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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-53)

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In VR Mansion:-

At Morning:-

Vansh opened his eyes and saw himself in his room he got and saw himself alive and face palming himself he remembered everything

He got up and took his car’s keys and drove to RV Mansion ignoring everyone’s call and soon all followed him to check whether he is going to hurt himself.

At RV Mansion:-

He entered the mansion and saw Riddhima’s photo frame kept in the middle of the way with a garland around it while all the family members were just sitting there and Veer was standing with a diary without any expression on his, he closed his fist on seeing Sooraj and then a hand laid on his shoulder

He turned to see Ruchi standing with the child, he gave her a brotherly hug and after kissing child forehead

All Raisinghania’s came now and stood after Ruchi

He moved to the photo and removed the garland from it and threw away shocking everyone and hearing many gasps

Sooraj rushed to him and held his hand and was about to give him a tight slap but a hand stopped him

All turned to see Sandhya standing there she shook her head in no

Vansh- Uncle just because of you we all lost Riddhima today……Just because of you

Sooraj- Me? What I did?

Vansh (shocked) – Uncle you….. Still you aren’t regretting for your deeds… Riddhima died and still….. (Realizing) Now I guess Riddhima wasn’t your daughter….

Sooraj (shouting) – Vansh Mind your language… She was, is and will be my daughter only always….. So don’t you dare?

Vansh- Why uncle? Why? You were the only one who shot her that day Right? And don’t tell me you didn’t….. Weren’t you the one to shot Ruchi and kill their first child…? Just because of you today we lost Riddhima and I swear if you wouldn’t be her father than right now right here I would have split your throat

Sooraj- Yes I did… so what you all don’t know the reason so don’t blame me and yeah I was the one to shot Ruchi but I didn’t shot Riddhima she came in middle when……

Veer (cutting him) – Why dad? Why you killed that child what was the fault of the child?

Sooraj- Veer listen to me… You all are misunderstanding

Vansh- Uncle are you serious we are misunderstanding you…. I mean after you lost everything then also

Sooraj- Listen I commit I was the one to shot them but…….

Voice- Dad

All looked at the direction to get the shock of the life to see Riddhima at the doorstep with the police

Sooraj (crying) – Riddhima? You are alive?

Sandhya ran to her and took her into arms

Sandhya (crying) – Riddhima you are alive… I knew but why they said

Veer- Mom, it was our plan to make dad confess

Sandhya- But why you didn’t tell me?

Riddhima- Mom, I’m fine… See

Riddhima came inside and stood in front of Sooraj whose eyes were filled with tears he immediately engulfed her into a bone crushing hug

Sooraj- Riddhima child you are fine… Thank god….

Riddhima hugged him back after all he was her dad and soon they broke the hug and Sooraj cupped her face in his palms

Sooraj (crying) – Riddhima you are fine child…. Nothing happened to you

Riddhima was in tears to see him and just kept her hands on his and nodded in positive and he kissed her forehead

Riddhima- Dad why you did it?

Sooraj- I didn’t hurt you that bullet wasn’t for you that was for

Riddhima (cutting him) – Vansh…. I know dad Vyom told everything to bhai

Sooraj (shocked) – Vyom? He was dead right? Then how….

Veer- He wasn’t rather he is still in mental asylum

Sooraj- That means you all were aware about it

Ajay- Yes we were and just to keep them safe till surgery we send them to Darjeeling but god knows from where you got to know the place…. Why Sooraj how can you kill?

Sooraj- Listen I don’t want to relive the past….. (to Riddhima) Riddhima child you trust me na….

Riddhima took a step back shocking him

Sandhya- Inspector please arrest him I hope his confession was enough

Sooraj- Sandhya?

Sandhya- I said arrest him.

Sooraj was handcuffed by the inspector

Sooraj- You all will regret Danger isn’t over yet…. Now danger will began…. Till now I was protecting you all but after me who will do that….. Every coin has two sides you all made your theories at least listen to me

Veer- Inspector didn’t you hear take him

Sooraj called everyone but after all they were aware of his deeds so they ignored him and he left the Mansion

Sandhya engulfed Riddhima into a hug and kissed her forehead and sat

Sandhya- Thank god you are fine child

Kabir- But Bhai that final rites of the dead body that face

Riddhima- Kabir technology had advanced a lot, face mask wasn’t too tough to get

Angre- Then Surgery?

