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IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 19

Hi, guys…. Firstly, I’m very sorry for the late update…. I’m still trying to adapt with this new place…. Moreover, I couldn’t adapt the heat here which make my nose to bleed…. That’s the reason I couldn’t update it earlier….









Everyone are shocked to hear Ishana is pregnant.

Ishu: Me pregnant?? (Shakes her head in disbelief)

Doc: Yes, you are 15 days pregnant.

Ishu: (screams closing her ears) No!!! This cannot happen!! How I can be pregnant?? (RuMyaPri console her)

Rudra: Relax, bhabhi. Doctor, are you sure she is pregnant??

Doc: Yes. She is confirm pregnant. You can do further check up if you want. She is very weak now and she should not stress herself very much. I already prescribed the medicines she should take in this condition. (Hands over a prescription to Rudra. Rudra nods and takes it from the doctor. She leaves after a while. Ishana burst into tears after the doctor left.)

Pinky: Why are you shedding these fake tears?? Whose child are you carrying?? (Ishana continues crying)

Jhanvi: Chi!! What type of a girl are you?? Who is the father of the baby?? Faster tell. We know Omkara can’t be the father of the child.

Rudra: Why?? He is her husband. So the baby must be his. Why don’t you call and ask your so called son??

Tej: Why we have to ask him?? Om doesn’t like this girl. It’s impossible for him to get her pregnant. She must be pregnant with another man’s child.

Prinku: Enough, papa!!! We know well about our bhabhi. This baby must belong to Om bhaiya only.

Jhanvi: Shut up, Prinku!!! Om must not be the reason for her pregnancy. (Towards Ishana) You better tell us whose baby you are carrying. Who is the father of this baby??

Voice: It’s my baby. (All turn and see Omkara entering the room)

Kalyani: Om?? What are you saying?? It’s your baby??

Om: Yes, daadi. It’s my baby. (All look at him in shock)

Shivaay: Om, do you realise what you are saying??

Om: I know what I am saying. It’s true that she is carrying my baby.

Shivaay: But, you don’t even like her. Then, how??

Jhanvi: Why are you asking him, Shivaay?? This girl must have seduced him. Such a….

Rudra: Not a word more against her, mom. I won’t bear anymore. Why she has to seduce him?? Who knows he must have force himself on her!! He wants to take revenge on her. So, he married her forcibly and told the outside world that she is his mistress. He forced and made her to stay in his room. If he can do these, he can do this too. (Looks at Ishana) Bhabhi, you tell us. Did he misbehave with you?? That’s why you are pregnant now.

Ishu: No, Rudra. He never behaved like that with me. He will be rude but never crossed his limit. Don’t misunderstand your brother.

Soumya: Di, then how come….??

Ishu: I don’t know, Soumya. I promise, I don’t know how. I’m not that type of girl. Don’t think bad……. (Priyanka stops her from continue)

Prinku: (cups her face) We never think bad about you, bhabhi. We know about you. You don’t have to tell us.

Ishu: (smiles in tears) Thanks.

Rudra: O, she is saying that you didn’t misbehave with her. But you are saying the baby is yours. (Thinks something) Did you spike her drinks or food and rape her?? (All are shocked with Rudra’s question)

Shivaay: Mind your words, Rudra!! He is your brother. How could you think like that about him??

Rudra: What is wrong with my question?? He is saying that he is the father of the baby but bhabhi didn’t know how she got pregnant. Then, what should I think??

Ishu: Rudra, don’t say like this. He will never do like that. Don’t think too low about him.

Rudra: I want to know the answer, bhabhi. That’s why I’m saying like this.

Shakti: Om, say something. How come she is pregnant with your baby??

Om: She is pregnant with my baby but not like what you all are thinking. I know my limit towards her.

Tej: Then, how??

Om: Artificial insemination. Few weeks before, I took her to the hospital for that only.

Pinky: Artificial insemination??

Om: It’s a fertility treatment method used to deliver sperm directly to the cervix or uterus in the hopes of getting pregnant. That is what I have done to her using my sperm. (All look at him in shock)

Ishu: (holds his collar) How could you do that to me without my permission?? I kept quiet for everything you have done to me. Because I know I did wrong by killing your fiance. I thought I deserve it and accept all your hatred silently. But this….. (touches her stomach) It’s a baby. Why do you want to play with this too?? Have you thought how the baby will feel if he or she got to know about it’s birth??

