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Mahakaali 17th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Wanasur fights nandi

Mahakaali 17th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ganesh says to Kartika someone is following us. They go to temple. Kartika turns back and attacks but no one is there. Kartika says we have to be careful.
Nandi says to Shiv wanasurs’ atrocities are increasing. Shiv says it will end but on right time.
Krishna comes to Wanasur. Wanasure says if you are here to lecture me you will go with nothing. You can’t do anything. I am protected by Mahadev. krishna says you will regret this. wanasur laughs adn says Ganesh and Kartika are looking for a solution to bring back Parvait but who will bring them back.
An asur comes and stops Ganesh and Kartika. Ganesh says you will regret go from here. Sundar says I will send you back. Kartika hits them. He says Ganehs go and look for the solution. I will handle them.


comes to temple. Ganehs says welcome Mahadev. Mahadev fights Jundar and sundar. Ganesh says you are sundar based on whats inside and you should be ended because you are not a beautful person inside. Kartika says Ganesh go and look for the solution. Ganesh says we will find it. Ganesh finds jundar. Jundar locks him. Kartika says what is he trying to do. Ganesh screams ma.. A woman crawls out of the temple. Shiv says in Kelash she can never see her kids in trouble.
Kali comes out and releases Ganesh. Jundar runs. She runs after him and beats him. She kills him.
Parvati comes to Ganesh adn Kartika. Ganesh says thank you for protecting us Mata. You will be known as Hindraj mata. Parvati says you have to look for Sati’s power. She says Parvati will be born as a human. This yatra has ended. Get ready for the new one.

Nandi says what are you saying Mahadev. Shiv says yes there will be a battle between me nad Krishna.
Wanasur is going. Krishna says stop. He says you did the wrong. You misused the power they gave you.
Nandi is angry. Shiv says you have to calm down. You will battle Wanasur.
Indra comes to beat wanasur. He hits him and says dev is here. He can’t fight me. Even mahadev and mahakali wont save you.
Nandi says I will fight waanasur. I will take revenge from him.
Nandi comes to the battle. They fight wanasur’s asurs. Nandi comes. Wana sur says you came on right time. Nandi says we are with Shri Krishan. Wana says you have to fight for me because shiv said he will always send help for me. Nandi says he doesn’t stop us from doing what we want. We will fight against your sins not for you. Indra fights will them and kills asurs. They all come towards wanasur. He says mahadev will have to come. Shiv comes.
Precap-Shiv fights Krishna.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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