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Would you miss Star Plus’ Ikyawann?

Star Plus’ Ikyawann will be coming to an end soon. The show is having a dramatic track running currently. Leela has conspired to frame Susheel in a murder case. Leela is alive and hidden from the world. She doesn’t want anyone to know Susheel’s innocence. She has kidnapped Susheel. She finds a good chance to threaten her own family by holding Susheel captive. Satya gets ashamed of Leela’s crimes. He learns Leela’s truth when she herself admits all the crimes she has committed in her lifetime. Satya regrets to blindly follow her. He wants Susheel to come back to him. Satya and Fighter Didi make a plan to trace Leela, so that they can find Susheel.

Namish Taneja and Prachi Tehlan are playing the lead roles. They have garnered much appreciation from the viewers for their different and natural characters. Their chemistry has also worked good for the show. Ikyawann appealed to the viewers initially because of its unconventional story. The track turned more of Saas-Bahu types. Leela is eager to kill Susheel. Leela and Susheel’s cat and mouse games are seen. The show which recently had a shift of time slot, will be going off air this month, due to low TRPs. Would you miss Star Plus’ Ikyawann? Let us know your opinion.

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