Om: You don’t have to worry about that. That is my baby and I know what to tell him or her. You are only going to give birth to it but you won’t have any rights on the baby. You can leave once the baby born.

Rudra: Just stop it, O!!! Just now when she said that you never crossed your limit towards her, I felt proud of you that my brother never stooped low to misbehave with a girl. But, after learning about this, I felt that this has no difference with that. You know what are the biggest sins in this world?? Playing with a woman’s virginity and her motherhood. You always blamed her for causing Gauri bhabhi’s death. You said that was a sin. If that was a sin, what you did to her now is more than a sin which is unforgivable!!! But, still she never worry about herself but worry for her baby. If you still can’t understand her, I don’t know what else I can say. (Thinks something) What did you say?? She has no rights on the baby?? Don’t forget that baby is belongs to her as well. She is having more rights than you.

Om: (smirks) No, Rudra. The baby doesn’t belongs to her. (All look at him in confuse) That is not her baby.

Rudra: What are you blabbering?? How come the baby is not hers??

Om: Because that baby is belongs to me and Gauri. She has nothing to do with the baby.

Annika: Yours and Gauri’s means?? Tell clearly, Om.

Om: Bhabhi, I want to marry Gauri and have babies with her but this girl never let that to happen. So, I discussed with the doctor and ask her to do artificial insemination using my sperm and Gauri’s ovum. (All are shocked hearing him. Ishana is completely broken knowing this. He is about to say something but stops hearing clapping sound. He sees Rudra clapping his hands with anger filled eyes.)

Rudra: Wah!!! What a move!!! I’m really proud to have you as my brother. (Sarcasm can be noticed in his tone) You already planned this earlier, right?? To do like this to her?? How much low you will stoop, O?? You make her pregnant without her knowing!! And you used Gauri bhabhi’s ovum. What kind of a human are you?? I really feel ashamed to be your brother. (Turns to his family) You all are supporting him, right?? Continue supporting him like this. Let him ruin her life more than this. (Turns to Ishana) Bhabhi, you don’t have to carry this baby which doesn’t belongs to you. Let’s go and abort it. I know it’s a sin to abort a baby but I don’t have other option than this. From calling this man as a father, it will be better the baby doesn’t come to this world. (Pulls her hand and about to take Ishana but she holds his hand stopping him)

Ishu: No, Rudra. I won’t let you to do the sin. What this poor baby will do for the adults deed?? Your bhaiya wants this baby, right?? (Wipes her tears) Fine. I will continue this pregnancy and give birth to his and Gauri’s baby. (Goes to Omkara) You said that I can leave after giving birth to the baby. Is that true??

Om: Yes.

Ishu: Promise?? (Forwarding her hand asking for promise)

Om: (places his palm on her) Promise!! You can leave after….. (before he could finish his sentence, Ishana falls unconscious in his arms. He lifts her and leaves to his room while Rudra looks on furiously at him and his family. They too leave from the room. SouPri go towards Rudra.)

Rudra: Why bhabhi is like this?? She wants to give birth to the baby which doesn’t belongs to her??

Prinku: That is bhabhi, bhaiya. She can’t harm anyone. The only person she has harmed is Gauri bhabhi only and that too was an accident.

Soumya: But no one is understanding it. They are continuously showing hatred towards her. Poor di accepting everything silently.

Rudra: We don’t even know about her family. Or we can ask her family to come and take her with them. (Soumya thinks something)

Soumya: Rudra, they won’t come. (RuPri look at her in confuse)

Rudra: What?? Why they won’t come?? Wait. Do you know about her family??

Soumya: Not very detail, Rudra. One day, she came to me and said that she wants to go out. She asked me to follow her as well because she didn’t want anyone to doubt on her. I agreed and followed her. We went to a park. She made me to wait at one place and went from there. I saw her covering her face with her duppata and walk towards somewhere. I felt worried that she might do something to her, so I followed her without her knowing. I saw her meeting two persons. A guy and a girl. The girl was crying but the guy was looking at her in anger.






A guy throws a newspaper on Ishana’s face. Ishana looks at the newspaper and cries.