Veer- Fake one her surgery was done the same day when she was shot

Sejal- Then at least you could have told us bhai, you very well know how shattered we were

Veer- Yaah so that you all will spoil are plan

Riddhima- I only asked him not to tell

Ajay- Btw whose idea was this?

Both (in unison) – Me

Riddhima- What bhai? I made the plan

Veer- Don’t lie….

Riddhima- I don’t I made the complete plan…. Uncle he is lying

Veer- Riddhima don’t be a liar please…. I should get the medal for making such a wonderful plan

Riddhima- Oh hello please I don’t lie…. I should get the medal it was my plan

Ajay- Btw that person is in need to get punished for making us shattered

Riddhima- Then bhai you take the medal

Veer- I won many in my job you can take

All were watching them fighting while two pair of eyes was just staring at Riddhima and soon she felt the gaze and turned to see Vansh staring her in complete numb

Anger rose to her nerves she moved to the dining table and picked up the whole jug of water and moved to him and splash, she threw the water on him and taking his hand kept the jug on his hand while he woke up from the shock and saw her and

Riddhima (fake smile) – Congratulations!!!!

Veer give a slight chuckled but stopped after seeing Riddhima glaring at him

Riddhima gave an angry glare to Vansh and left to her room

Veer moved to Vansh and stood beside him

Veer- Why you slit your wrist yesterday? Now face her

Vansh- Ye sahi hai ek to usne mujhe kuch bataya nhi upar se gussa bhi wohi ho, yeh hak bhi nhi hai ( This is right First of all she didn’t told me about it and then she is the one to get angry only that right also I don’t have)

Kabir- After all you are a boy

Ajay- Kabir…. Vansh you did wrong….

Vansh- I know dad but you tell who should get angry me or her

Ajay- I don’t have death wish….. Go….

Vansh- Dad? Forget it Veer?

Veer- Bye….

Vansh- What the? Angre……

Angre- I’m happy with my relationship

Vansh- What the?

Ruchi- Don’t you want to meet her

Vansh nodded and moved to her room and knocked at her and saw the door open and entered to see her on bed sitting with angry face

Vansh- Sweetheart?

And a loud voice came to his ears

Riddhima- Mein tumhara muh tod dungi agar sweetheart bola to (I’m going to smash up your face if you said Sweetheart)

Vansh- But why?

Riddhima- Why? Is this your question?

Vansh- Then what should be my question?

Riddhima- Forget it… I don’t want to talk to you

Riddhima saying so entered to her closet and closed the door

He moved to her door and knocked

Riddhima (irritated) – Now What?

Vansh- Should I help you?

Riddhima- What?

Vansh- No I mean to reduce your anger

Riddhima- How will you do that?

Vansh- Come out I will show you

Riddhima- I don’t want to…. You leave

Vansh- Are you sure?

Riddhima- 100% leave now

Vansh- Pakka?

Riddhima- Yes….

Vansh- I’m asking last time

Riddhima- Leave

Soon she heard his shoes was of walking away and then heard the door click open and then closed and then

Riddhima- He really left….

She came out and saw no one there and

Riddhima- That idiot instead of saying sorry he was flirting with me

Vansh slightly came from behind and took her into a bone crushing hug shocking her and then turned her around and pinned her to the wall and without thinking or letting her think he took her lips into his and starting sucking it, she was shocked by his sudden movements but then she even took his upper lip and started sucking it while he was giving soft torture to her lower lip and she moved one of her hand in his hand and started caressing his back and with other hand she was caressing his hair while he was moving his hand on her bare arm and stroke his finger giving her a slight tickle and then he lead his hand to her waist sliding her top a bit up caressing her there he pinched her there, letting her to open her mouth to give a soft moan and he entered his tongue in her mouth and starting exploring her mouth not giving her the chance due to his fast speed and then she with the hand she was stoking his hair took his hair in a fist and pulled him closer and he understanding slowed down his pace and then she entered into his mouth and soon both started their fight of dominance and Vansh won while his hands were roaming at her back and then he slowly brought his hands to her navel and he caressed there and she came back to reality and broke the kiss

While he gave her a smirk and she didn’t see at him for once as she was aware that she is going to blush hard

Vansh- So tell forgave me?

