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Riansh ( A ghost story) # epi 4 #limited edition#by aishaD

Hello sweethearts i am back

I m glad u r liking the story keep supporting

So epi starts here

Scene 1

Riddhima (smirking) – Riddhima nhi ragini…

Kabir (flabbergasted) – Wh..what..ra..ra..gi..ragi ragini..
Ri..ri.riddhima wh..what are u saying

Have u gone mad..

He is sweating badly

Riddhima (traising his face with her fingers) – Yes!! Darling.. i am ragini..
Yours ragini..

You forgot me na.. But how can i forget u..

Kabir (stammering) – But..but..u..are dead…na…

Riddhima (smiling) – Ha…mr chuki hu me..

Par tumhara pyar mujhe waps khich laya..

She goes near him and encirlces him with her arms

Kabir (stammering) – No no..u are not ra..ragini..u r riddhima.

Stop doing this prank ..riddhima

Riddhima (angry) – Ragini hu me…ragini…😬

Kabir jerk him  and stand up from bed

Kabir (sweating n scared) – Shut..shut..up..stay away from me…
Dur..dur rho mujh se..

He murmurs

Jai hanuman gyan gun sagar…jai kapis tihu lok ujagar..

Riddhima (dangerously coming close to him) – vinash kaale viprit buddhi…

i came back for u only.. Darling

Now i will take u with me..

I possessed riddhima’s body for u baby

Come with me..

Kabir push her and runs from there.

Riddhima (smiling Dangerously) – Ragini…ragini..hu me…

Scene 2

Kabir is running in whole corridor.. Shouting

Kabir (terrified) – Save..me..save me..va..vansh..where are u..

He runs here and there begging for his life

Suddenly he collided with someone with thuddd

And  he closes his eyes in anticipation putting his palm on his face

Kabir (shouts in fear) – aaaaaahhh!!No no..no.. Don’t kill me..plz..

Bachao bchao..

Someone jerk him

Person – Kabir..kabir what happened..

Who will kill u kon maar dega tumhe..

Kabir (removing his palm from his face) – Vansh… (He collided with vanshu)

He sighs in relief

He hugs vansh panting heavily

Kabir (stammering in sweating) – Va..vansh..bro save me she will kill me..

Vansh (jerking him) – Kabir have u gone mad

No one is here

Kya bol rhe ho kon maar dega tumhe..😟

Kabir (shouts) – Ragini..!! She is here..

She will kill me..

Vansh (flabbergasted ) – Whattt!!!

His hold on kabir’s arms loosen

Vansh – You have gone mad kabir..

How can ragini be here..

She is dead..

Mar chuki hai wo..😬

Kabir (shouts) – No…she was here..with me in my room

Vansh (shouts)- You yourself saw her dead body..na how can she be here…

Kabir (shouts) – she was there in riddhima!😬

Riddhima’s body is possessed by ragini..

Vansh – What!! Pagal ho gye ho Tum

Sharab ka nasha utra nhi kya..

Ragini is dead..suna tumne..mar chuki hai..wo..

Kabir (shouts) – I am not lying..she herself told me..vansh..

Suddenly a sound of anklet (ghunghroo)is heard..


Kava looks at each other in disbelief

It was the same sound of anklet which ragini used to wear

Vansh – This sound..this sound is of ragini’s anklet she used to wear this

Kabir (sweating and scared) – See..i told u na..she is here.. Ragini is back..

Vansh (shouts) – shut up kabir..
She is dead..

Again the sound of anklet is heard..

Kava runs is whole mansion chasing the sound..


They both reach to hall..

But the sound is continuously heard

Kabir – I am telling u she is here..

Ragini is here..

Vansh (shouts) – Shut up kabir..you are saying na she is here

Then why can’t We see her

Where is she..

Kaha hai wo..btao.bolo kaha hai ragini..

Mujhe to kahi nazar ni arhi..

Dikhao mujhe..btao..kaha hai ragini…kaha hai..meri ginni..


Yaha hai tumhari ginni!!!

A female voice is heard

Kava looks at stairs and there she is…

Riddhima is standing on top of the stairs

She is looking exactly replica of ragini

Her clothes her hairs her body language.. Everything is same as ragini..

Vansh gasped seeing her

Vansh (gasped) – Ginni!!

