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Entangled Love ~ kaanchi (part1)

Hello friends. Here’s the 1st part of this ff. I’m extremely sorry if I disappoint you and the reason is my khalikhopdi. Here’s the link of intro

Entangled Love (intro and prolouge)

Kindly ignore grammatical and typing errors 😅😅
Here we go

All the girls are waiting on the college gate for someone. Ofcorse after whole 1 month of holiday their new classes are starting. How could they miss the entry . A horn blows and a black bike is shown entering. Two boys are sitting on it. One girl drops her coffee seeing them. One girl is trying to get out of clutch of his boyfriend and girls present there are totally lost. All the boys are getting jealous seeing them.

Boy 1 – I’m coming in few minutes. You go I will join later on.
The boy turns around to go and his face is shown. He’s non other than kabir kapoor.

Boy 2 – Today is 1st day atleast show some mercy on teachers today . (Kabir glares him)… ok ok I’m going , Pragya must be waiting for us.
Boy says removing his helmet and he’s Veer Malhotra.

Veer parks his bike and moves towards cafeteria.

Kabir is moving towards staff room to clear his confusion on a topic.

Suddenly a girl coming from opposite direction slips and a pair of hands holds her.
Boy – can’t you see and walk properly.
Girl – hey you Mr. it’s your fault.
The boy leaves her and she falls on the ground with a thud.
Girl – oouchh… mumma…
Boy – Ms. Isha oops Makeup ki Dukan atleast learn something from your friend.
Isha – listen Veer Malhotra I better know what to do and not. You better keep your advice with yourself. She says adjusting her dress

(Those who thought them to be kabir Saanchi are wrong . The girl is Isha and boy is Veer.)

Isha goes to Priya Sanket and asks for Saanchi.
Pragya – where will she be… she’s there where she is meant to be.
Isha pats her forehead.
Isha – this girl never leaves any chance to get scoldings.
Sanket – why any problem??
Isha – yeah Principal sir called Sunil Uncle. Sir told me to call Saanchi but this silly girl is busy in her own happy world.

In Principal room.
Anand and Sunil are sitting.
Anand – see Mr. Mishra I understand Saanchi is a brilliant student but that does not mean she can do anything. I don’t know what I have done that she’s always behind me. Infact all the teachers enjoy her drama so day by day she’s becoming more notorious. I can’t handle this girl now.

Sunil – I’m extremely sorry on behalf of Sir. I promiiisee…
And a ball comes breaking the glass window.
Both moves towards window and sees a girl playing cricket with some poor children.

Girl shouts – wohooo it’s a 6 and she turns around.
Seeing Sunil and Anand watching her and what she did…..she blinks her eyes few times and then tightly closes it.
All the kids run away from there.

Isha comes and sees her standing with her eyes closed.
Isha – Saanchi… Saanchi (shakes her) Principal sir is calling you. I’m searching you from last half hour and today also you are here. Come fast.
Saanchi – nhi bulati to bhi chalta. Waise bhi bulawa to abhi ana hi tha. By the way nice timing.
(If you haven’t told me then also I had to go afterall I had to be called)
Saanchi moves towards the Principal room and stands outside murmuring something.

A voice comes
Voice – Ms . Saanchi no use of standing outside. You can come.
With baby steps she enters and sees Anand holding ball and Sunil glaring her.
As soon she sees Sunil her lips curve and she shows her battisi 😆😆(teeth)

Anand – Saanchi what is this. After breaking my window..you are smiling!!

Saanchi looks down.
After getting long lectures on discipline Sunil and Saanchi comes out.

Sunil – when will you stop doing these childish things.

Saanchi turns around and starts walking backward

Saanchi – never everrrrrrr

And she trips .

She opens her eyes and finds herself on a boy instead of floor.
Sunil helps them to stand and seeks apology from him for her mistake.

Boy – it’s ok uncle, it wasn’t your fault. I’m fine.
Sunil – what is your name beta?
Boy – Hii I’m kabir
Sunil – nice to meet you.
Kabir – Same h.. (interrupted )
Sanchi -Dad we are getting late. You can do your hi hello session later on.
And she drags him from there. Kabir moves his head in disbelief.
Sunil – indeed you are a chalti phirti disaster. Don’t know when you will grow up.
Saanchi – come on dad.. I will always be your little kid.

So today I end this chappy here. Do let me know if you felt asleep. Do give your comments and do point out if any fault.
Precap I too don’t know. Running out of ideas so suggestions needed. I will write only if you guys are interested.
And a shout out to all the writers.. where are you all. We readers are eagerly waiting for your ffs come back.

Lots of love
Take care
Priyanshi 💛

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