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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 18th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Kuldeep apologizes to Shubhra

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 18th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Shubhra comes to complain about her intercom not working and sees Kuldeep sleeping in the lobby and being cold. She puts a blanket on him. Kuldeep holds her hand and says thank you Shubhra. You still care for me. You listen to my unsaid needs. Shubhra says I would help even any stranger.

Phirki asks Samaira did you grasp Kuldeep’s collar? She says women are not men’s slippers. The same slipper can be on their head if they cross the limit. Phirki says then where is he? I don’t see him under your feet. Samaira says must be drunk somewhere. Phirki says I hope he’s not in his first wife’s lap. Please listen to my suggestion. Keep the man tied to yourself. Go and bring him back. Samaira goes out.

Kuldeep says Shubhra, I am sorry. I ruined your birthday, your mood, and your life. I got this ring for you. Please take it. Please. Shubhra says why? What would this ring do? Does it have magical powers that it will make me forget all that you did? I don’t know what do you want but I want freedom for this namesake wedding. You left me long ago and moved on. What was the point of tearing the divorce papers? What was that drama? No matter what you bring now. We are not us anymore. The relationship is broken in hearts, keeping it on paper won’t do anything now. Let me and the kids live now. And at least be loyal to Samaira. You cheated on me. Now will you cheat her as well? She leaves. Samaira looks at him and says so you want Shubhra now? I won’t leave you. I get what I want. No matter what happens.

Scene 2
Narain starts packing. Madhura says what are you doing? He says packing. He says Rishi Roli get ready. We are going to our house in Pune. Roli says I am sorry, are you mad at me for being naughty? I won’t ask for ice cream and would listen to everyone. Please, I don’t want to go today. He hugs her and says my princess, okay we aren’t going today. He says Madhura, please unpack. Madhura says wow you pack and I will unpack now? He says please. Madhura laughs.

Scene 3
Samaira runs upstairs in sleep looking for Kuldeep. She knocks madly on all the doors. Phirki says what are you doing? He’s in the room. SHe has lost her mind. She knocks on the door. He says why are you bothering us? Go from here. She knocks on another door. She asks a woman did you see him? Please see me in your room. They say no one is here. Stop disturbing us. Chandrani says yes I have seen him. I gave birth to him, he’s my son. Samaira says is he inside? Chandrani says seeing you like this makes me so happy. Samaira says I am not Shubhra that I would listen to all your taunts. Chandrani says okay Samaira ji, Mira ji whoever you are. I can never do the mistake of thinking you as Shubhra. It would be a sin. Chandrani says did you see? How Kuldeep tore the divorce papers. You’re begging for Kuldeep now? I won’t give him to you. I will give you a suggestion, leave. Want to get more insulted? Samaira says I will see you. Phirki says didi, what are you doing? I can’t see you like this. Send me back. Samaira says you drama. We aren’t going anywhere. I won’t run away from this battle. Phirki sees Rishi with Harsh. Samaira looks at them. Samaira says that’s my weapon.

Scene 4
Narain and Madhura sit with Shubhra. Madhura says the kids were fighting with each other. They were saying mom’s team and dad’s team. What is all this? Shubhra says Rishi and Roli become opposite teams for each other. Narain says why is Roli after her dad? Shubhra says they shouldn’t have been against each other. They were best friends and now they are fighting with each other. I am paying a big price for letting Roli stay in Mumbai. Narain says it happened because of Chandrani. Shubhra says we can’t blame anyone when parents are divided. The kids would be affected. Like I was your princess. He says you are. Shubhra says the same way Roli is her dad’s princess. And for Rishi, his mother is his world. He’s very sensitive. He gets hurt. Roli is strong and stubborn. She needs a brother like him who can knock sense into her and he needs a sister like her to who can fight for her. Narain says don’t get so serious. Kids fight. I would have world wars with my siblings in childhood. They won’t remember when they grow up. Shubhra says Roli will forget but Rishi won’t. He’s very sensitive. He takes time to get over things. Harsh is making him better. I hope he doesn’t get into depression again.

Narain says that’s why I wanted to take you all away from this resort. Why staying at a place where there’s drama every day? Shubhra says but why should we go? We have not done anything wrong. The person who did this should go. If he can see the pain of his kids he should go. Madhura says eat your breakfast.

Scene 5
Harsh and Rishi play. Harsh says in his heart Rishi isn’t even mentioning what happened. He says my parents called today. Aai was speaking from one side and baba from the other. They were fighting so much. Rishi says don’t make stories, there’s no such thing. You’re making this story because you think I am angry. But I am not. I got angry but I got better. The anger doesn’t stay for long now. It comes and goes. I recall your trick and the anger goes away. Harsh hugs him. Rishi says you won’t leave me like papa right? Harsh says never.

Episode ends.

Precap-Rishi is leaving in anger. Shubhra says where are you going Rishi? He says I don’t want to talk to you aai. I am very angry. He says to Harsh you’re a friend or a mental people’s doctor? I am mental that’s why aai called you to treat me right? Shubhra is shocked. Rishi cries.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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