So now let’s get baby out and free yourself from pain.


(Shreya starts with the delivery, everyone was waiting outside, while Vansh was panicking and walking here and there listening Riddhima’s scream, finally after 25mimutes of screaming sounds, everyone was happy when they hear a cry, Shreya came out carrying a baby, she handed over the baby to Vansh and said..)


Shreya: Congratulations 🎉🎉 it’s a Girl 😍😍


Vansh: (kissing her forehead) My lil princess, My VAMIKA ❤️.


Shreya: I need to go urgently for my another delivery, btw Vansh go and meet your ZIDDHIMA, she made us all suffer.


Vansh: And how’s Riddhima?


Shreya: She’s fine, just little weak. Go and meet, I’ll leave to meet another patient.


(Shreya leaves, while Ishani calls Siya, and informs the good news, Vansh goes to meet Riddhima, he enters the room and sees her exhaustingly lying on the bed, she said..)


Riddhima: (weakly) Vansh!


(He came closer and hugged her saying..)


Vansh: Thanku for completing my life Sweetheart, thnkew for this best gift. She’s our lil princess.


Riddhima: VAMIKA ❤️


(Riddhima holds the baby and kisses her soft cheeks, she looked exactly like an angel, so fair, red cheeks, pink rosy lips, big blue eyes, trio share a family hug, they see the baby and started shedding Happy tears remembering the past memories..)


Teri Ankhon Main Duinya Ke

Sab Taare Shamil Hain

Tu Toh Tukda Nahi Hai

Dil Ka Tu Pura Dil Hai


(Looking at their baby, their remember the time spent during pregnancy, the complications, fighting against the death, to be with their princess ❤️)


Jo Haathon Se Chhuta Tha

Sapna Pehle Toota Tha

Toota Sapna Hoke Apna

Phir Jud Jaata Hai


(Vansh remembers how he lost his family members, while Riddhima remembers running behind her mother but she went and now finally they have their daughter 😍😍🥺🥺)


Vansh: Wait I’ll call Angre, he check the security and then we’ll go home.


Riddhima: Security?


Vansh: Ofcourse, Vansh Raisinghania and Riddhima Raisinghania have a daughter now, they’ve become parents, my princess is already a star n 😘 and media is waiting outside, we need to sneak out.


(Vansh calls Angre, he comes in the room and sees the baby, Riddhima handovers the baby to him, he takes her and says..)


Angre: Welcome to this World My Highness 😍 and I wow to protect you as well from now. (Pecks her forehead and Vansh takes her in his lap)


Vansh: Call the Ishani and Aryan inside.


Angre: Boss they’ve left for home, Siya, Chachu, Aryan, Ishani, Mr Shroff, Aarav also, all are decorating the house for Princess’ welcome,Dr Shreya will be reaching there by evening and Bhabhi don’t worry Rahul is handling the media in outside the hospital, we’ll leave from backside.


Vansh: Security is tight na?


Riddhima: Yeah Angre, no media and no goons or any other nonsense with her.


Angre: No problem at all! Our bodyguards are already waiting at the backside with cars.


Vansh: Good! Angre, take VAMIKA to the nurse and collect her reports till then I’ll get Riddhima ready to leave.


(Angre nods and leaves with baby, Vansh helps Riddhima in getting ready as she was weak, after half an hour, they all left in the car and reached VR Mansion.. as they reached the media was already waiting, Vansh ordered the Angre..)


Vansh: Get it all sealed Angre.


Angre: Yes boss!


(Media was not allowed inside the Mansion, Car dropped them at the entrance instead of parking, Angre got down and opened the back door, RiAnsh got down holding VAMIKA, as they were about to enter, rose petals fell on them, all of them came infront holding balloons and flowers for the lil princess, Angre too joined them And they shouted..)


All(unison): Congratulations 🎉


Ishani: No come on in you three.


(Looks at Riddhima as signs something saying..)


Vansh: Riddhima


Riddhima: Hnn! Angre bring what I asked for.


(Vansh gives the baby girl to Riddhima and takes out a white handkerchief, Angre brings a red water coloured thali, Riddhima took dipped Vamika’s feet in it to make it print on Vansh’s Handkerchief..)


Khushiyon Ke Khat Hai Laayi

Beti Humaari Beti Humaari

Banke Hai Kismat Aayi

Meri Tumhari Meri Tumhari


(Riddhima started making Vamika’s little footprints on Vansh’s Handkerchief by carefully holding her, RiAnsh were smiling emotionally😊🥺)


Jo Khushiyan Chali Gayi Thi

Jaane Kis Gali Gayi Thi

Unka Rasta Phir Waapas

Mud Jaata Hai


(They remembered their complication breakdown moments, tears of having a terrible and lonely childhood and promising eachother to give VAMIKA the best they can and create happy future;and entered the Mansion..)


Vansh: (looking at VAMIKA) Like these foot impressions you’ve made a forever impression on your Father’s heart My princess.


Siya: Now can we hold her.


Aarav: Ofcourse. Riddhu give her to me.


(As Aarav was about to take VAMIKA from Riddhima, Vansh took her and said..)


Vansh: Atleast till 15 days no one would touch my Princess. You all can see her like this.


(With no option left, all came and one by one started taking a glace of The princess, all Chachu said..)


Chachu: God bless you beta. You are happiness of this Mansion. Thnqu Riddhima for this 😘


Gautam: I’m your Nanu, baby and I love you. God bless you three 😘


Riddhima: Thanks Dad!


Ishani: She’s so pretty just like an angel. I’m your bua 😘😘


Siya: But whom does she resembles? BHAIYA or BHABHI?


Vansh: Ofcourse me.


Riddhima: shut up, she resembles me.


Aryan: No; she resembles her Chachu. Haina baby. Now you, me and you Ishani bua will be clubbing alot. Okay Angel.


All(unison): Shut up!


Siya: Baby I’m also your bua, we’ll Enjoy alot and play pranks on everyone 😂.


Aarav: Aww, my gorgeous girl,you look so beautiful just like your mumma.


(Vansh fumes in Angre and thinks..)


Vansh: (thinking) First he used to flirt only with my Wife and now with my daughter also😠


Vansh: Well if now all this is over, then I think Riddhima and VAMIKA both should rest. Come Sweetheart let’s go.


(Everyone laughed seeing Vansh this way and Aryan said..)


Aryan: Till now bro was only possessive for Bhabhi but now Vamika also 😂😂.


Episode Ends!






Hope you all liked it! Suggestions, corrections and appreciations are needed in the comment section below 🙏 Thnqu ❤️ keep supporting 🙏😘

Stay safe and healthy 😙😙 All!

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