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Aankhon mein Teri : Rrahel OS by DrSoniaMathews

                                                                                                                          Pyar ki ek kahani suno…

                                                                                                               Ek Rrahul tha.. ek Helly thi..

When Rrahul Sudhir got selected for the lead role in Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, he was on cloud nine! He was a jovial person, as seen by all, but deep inside, he was a hard worker, who had suffered a lot. After doing many side roles, he finally got the main role.. this was like a dream come true.

When the makers approached him, he was selected for the supporting role, but due to his looks and his hard work, he got the role of Vansh RaiSinghania. After listening and reading script and central theme of the show, he started preparing himself for his role. He got to know that lead actress is very hardworking, but he didn’t knew her name. All he knew was, that he need to work harder to show his skills and grab this opportunity to get more work.

It was their first day of shoot, and still Rrahul and Helly didn’t saw each other. Actually the makers did it purposely, so as to get their best expressions for their first encounter. Rrahul finished his first scene perfectly, where he pulled the handbreak of his car as Riddhima, the main lead came in front of his car. Helly covered her face with her palm, and her orange dupatta flying due to the fan effect, made it impossible for Rrahul to see her.

Later Rrahul went inside his vanity, while Helly was performing her scenes with Vishal. Both of them has finished their first scene, and still haven’t seen each other’s face! Was it really a coincidence or a wonderful game of destiny?

Rrahul got ready in his black tuxedo complementing it with orange glasses. On the other hand, Helly twinned with Rrahul as she wore black suit with the iconic orange dupatta, complementing her look with long danglers. It was the first scene, when Vansh would encounter Riddhima, and Rrahul would see Helly!

Rrahul entered the set with some men behind him, he adjusted his tuxedo and walked in attitude as he was portraying the role of some dangerous mafia. A strange background music was played as he entered. As told by the director, Rrahul gazed around with annoyed expression and marched towards Helly, whose back was facing him.

Vansh was marching towards Riddhima with annoyance and with a thought to argue with her for disorganized flowers. But Rrahul was moving towards Helly with only and only one thought to have a look on this beautiful woman, who had already won his heart with her melodious voice.

“What the hell is this?”, Rrahul shouted as Vansh RaiSinghania.

Listening a sudden voice, Helly turned around and purposely hit the candle placed above the bar, due to which a fire line was drawn between the two.

Aankhon mein teri.. Ajab si ajab si adaye hain…

As Helly turned and both of them came face to face, their eyes were locked. Rrahul was drowned in her eyes, while she was lost in his dark orbs. Her long silky hairs, danglers and the same orange dupatta, aroused him to check out the lady, but he can’t. While Helly was trying hard,not  to show how she was drooling over him. They were supposed to be angry on each other, according to the script, but at that moment, they were no Vansh and no Riddhima. They were Rrahul and Helly, who were lost in the sparkles of each other’s eyes.

 They were Rrahul and Helly, who were lost in the sparkles of each other's eyes

Ho.. Ankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adaye hain

Rrahul continued staring Helly as the title track of the show was played at background. But his mind and ears refused to hear that song. He was busy staring those unusual eyes, when he heard director’s voice.

“Cut! Wonderful performance, both of you.”

It was then, that Rrahul realized, he was supposed to act here. Helly extended her hand towards him.

“Hello, I’m Helly Shah! You are Rrahul Sudhir, right? Nice to meet you! I must say your look is awesome, and this role suits you perfectly! And I heard your dialogues.. oh my, the way you clenched your jaw and teeth, to make your voice hard!! Man, you work so hard.. wonderful job!”, Helly could even continue to speak, if directer would not have interrupted her.

“Now you both, be ready for next scene”

Rrahul was mesmerized by her non stop words. It was not first time, that someone has praised him, but she was surely first lead actor to appreciate his work to him in personal. He quickly shook her hand, as he didn’t want to leave any chance to be in her good books.

Dil ko bnade jo patang
Sansein ye teri vo havaye hain

No soon he touched her hand, his body shivered and he could feel goosebumps all over his body. His heart was pouncing and dancing like a kite doing disco in the sky. He felt a cold breeze, blowing his hair, and a soft music perched his ears. He didn’t knew what happened to him suddenly, but he liked that feeling, that emotion, that touch!

That was just the first meeting! Now Rrahul and Helly had become great friends and were always seen together, goofing around. But Rrahul had a different feeling towards her, and unknown to him, Helly to felt different with him.