Riddhima- Really? What do you think that you will kiss me and I will melt? No never

Vansh- I can do many things

Riddhima (blushed) – Shut up Vansh I’m serious

Vansh- Even I’m I can do many things

Riddhima pushed him a bit and turned away showing him her back

Riddhima (blushed) – Vansh please

Vansh- Aray What I said wrong I can do many things in many special way to convince you

Riddhima (blushing hard) – Shut up please

Vansh- Riddhima I’m serious I can take on date where ever you want

Reality hit her hard that what she was thinking

Riddhima- Oh that

Vansh- Then what you thought?

Riddhima- Nothing leave

Vansh looked at her shocked

Vansh- Don’t tell me what I’m thinking is right?

Riddhima- How will I come to know what you are thinking?

Vansh- You very well know don’t act….that means…. Riddhima…. Hawwww….

Riddhima- Vansh leave now

Vansh- No no….. Now I will complete your imagination

Riddhima- Shut up and wait you came here to say sorry right and when you said those 3 word

Vansh- Ohk I can say that whole day “I love you”

Riddhima- I’m taking about “I am Sorry”

Vansh- Btw this shouldn’t be the reply then too say na…

Riddhima- Vansh

Vansh pulled her to himself and turning her around back hugged her

Vansh- You know when I heard the news how shattered I was

Riddhima- I know but I can’t tell you

Vansh- When you planned all this?

Riddhima- When yesterday morning you were in washroom and all left bhai told me the plan

Vansh- That means it was veer’s plan

Riddhima- equal distribution

Vansh- hmm

Riddhima- Vansh why you did it?

Vansh- Even you did wrong

Riddhima- What I did?

Vansh- Wrong use of science

Riddhima- Vansh you know how scared I was after hearing the news…. I love you na you know this

Vansh- I turned mad……..

Riddhima- You are

Vansh- Will you let me say? I started imagining you and…..

She turned around and smashed their lips and before they could proceed further they heard a knock and saw Aryan there, they backed off and adjusted them

Aryan- Sorry actually bhai we are leaving and if you want then come down or continue

Aryan moved from there smiling

Riddhima gave Vansh a death glare

Riddhima- Couldn’t you closed the door?

Vansh- Don’t you have patience?

Riddhima- Look who is saying

Vansh- That means you forgave me

Riddhima- Mere dimaag ka dahi mat karoo aur sorry bolo (Don’t irritate me and say sorry)

Vansh (shouted) – I AM SORRY…. Happy?

Riddhima- Why are you shouting?

Vansh- I was in mood to shout

Riddhima- You are seriously an idiot

Vansh- Shall we continue?

He come forward to give her a hug while she bend down and moved from side

Riddhima- Pagal…. I’m going down and you come down

Riddhima left from there and Vansh smiling came down and saw everyone at hall

Ajay saw them and said

Ajay- So let’s continue what Riddhima and Vansh ended?

Riansh (in unison) – What?

Sandhya- Why what happened don’t you both want to get married?

Riddhima- Marriage oh….

Vansh- We want so what’s the date

Kabir- Vansh patience at least let priest come we will decide soon

Vansh- Yaa that only

Uma- Then let’s go

Vansh- Where?

Kabir (whispering to him) – Bhai we have house even have a bit patient

Vansh stomped at his feet and he winched in pain

Kabir- Aaahhh….

All looked at him and asked

Vansh- Nothing he was fighting with wrong thing

Sejal- With whom were you fighting?

Kabir- Nothing….. Forget it… I’m fine

Sejal- Ok then…..

Kabir (murmuring) – What type of girlfriend I got she don’t know “R” of Romance?

All left after bidding them bye

Episode ends

Precap- Naming ceremony

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