Guy: What the hell is this?? You have proved that you have no difference with your mother??

Ishu: Don’t say like that, bhaiya. Listen to me once.

Guy: Don’t call me ‘bhaiya’!!

Girl: Siddharth, listen to her once.

Sid: No, Swetlana. I don’t want to hear anything from her. What is there for us to listen anymore?? Everything is clear in the newspaper. She has become a mistress of Omkara Singh Oberoi.

Swet: (cries) I won’t believe this news. I know about my Ishu. My Ishu won’t do anything without a reason. Let us listen to her once.

Sid: (angrily) I said I don’t want to listen anything from her. Luckily, no one knows anything about her or my family’s name must be ruined because of her. Let’s go, Swetlana. I feel disgusting to look at her face. (Towards Ishana) From now, everything has ended between us. Don’t you dare to show your face to us anymore. If you really care and love your bhabhi, you should not contact her or me at any cost. Promise me. (SwetIsh are shocked)

Ishu: Bhaiya!!??

Swet: Siddharth, what are you saying??

Sid: Don’t interfere in this, Swetlana. I’m talking to her. Faster promise me.

Ishu: (looks at Swetlana tearfully) I promise that I won’t disturb you all at any cost. You don’t have to worry. (Sobs)

Swet: Ishu… (about to hug Ishana but Siddharth stops her and drags her from there. Ishana falls on her knees and cries vigorously. Soumya has heard their conversation goes towards Ishana and holds her shoulder. Ishana turns and hugs her tightly crying her heart out. Soumya feels bad seeing her crying like that. She hugs her back and strokes her hair calming her. Soumya takes the newspaper which Siddharth has thrown on Ishana’s face just now. She widened her eyes in shock seeing the headline which stated ‘OMKARA SINGH OBEROI HAS FOUND A MISTRESS’ and the picture where Omkara kissed Ishana forcibly below the headline. Soumya crushes the paper harshly and throws it away. Ishana breaks the hug.)

Soumya: Are you ok, di?? (Ishana nods)

Ishu: Soumya, have you heard everything??

Soumya: (nods) I’m sorry, di. I didn’t mean to but I was worried about you.

Ishu: Don’t tell to anyone about them. I don’t want them to land in trouble because of me. If that family find out about them, I don’t know what they will do. Please, Soumya. This is my problem. I will face it alone.

Soumya: I won’t tell anyone but if there is a need, I might have tell RuPri about them for their safety. Ok?? (Ishana nods) Can we go back or you want to stay for some time??

Ishu: Five minutes?? (Soumya nods)




Soumya finish narrating to RuPri about Ishana meeting SidLana.

Rudra: No wonder bhabhi never said anything about her family and her surname. After all, there is another version of our family in her brother’s disguise. Never mind, we will protect her.

Prinku: Bhaiya, we don’t have to protect her. Om bhaiya will take care of her. After all she is carrying his baby. So, he will know how to behave with her.

Soumya: I think Priyanka is right. He will not torture her anymore because as the doctor said, di is very weak and she should not stress herself in this condition.

Rudra: Yeah. This is the only thing that relief us because of her pregnancy.



Omkara’s Room


Ishana wakes up and sees her lying on the bed. She recalls whatever happened today and touches her stomach.

Ishu: I just hope that was a dream but no. It’s real. I don’t know what else I’m going to face after this. It’s ok. I will give birth to the baby and leave from here. (Realised that she is on the bed) How come I’m on the bed?? He won’t spare me if he sees me here. (Tries to get down from the bed. She stumbles and almost fall but a hand holds her. She turns and sees Omkara. Ishana feels scared seeing him.) Woh…. I don’t know how I came to your bed. That’s why I got up.

Om: I have placed you here. You will sleep here from today. I will sleep on the couch there.

Ishu: No, I’m used to sleep on the floor. I will manage it there. I can’t sleep alone in this huge bed.

Om: You can’t sleep on the floor in this condition.

Ishu: I will sleep on the couch. (Omkara stares at her making her gulps down her fear.) Ok. I will sleep on the bed. (Ishana is about to turn to the bed but stops seeing some marks on his cheek. She doesn’t know why but her hand automatically goes to his face and caresses it.) What marks are these, sir??

