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Falling for my so-called sister (RiAnsh Love Saga) Episode 16

Hey all!! This one is a bit short, please bear it for today…Continued from the last part..

She slipped and they both landed on the bed, Vansh was above her. They both were having an intense eye lock. 

Dil Yeh Tere Bina

Maanta Hi Nahi 

Kuch Bhi Tere Siva

Maangta Hi Nahi

Tu Zroori Sa Hai 

Ab Toh Har Haal Mein

Iske Aage Koi Raasta Hi Nahi 

Vansh stroked her hair and got closer to her. They were so close that if someone could move even an inch, they would end up kissing each other. Riddhima realized their close proximity and got up from there. 

Riddhima : I..I’m sorry..

Vansh : It’s okay, no need to be sorry..I enjoyed it..

Riddhima : Wh..What?

Vansh : Even you too!

He smiled at her.

She averted her gaze. The bell rang and the waiter gave them lemon juice. They both drank it and felt better. 

Vansh : What are the plans for today?

Riddhima : Nothing much, we’ll go to the Anjuna beach today after resting..

Vansh : Okay..

After a couple of hours,  all the male members were in the hall of the resort waiting for Riddhima, Sejal and Ishani..

Aryan : Huh! It’s half an hour now..

Vansh : These girls take so much time in getting ready..I wonder what they do in this all while..

Angre : And here they are..

Ishani, Sejal and Riddhima were coming out from the lift. They were wearing short dresses and looking glamorous.


Angre, Aryan and Vansh could not remove their eyes from them..

Ishani : O Hello! We’ve got to  go, right?

Angre : S..sorry..Let’s go 

They moved towards the beach. It looked beautiful as the setting sun’s rays touched the water. All of them sat on the bean bags kept under the umbrella. The waiters served them with juice. 

Sejal : Riddhu, Ishani, let’s goo!!!!

Riddhima : Yess!!!!!

The trio rushed to the beach and started playing with water while the boys were just adoring them. Then, they came out of the water after getting fully drenched. 

Aryan : Hot 🔥

Angre : Fire 🔥🔥

Vansh : s*xy 🔥🔥🔥

They were just seeing them top to toe and they sat on the sand to make a castle. When Aryan’s eye went on a group of four boys who were staring at the girls lustfully. He tightened his fist.

Aryan : See, those groups of boys..

Angre and Vansh’s eyes went on those guys and they stood from their places , moving to them, followed by Aryan. 

Vansh : How DARE you?

Boy 1 : What Mr? 

Vansh : How DARE you eye those girls? 

He punched him on his face..(Vansh to boy) and like this, the trio started beating the guys black and blue. The girl trio looked at the scene and rushed to them.

Riddhima : Vansh..what are you doing?

Vansh : How dare you b**tards..

He punched him again..Riddhima, Ishani and Sejal separated them. 

Ishani : What has happened? Why were you beating them? 

Angre : Just wait for a minute..

Aryan : And you (to them) say sorry to these girls and say that you’re their brothers..

The boys asked sorry from them.


They left shivering. 

Riddhima : Now, will you care to explain what has happened?

Aryan : Nothing..Just protecting you..

Sejal : Us? 

Angre : Yess..Let’s complete the castle now..

They started making castles. A little bit of sand was on Ishani’s face, so Angre cleared it with his hand. As Riddhima was making a castle, she found some seashells, so she collected them and kept them in her bag. The castles were completed and they all clicked photographs with them..The waves of the sea came and the sand became wet and loose. 

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That’s all for this episode..I hope you liked it and might have guessed that some romantic episodes are on the way…Don’t forget to drop your reviews in the comment section..See y’ all soon..


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