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HATE ? REALLY (A RagSan Fanfiction) Chapter 23

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HATE ? REALLY (A RagSan Fanfiction) Chapter 22

Laksh was in a hurry to leave for the office. “Laksh” Swara called him. He rolled his eyes stopping. “You are still angry on me?” she held his shoulder resting her head over it. He released his hand from her hold and turned.

“You are expecting me to give you an award after whatever happened?” he asked bending his head. “But what have I done? I just told the truth” she said casually. “A fabricated truth” Laksh corrected her.

“I had told you that Bhai was misunderstood that he killed Kavita but you assumed it completely different and your same truth like lie spoiled everything. Look at our family it is broken beyond repair. And I hold you responsible for it. Happy with the reward now? Let me go” he turned to walk.

“All was a lie” she said as her throat choked. He stopped his steps. “Everything was a lie. You told a lie that you loved me” she said looking at his back.

“Sadly” he turned. “You are making me feel the same” he left from there after what looked like a confession.

Swara stood watching Laksh with her broken heart. She felt lonely. Now she did not had that sister also with whom she could share her sorrows.

Laksh sat inside the car and ignited the engine and drove off to the office.


Sanskar was continuously banging at the honk outside Badi. He felt a grip on his hand and looked up to find Dadi standing outside holding his hand. He gave her a sheepish smile before gulping in scared.

“Why is that you hate my peaceful morning?” Dadi crossed her arms. “I was waiting for Ragini” he said. “She is gone an hour ago” said Dadi.

“Where?” Sanskar asked worried. “To the same place you take her everyday. Office” Dadi grinned at him. “But everyday she waits for me” he said sad.

“She said she doesn’t want to bother you more and she can travel using the public transport” said Dadi and then walked inside the home. Sanskar was lost in his thoughts for some time.

He drove the the car to office. As soon as he entered he stopped at Shreya. “Shreya did Ragini come?” asked he placing his hand on the reception.

Shreya who was talking over the phone placed her hand on the phone ear piece. “Yes sir. Just fifteen minutes ago” she said and got back to the call. Sanskar pressed his lips against each other turning.

He walked to the cabin and found Ragini busy in her work. She did not even look up at him. He felt it weird. “What took you so long to reach office though you left an hour ago?” asked Sanskar coldly.

Ragini who was busy looking into a file looked up at Sanskar who was standing with crossed arms. “Hun?” she was confused initially. “The public transport of course we aren’t in Japan to have bullet trains” she said looking back into the file.

Sanskar rolled his eyes fuming. He held the file in Ragini’s hand and kept it aside folding. “Sanskar” Ragini whined looking up at him.

“What’s wrong with you?” asked he sitting on the chair in front of her. “With me? What is wrong with you?” she placed her hand on the file and Sanskar stopped her by placing his hand over her hand.

She quickly withdrew her hand. “Let me finish my work. Otherwise I will be late in the evening” she complained. “You know in the evening the traffic will be at peak” she said pleading.

“Oh” he stood up from the chair. “You are avoiding me” he said pained. Ragini cocked her eye brows. “Why will I do that?” she asked him.
“I don’t know but I know that you are avoiding me” he said cold this time. “You have lost it I guess” she pointed at his brain.

“I’m just trying to not to bother you Sanskar. Because even if we are friends the relation has its own limits and I don’t want to cross them. I don’t want to misuse our friendship” she said with a serious look.

“Waw” Sanskar clapped sarcastically. “Now you are deciding the limits to our friendship and tell me how are you doing it without my consent? As in this friendship even I’m of equal importance” he bent to her.

“I’m defining my limits nothing else” Ragini avoided staring in his eyes. “Great” he said standing straight. “Now you will decide what will bother me and not?” asked he.

“I said I’m deciding for myself that’s all and I don’t want to argue over it more” Ragini held the file again and started her work.

“Why don’t you simply break it?” Sanskar stood crossing his arms. Ragini gulped sore lump through her throat. A relation she cherished so dearly is at the verge of breaking.

“If you want to do it…” before she could complete Sanskar banged on her desk jerking her. “If you want to…?” he mocked. “Everything you do is if the other person wants right? Where are your own wishes Ragini?” he asked painfully.

She looked into his eyes with her welled up eyes. “I was never given a chance” she said lowly.

Sanskar stood straight pulling his hair frustrated. “That’s the point. You want life to give a chance. Why? Can’t you do it on your own. Can’t you fight for something which you feel belongs to you by all means?” he asked her.

“I have lot of work Sanskar and for that only I get my salary not for these personal talks” Ragini said digging her eyes back in the file.

Sanskar formed a fist hearing her. He walked to his table and sat glaring her. But Ragini kept herself busy in the work. Her phone beeped. She opened the new message. She was worried looking at it. She dialed the number immediately.

“Swara? Are you okay?” she asked worried. Listening her name Sanskar fumed. “Lado wo…” Swara sobbed. “Why are you crying?” asked she worried.

Before Swara could speak Sanskar snatched the phone from Ragini’s hand and disconnected the call. “What the hell Sanskar?” asked she annoyed.

“I had told you no mobile phones inside the office you forgot? And when it is for free counseling sorry I cannot waste my employees time for useless things and of course for useless people” he said placing the phone on the table.

“Seriously?” Ragini gave him an annoyed look. “Do I look like joking Ms. Gadodia? You want to play this boss employee game. Let me start it in my way” he smirked walking to his desk.