Om: (pushes her hand) Nothing. It’s none of your business. (Leaves from the room)

Ishu: What happened to me?? Why I should care about him?? (Looks at her stomach) This must be because of you. You already started to care for him from now onwards?? Of course you will care for him. After all, you are the symbol of his and his love. I’m just a surrogate mother for you. You won’t care for me. (Leaves to washroom.)


Omkara stops hurting Ishana because of her pregnancy. He won’t talk to her properly but he will make sure that she has her food and medicines on the correct time. Ishana just follows his order even though she doesn’t like it. After all he is doing for his baby. She will ends up vomiting those food and collapsed in the washroom. Most of the time she will find herself on the bed and Omkara will be staring at her angrily but he never scold her. That makes her to feel relief. RuMyaPri are relief that Omkara is not hurting Ishana anymore and they continue with their studies. Days are passing, Ishana started to love the baby like her own. Sometimes she feels like the baby is her’s and will start to talk to it but she will stop when the reality strikes her. Her eyes will be formed with tears unknowingly but she will consoles herself saying that she can leave once she gives birth to it.


After few weeks….



Ishana is feeling bored for continuously lying on the bed. She is feeling weak these days and she is just two months pregnant. She gets up from her bed and leaves from the room. She wants to talk with someone but RuMyaPri are not there. They went to their college as they are having exams. Others won’t even look at her and will avoid her whenever she comes. She feels to have something and goes to kitchen. She sees Annika there with JhaNky and smiles at them. JhaNky feel angry seeing her and leave from the kitchen. Ishana feels hurt and she too leaves from the kitchen. She thought to see the outside view from the terrace to relieve her mind. She walks towards upstairs. She almost reach the last step but suddenly she feels dizzy. She tries to hold on something but her vision has become blurred and she falls rolling down from the stairs. She screams in pain holding her stomach. The ladies run towards her and shock to see her wailing in pain holding her stomach. Omkara just enters the house and shocked to see the scene. He rush towards Ishana and lifts her in his arms. He leaves to the hospital immediately.





Ishana opens her eyes and sees she is lying in a hospital bed. She sees a nurse enters the ward and change her drips. Ishana recalls whatever happened just now. She touches her stomach.

Nurse: You are awake. I’ll go and call the doctor. (About to go)

Ishu: Sister, what happened to my baby?? (The nurse looks down in guilt) Tell me, sister. My baby is fine, right??

Nurse: Sorry, mam. We couldn’t save your baby.

Ishu: (screams) No!!! I won’t believe this!! Nothing happened to my baby. (Cries hugging her stomach.)

Nurse: Mam, please control yourself. You are still weak now and you can’t strain like this. (Ishana doesn’t listen and continue screaming. She gets up from the bed and throws everything hysterically. The nurse runs from the ward to call the doctor. Ishana screams and continue throwing the things. Omkara enters the ward and holds her to stop her continue her act.)

Ishu: I did a sin again, right?? I killed your baby. I killed your and your Gauri’s baby. I’m a sinner. How are you going to punish me for this?? (Pulls his collar and shakes him. She falls unconscious feeling something on her lips.)


Ishana has been discharged after few days. RuMyaPri feel bad seeing her broken state. They are the one took care of her when she was in the hospital. No one from the Oberois have visited her except Omkara. He will just come and talk to the doctor about her condition. He won’t talk to her and will leave just like that. RuMyaPri make Ishana sit at the dining table with the family.

Pinky: Why did you bring her here, Rudra?? Don’t you knows that this girl is not allowed to sit in this dining tables.

Rudra: Choti ma, she is not well. She needs to have her food. Why are you talking like this when she is injured??

Jhanvi: Whatever happened is because of her carelessness. She doesn’t want to carry the baby. That’s why she purposely went upstairs and fell down from there. Killing is not new for her.

Rudra: Mom, this is too much. Bhabhi loved the baby very much even though she knows it’s not hers. There is many simple way to abort the baby. She doesn’t have to risk her life to abort it. (Soumya sees Ishana who is controlling her emotions signs at Rudra. Rudra nods understanding her.) Bhabhi, you come we will have food at the lawn outside there. The view is more beautiful from here. (Gives a sarcastic look to his family and takes Ishana from there. SouPri too follow them.)



To be continued……


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