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Adi: S, i like Raman uncle, who always encourages me to do all, whenever i see other kids with their father’s playing with them , feeling very bad and uncle supported me like father i like him. i want uncle and mom.(Both Raman and Ishita look at each other)

Toshi also saw him and cried .

Judge: PLease Mr. Raman come here and explain how adi is related to you.

Raman came : Judge , i really dont know how to react  for this even i’m surprised by adi, even i like, i lost my kid becoz of of my wife, and i can understand  wat Ishita feels.

and please consider Adi’s words and given statment.

Judge : u can go to ur place. Next hearing is on next month.

All came out, Toshi came to Raman.

Toshi: Raman i dint know u r coming.

Raman: maa wat is this, even though i’m not ur biological son and maid of ur house son. U never treated me like , u gave me all wat u gave prateek and today i’m here in this position becoz of u. when i came to know about ur problem , i’ll be the first person to  be with u and help u.

Toshi: i know……. thanx for coming and adi liked it.

Prateek came to Raman.

Prateek: hey Raman how are u mere dost. how is ur married life shagun kaisi hai.

Raman: mein tho fine , wat happened to u, useless fellow.

Prateek: how shagun did to u, same way i ditched my ex wife Ishita.

Raman: r u mad.  Shagun is a greedy woman, u were not like this .

Prateek:  we dont know how people will change  when the situation comes, i was waiting this kind of opportunity and when came i grabbed it.

Raman: Prateek u keep going from here, or else i dont know wat i’ll do. understand.

Prateek: ok ok, fine i’ll go. but please help me to get my son.

Raman: u disgusting, get lost from here, already u left her in between , now u want to ruin her only happiness. i wont help u and i’ll see how u will take her son.

Raman comes to toshi and Ishita

Raman: maaa , u please calm down , now i’ll fight with this fellow, i know how much pain it cause when some one ditch and grab their precious one. i’ll teach him a lesson.

Ishita: PLease dont do anything, i want only my son .

Raman: ok please take mummy and go to hospital.

Toshi and Ishita went to their home.

Toshi called prakashji “kya hua the papers wat i gave u.”

Prakashji ” s i have given and it will be over in 1 day”

prateek came to prakash ” Papa wat are u doing here”

prakash: nothing puttar calling my friend,  (without cutting the call)

Toshi: idiot , how can he do this, after doing all these he came again without any shame.

Prakash to prateek: u go i’m coming.

Prakash over phone” god saved me , toshiji u dont worry i’ll get that done, please inform both of them before next hearing.”

TOshiji: ok i’ll tell them.




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