Ragini fumed closing her eyes. She was worried the way Swara spoke. She hardly could concentrate on her work.

“Sir” Sanskar spit the water he was drinking hearing the word from Ragini. She rolled her eyes. She dialed the number of pantry and instructed the office boy to come and clean Sanskar’s table.

“I want a half day?” asked she. “Kiss Khushi me?” asked he wiping his face. “Wo na meri naani ke mausi ke chacha ke bua ke bete ki bahu ke bache ka namkaran hai. Dadi had told me to take half day. I forgot to inform in the morning” she said while Sanskar stared her open mouthed.

The office boy walked in and wiped the desk and floor. “Sorry you need to inform a day beforehand for leave. I hope you have read the leave policies while signing the appointment letter” said Sanskar.

Ragini gritted her teeth. “But” she was interrupted. “Get back to work now. Or else you have to stay here till you finish the file” said Sanskar signing towards her table.

Ragini moved her gaze from the table to him. She huffed leaving a deep breath. She walked back to her desk and while doing so she hit her leg purposely to the chair. “Ouch” she screamed.

Sanskar got worried and rushed to her. He knelt and looked at her leg. “What is wrong with you girl? Can’t you keep your eyes open while walking?” asked he rubbing her foot. He lifted her foot which made her stumble and she was about to fall when Sanskar held her preventing from falling.

She looked into his eyes and he looked in her almond shaped eyes drowning himself in the moment.

Karta nahi kyu tu mujhpe yakeen
Kyu mere dil ki tu sunta nahi
Tere bagair kitni tanha si hu
aalam yeh dil ka tu samjhe kabhi
hai patha yeh tujhe
naa jee sakungi bin tere
phir bhi kyu tu mujhse juda
tu tu hi hai tuhi tho hai mera junun
tu tu hi hai tuhi tho hai dil ka sukun.
Tu wo hai jiske bina mai jeena sakun
Tu hi hai….. Tu hi hai…..

The world seemed stationed and heart beats galloped. She felt a lifetime in that single moment. He lifted her staring in her eyes and placed her on the couch.

He ran to his desk to get the first aid kit and applied the ointment carefully and she was lost looking at his care. She sure had been experiencing all this after Sanskar came in her life. ‘No Ragini you can’t give up to your feelings again’ she jerked coming to reality.

Sanskar who sensed her move looked up at her. “You okay?” asked. She drew her leg away from his hand. “I will be fine if I take a leave today” she said tucking her hair behind her ear not looking into his eyes.

Sanskar initially stared her confused then he understood that she did it for a leave. “When you yourself want to fall in the fire and hurt yourself even with open eyes. I can just watch it helplessly” he said placing his hands inside his pockets.

Ragini picked her bag and walked out of the office. She hired a taxi to reach Maheshwari Mansion. Sanskar watched her getting inside the taxi through the glass wall of his office from where the road was visible. ‘Why is that you never understand people only use you Ragini’ he spoke in his mind as the taxi disappeared galloping towards the main road.

Ragini reached Maheshwari Mansion and rang the door bell. Sujata opened the door. “Arrey Ragini beta” said Sujata welcoming her inside the mansion. “Aunty sorry to disturb you but I wanted to meet Swara” said Ragini nervous.

Annapurna who descended the stairs looked at Ragini. “Arrey Ragini beta” said she walking to Ragini. Ragini stood up and greeted Annapurna. “How are you?” asked she caressing Ragini’s cheek.

“I’m fine. It’s just that I haven’t met Swara from a long time so just thought” she said to Annapurna. “No problem beta. This is like your house only. You can come at any time” said Annapurna making her sit.

“Swara” she looked towards the kitchen and called out for Swara. “Ji Maaji” Swara walked out of the kitchen wiping her hands with the napkins. She found Ragini and her emotions broke. She rushed and hugged Ragini in a bone crushing hug.

“I missed you so much” said she coming out of the hug. Ragini wiped her tears. “Then did your phone forgot my network to connect you that you waited so long?” asked Ragini chuckling.

Swara smiled through her tears. “I felt you are still angry on me” she pouted. “You na one number dramebazz” said Ragini hugging her again.

“Acha you both talk we will look after the kitchen work” said  Annapurna. “No Maaji I have already prepared everything” said Swara. Ragini felt proud of her sister for the way she was handling the household. “Jeeji I need your help” said Sujata and Annapurna followed her to her room.

“Now tell me why were you sad in the morning?” asked Ragini turning to Swara. “Wo” she fumbled. “I was missing you and mom badly” said Swara. Ragini felt it wasn’t the truth.

“You are hiding something from me?” asked Ragini. “No. I really was missing you” said Swara. “Okay fine wait” said Ragini and looked at Annapurna and Sujata who were walking to the kitchen.

“Aunty can I take Swara home for some days?” Ragini asked Annapurna. “Okay beta” said Annapurna smiling at Ragini. “Chalo now pack your luggage” said Ragini.

“But Lado” said Swara unsure. “You are coming with me and it’s final” said Swara dragging her to Swara and Laksh’s room.

After packing they headed out of the mansion.

“Maa see whom I brought with me” Ragini walked inside Badi calling Sharmishta. She was shocked when she saw someone in the hall. Swara entered the house behind Ragini with her luggage. “Shona” Dida walked and hugged Swara welcoming her.

“Lado” Dadi walked to her extremely happy and hugged her.


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