Now they were shooting for the cruise party, where Rrahul and Helly were supposed to dance together.

As Riddhima, Helly started searching for the transmitter, while the cruise party was on full swing. Ishani was dancing in the mid, when Riddhima came there in search of the clip which has transmitter and purposely twisted her heel so that she could fell over Vansh.

Vansh immediately held her in his arms, and they stayed in that position for a couple of minutes as per director’s instructions. Cameraman was shooting their moves from every angles, while the two of them were becoming restless. Helly always wanted to be in his arms, but when she was at her dream place, she was becoming anxious and restless. Same was the case with Rrahul. Both of their heart beats were running fastly, and they were scared about letting it know to each other.

It was then, that director signaled them and Helly moved out of his arms, and instantly felt like losing some treasure. While Riddhima moved away, Vansh held her hand and twirled her to himself, initiating the most awaited dance sequence.

Aayi aisi raat hai jo

Bahot khush-naseeb hai

Rrahul was eagerly waiting for this night! It was their first dance performance, and they know there is many more to come. He grabbed her tiny waist and swayed her in his arms. All he wanted was this time to freeze, so that he could always feel her warmth, her fragrance.

But he was not the only one who was so happy with that night

But he was not the only one who was so happy with that night. Helly was equally delighted with their closeness, and it was becoming hard for her to not show her feelings on her face. For as Riddhima, she need to be frightened and anxious.

“Cut! Helly, you need to express fear.. why are you looking happy?” , Helly heard director’s voice and her cheeks instantly become red due to embarrassment.

Chahe jise door se duniya

Vo mere kareeb hai

It was the first sign Rrahul got! Now he was sure, that he was not the only one who was going through these unusual emotions. He was on cloud nine, after that statement of director and after looking at the flushed face of Helly, his happiness knew no bounds.

He felt so blessed, that the woman, whom everyone desired, was feeling for him, was his!

From that day, both of them were aware of their feelings. And they accepted, that this was not mere a friendship.

It was the wedding of Vansh and Riddhima! Helly was dressed in red lehanga, heavily ladden with jewellery. While Rrahul wore blue shervani, complementing with red chunri. They were sitting on the mandap for shooting their wedding sequence, which was actually not less than a dream sequence for both of them.

Kitna kuch kehna hai

Fir bhi hai dil mein sawaal kai

Helly’s happiness knew no bounds, when Rrahul lifted her mangtika and filled her hairline with the vermillion. She knew it was not for her, but for Riddhima. Still she wanted to live in that moment, where she was marrying Rrahul! She wanted to speak volumes to him. To let him know, how she felt about him. But she was afraid. Afraid of losing this friendship. What would happen, if Rrahul didn’t felt the same for her? What if their friendship got affected due to her sudden confession? All these questions were pulling her from confessing.

 What would happen, if Rrahul didn't felt the same for her? What if their friendship got affected due to her sudden confession? All these questions were pulling her from confessing

Sapno mein jo roz kaha hai

Vo fir se kahu ya nahi

Helly tried hard to made her face look sad, as Riddhima was forced to marry Vansh! While Rrahul and Vansh both were enjoying marrying the love of their life!

He had already proposed her million times in his dreams, but he was not sure to do it in real! What would she feel? What if she felt uncomfortable? He was also in dilemma just like Helly.

Ho..Aankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adaaye hain

Aankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adaye hain

Dil ko bana de jo patang

Sansein ye teri vo havaye hai

After completing their wedding scene, all the actors took a quick break, as they had to resume shooting for the next scene soon. Helly was highly delighted with the fact that she had married Rrahul, though in reel! She started doing weird steps. She moved her hands forward and clasped them together, then started jumping like a bunny, doing a weird dance step. Their was a strange sparkle in her eyes, which was not unnoticed by Rrahul.

Like always, her eyes fascinated him the most. He could literally get lost in his large eyes, which gave him strange sensations.

Rrahul too joined Helly and both of them ended up making a BTS video which got viral in no time.

Rrahul too joined Helly and both of them ended up making a BTS video which got viral in no time

After the wedding, Riddhima started spying Vansh, and Vansh started terrorizing her. But the little intimate moments which the fans would look forward to see, bring pleasures to Rrahel too.

