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Choti Sardarni 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Meher and Sarab tell Daar ji about Karan

Choti Sardarni 17th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Meher says we have to tell Daar ji about Karan. Sarab says he will leave us forever Meher says if he finds out from another source, he will be very mad. You accepted him in front of entire Punjab. When you’re not scared of the world why scared of your own family? sabra says I fear losing them.

Daar ji looks at the verdict. Seher knocks on the door and says Daar ji I am sorry. I didn’t steal. Here’s your money, she passes it from under the door. Seher says don’t scold my mama. Karan passes his money and says here’s money. Param says here’s mine. We don’t want what our sister doesn’t get. Daar ji opens the door and says take this money. Who asked you to return? Your mom and dad? Param says no one. Karan says it’s our decision. Param says we don’t want the money for which our mama got scolded. Karan says we are equal. Param says we will take equal or won’t take it. Seher picks it and gives the money to Daar ji. They leave.

Seher and kids come to Meher. Meher says I am sorry mama papa. I will never do the same mistake again. Meher says it’s okay. Param says for how long Daar ji and Tai ji live here? Meher says for how long will we live here? Param says what? You’re our parents, you will also stay here. Sarab says similarly, Daar ji and Tai ji are our parents. They will always live with us. They leave. Sarab says you’re right Meher ji. We have to tell him.

Scene 2
Sarab and Meher come to Daar ji with food. He says leave it. Sarab asks Meher to open the light. He says there’s darkness in my heart. Leave me alone. Meher says your heart is like a mirror, it has God in it and it can never be dark. Sarab says please eat. We wanted to tell you. We wanted to wait for the morning. Meher says but we shouldn’t have delayed. Meher says I will tell you why is she in jail.

She actually.. Harleen tells Tai ji she attacked Sarab and hit him with a truck. Tai ji is shocked. Daar ji is shocked. Meher says that’s the truth. Sarab says I forgave her but Meher didn’t. She sent her mom to jail. She didn’t think it was her mom but she stood with what was right. Daar ji says done? Or is there something left? Meher says there’s another truth. Harleen tells Tai ji there’s another truth. Dolly says this Karan.. Harleen says Tai ji is already worried. Don’t tell him about Karan’s naughty nature and worry her more. Daar ji asks what’s the truth? Sarab brings the family tree. He says if a flower grows up in a garden but the seed was gotten from another garden, where does the flower belong? Daar ji says what kind of question is that? The flower belongs to the garden it was born and grew up in. Who cares about where the seed came from. He says asks why are you asking this question? Sarab says because in this garden one flower isn’t ours. Daar ji stands up.

Tai ji says what are you hiding? Dolly says he’s very naughty. Tai ji says he never behaved this way with me. Daar ji got so angry. Tell me what are you hiding? Your silence can bring a storm into this house. Daar ji throws the tree away in anger. Karan’s picture falls in his feet. Sarab picks it. Meher sits at his feet and says this is fate. It was written for us. He says I don’t want to hear anything. Meher says I have to tell you everything. You only heard half of the truth. Give me the chance to explain everything. Whatever happened, no one is to be blamed for it. It’s neither my fault nor Sarab’s. It’s fate. When Sarab held my hand, I was already pregnant. With someone else’s child. He says what? Meher says I told Sarab this truth on the first night of our wedding. Sarab is like God to me. He has a pure heart. If Sarab wasn’t there my life would have been ruined. I am alive because of his love. Sarab wipes her tears. Sarab says if we can call Sarab flower of another garden, then why don’t we say the same about Param? If Meher can accept Param like a father, why can’t I accept Karan as a father? Nothing else matters. Daar ji says only one thing matters to me. Gill family’s dignity. How could you accept this? I can’t accept it. Purity matters to me. I don’t like impurity. Meher says Daar ji.. He says go from here right now. Meher and Sarab leave.

Meher says I will accept what Daar ji decides. I am glad we told him everything. We have to tell this truth to Tai ji as well.

Scene 3
Harleen says to Tai ji please eat the food. Tai ji says I don’t want it. Meher says I know you’re mad at me. Please eat for Daar ji. He hasn’t eaten yet. Tai ji throws the plate away and says get out of here. I don’t want to see your face. I took care of my Daar ji for life. He stood behind me always. My DIL Lovely turned my son against me. Daar ji stood with me. Lovely took Navjot away from me. But Daar ji stayed with me. He never left me. I got sick, he took care of me every day. He never raised his hand on me. But today because of you he did.. She screams and cries. Tai ji says he distanced me from himself and kicked me out of the room. You are responsible for all of it.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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