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When it comes to waking up late, no one can beat me. The clock striked 10 and the so called “beautiful me” opened my eyes. And just then someone came into the room and it was none other than my sweet roommate as well as my classmate. She watched me as I woke from the bed. I looked her back because she was holding some words inside that shitty mouth.

As expected she started saying words with her shitty mouth of hers. “b*t*h!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? The college is over now! Remember we are from 7-12 batch?????” she yelled.
“So? You went? I asked her as I washed my face.
“Nope! I overslept too” was her answer which I already knew.

We were not friends from school. We come from the same town and became friends in college. “Do not lack attendance”was our only motive.

‘Lisa calling’ my phone vibrated. I attended and put it in speaker! “Girls!! Where are you? You bunked the class? ” she asked.
“Yeah! Where are you?” I asked her.
“On my way to room. Bunked last two hours.” She said.

This was not the first time she was coming back after going. That is why myself and my other roomie ‘Rey’ will never do that mistakes. Because we strongly believe “Don’t do things that will make you regret”.

There are some things people will never understand. The first among them is love. Neither of the three know what love is or what a relationship is. We never intend to do something. Things happen just like that. And that is how love happened to us just like that. Just like a passenger who  took the wrong train, I took the love train.

There are two things I value the most. They are my family and my goal. They look simple from outside but have a deep meaning inside.I am not someone who plays the role of Cinderella in school dramas.I am just an average looking person with a rude yet kind heart. Can love happen in such a person’s life too?

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