It was Ishani’s engagement and everyone was getting ready in their attire. When crew was busy doing the arrangements, the actors thought of enjoying the moment together. So Vishal, Rrahul and Zayn moved to Helly’s room where she was already chatting with Chandani.

Tere saath saath aisa

Koi noor aaya hai

As Rrahul enetered, he could hear the many praises from the co-actors for Helly’s attire.

“You are looking wonderful, Helly!”, Zayn said.

Helly thanked everyone for their compliment, but the  person from whom she wanted to listen this., was busy staring her.

Rrahul was dumbfounded at Helly’s looks. He was afraid, how he is going to act coldly in front of her.

Chand teri roshni ka

Halka sa ek saaya hai

“Kitni pyari lag rahi hai na?”, Dadi said.

“Ha!”, Vansh said absent-mindedly gawking at Riddhima.

“Main Ishani ki baat kar rhi hu”, Dadi mocked.

Rrahul stammered and blushed like he was, really gawking his wife in front of his dadi.

“Cut! What Rrahul? You have to speak ‘Mai bhi!’, why are you blushing like a newly wed?”

Helly who witnessed this from far, could not control her blush too. They both just smiled and resumed their shoot.

Teri Nazron ne dil ka

kiya jo hashar asar ye hua

“Ek favour karogi Riddhima?”, when Vansh said these lines with tears, all Helly could do was weep from inside.

"Ek favour karogi Riddhima?", when Vansh said these lines with tears, all Helly could do was weep from inside

She was overwhelmed from looking at this heartbroken Rrahul, though she knew it was just an act. She never wanted to see Rrahul in tears. Though, of glisterine, Rrahul’s tears hurted Helly’s heart! She could feel immense pain in her heart. And then, when she felt her vision blurred, she went inside inside her vanity for a little break.

She sobbed and cried inside her cabin, as if she really betrayed Rrahul. It was then, she realized that her heart, beats for this crazy man! She smiled in between her sobs as if she found a new purpose to live.

Ab inme mai hi doob ke

Ho jaun paar yehi hai dua

Rrahul ran towards Helly’s vanity, and his life collapsed, when he heard her sobs from the door. He quickly opened the door and ran towards her. He engulfed her in a hug. He didn’t know why was she crying, but he all he knew was, he can never see her cry!

“What happen Helly?”, Rrahul asked with utmost concern.

Helly didn’t spoke anything, she just hugged him more tightly, as if he would vanish soon.

Rrahul pacified Helly, and with utmost difficulty Helly completed the scene when Vansh wept and slept over Riddhima’s lap.

Rrahul pacified Helly, and with utmost difficulty Helly completed the scene when Vansh wept and slept over Riddhima's lap

Now Rrahul put two and two together, and understood her outburst a while before. He smiled when realization dawned at him. He quickly searched a red rose, and marched toward his love to confess his feelings.

Helly too ran in search of Rrahul and when they both got the glimpse of each other from far end, they stopped in their tracks.

Rrahul hid the rose behind his back, and saw Helly too hiding something behind her.

Aankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adaye hain

Ho..Ankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adaye hain

Just then some workers carrying large mirror in their hands moved past Rrahul, giving the glimpse of red rose which he was hiding, to Helly. Helly smiled when she saw rose behind him.

The same workers brought the mirror behind Helly and now it was Rrahul’s turn to smile at the hiding rose.

They both understood each other’s feelings and stared each other. Rrahul could not take his eyes off from the shining eyes of Helly, which always fascinated him. It all started from her eyes!

They both move towards each other, and stopped when they could hear each other’s running heart beats.

Dil ko bana de jo patang

Sansein ye teri vo havaye hain

They simply exchanged their roses without uttering any word, letting their heart speaking volumes. They didn’t need to confess from words anymore. Their eyes was enough to shower the love which they carry for each other. Helly smiled widely and hugged Rrahul. They were in each other’s embrace, and for them time stopped! It was not a comfort hug, rather a hug full of love, full of promises, full of trust.

 They were in each other's embrace, and for them time stopped! It was not a comfort hug, rather a hug full of love, full of promises, full of trust

They know Vansh and Riddhima would separate in future, but Rrahel, would stay together like this forever!


Okay, so this is the another OS which is close to my heart. I wrote this as a tribute to my favorite show!

Hope you all liked it. Thank you for your so much love…

Let me know your opinions about this one.

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