Kabir (horrified) – I told u na..she is here…

Riddhima descends from stairs the same way ragini used to do

She is wearing the same anklet ragini used to wear..

She comes near vansh

Riddhima (in ragini’s tone) -Ansh..!!
You were searching me na..see i am here your ginni is here

Vansh (shouts) -What the hell is this riddhima stop doing this cheap prank on us..

Riddhima (ragini’s tone) – I am your ginni vansh..

(Looking at kabir) – I came back for someone…

Vansh – shut up just shut up

You are riddhima..my riddhima not ragini..

Riddhima (Smiling evily) – Riddhima to sirf ek mohra hai.

Us bechari ko to pta bhi nhi hai uske sath kya ho rha hai…

She laughs evily

Ragini..hu me…ragini…😬

Sbka hisab lungi..koi nhi bchega…sb marenge…

Vansh – riddhima stop this..for God’s sake..😬

Riddhima (shouts) – You won’t believe me na..😬

Let me show u a demo then

She takes few steps back and bang her head with wall for several time until blood started ozooing from her head

Vansh (shouts)- Riddhima!!

Pgl ho gyi ho..stop hurting urself..

So guys now when riddhima will behave as ragini i will write ragini and when she behave as riddhima i will write ridhima dont get confuse

Riddhima (crying) – Vansh..van..vansh save me..plz..

(She is behaving as riddhima and ragini at same time)

Ragini (slapping herself continuously) – chot me dungi
Taklif tumhari riddhima ko hogi..

She laughs evily..

Ragini moves to kabir and hold his neck

Ragini (shouts in anger) – I will kill u.😬

You have to come with me kabir..

Sbka hisab hoga…

Kabir (choking)- Le..leave me..

Vansh tries to separate her from kabir

Ragini takes a step back and started hitting herself

She slap herself again n again

Riddhima (crying) – Vansh…plz save me.. I don’t know what is happening with me

Someone Is hurting me save me vansh😭

Ragini (laughing)- Save if u can..
I won’t leave her body ..

She started hitting herself badly

Riddhima is badly injured now

(Imagine durgmati movie’s scene when bhumi was hitting herself)

Kabir gasped seeing the scenario in front of him

Vansh (crying) – Ginni plz don’t hurt my riddhima😭

Plz i beg don’t hurt her..

Ragini (evily) – I am going for now

(Eying kabir n vansh) – I will come back soon..

Riddhima is in my control now..

Sb marenge…koi nhi bachega

Riddhima collapsed on the floor shivering and crying

Riddhima (crying) – vansh!!😭😭😭

Vansh hold her in his embrace

Vansh (crying) – sweetheart nothing will happen to u..

Don’t cry plz..

Kabir (horrified) – Take her away from my sight…

She will kill me..

Vansh (,shouts) – shut up and go back to your room kabir

He picks riddhima in his arms and take her to room

Scene 3

In vansh’s room

He make riddhima lies on bed

Vansh (cupping her face) – Sweetheart don’t worry nothing will happen to u..

I am coming back with water ok

Riddhima (crying and holding his hand) – vansh don’t Leave me

Someone was hitting me i don’t know kya ho rha hai..😭

Vansh (consoling her) – Stay here i am coming ok..

He leaves


Vansh comes back after few minutes and left bewildered

Riddhima is not present on bed

Vansh (scared) – Riddhima riddhima where are u..

Suddenly he hear some sobs
He follow the voice and see riddhima is sitting behind the bed holding her knees crying😭

Vansh goes to her and holds her

Vansh – sweetheart..what are  u doing here

RiddhimA hugs him crying😭

Riddhima (crying) -mujhe bohot dar lg rha hai vansh

Mere sath kuch thik nhi ho rha hai.

Koi mujje maar rha tha..

Me mar jaungi vansh..

Plz save me..

Bacha lo mujhe..

Vansh (cupping her face) – As far as i m here nobody can hurt u..,(,ha abhi thodi der pehle ragini dam sharas khel k gyi na😒)

Kuch nhi hoga tumhe…

I m with u..

Mt dro riddhima hmare pyar me bohot taqat hai…

He kisses her forehead and hugs her.

Vansh (still hugging) – I love u riddhima!!

Riddhima breaks the hug

Riddhima (smirking and winking ) – Riddhima ya ragini…😉

Vansh (smirking and winking) – Ragini!!😉

Done for today

I hope sb thik h..😝

Luv uh all

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