Dadi …. Annika beta
Anika.. ji dadi …
Dadi… Pls go and give dinner to shivaay as he is busy as their is a international conference tomorrow
Annika serve shivaay dinner in his room, or else he won’t leave his laptop!”

Today nobody was there in the house except shivaay herself and dadi… That day all servants were at Holiday

she quietly placed shivaays favorite dishes on a plate and headed towards his room,

She calmed her raging heart as she climbed up each step, how on earth she was supposed to relax when she had these annoying unusual sensations whenever her very handsome and hot  husband was around.

anika wore achiffon red sari with a shimmering red border paired with the same coloured blouse. She wore her hair in a messy updo that she knew looked killer on her…

So she has chosen to stay away. She had avoided any interaction with shivaay for the entire day but now, she had no choice. Hoping her traitorous heart won’t give away, she walked in the room.

And there he was, looking handsome as ever, his eyes fixed on his laptop screen and his soft black hair falling on his forehead; making her want to go and run her hands through them. She put a break on her thoughts and called him.

He looked up from the screen and found his wife standing next to his chair, looking every bit gorgeous in the color of love. and the burning desire to kiss her senseless that consumed him in that moment.

For two days in a row, he had seen her wearing the heaviest dresses she could carry and he undoubtedly found her very beautiful in those outfits.

But the Saree she wore today, she looked; sensuous! Her hair were up, leaving her creamy neck and back exposed, much to his eyes’ delight and the light saree hugged her beautiful curves perfectly. Her long earrings brushed the base of her neck, teasing him to graze the spot with his lips right there and then.

.“I’m not hungry. I’ll eat later”shivaay said and resumed his work.
“What!” Annika said, the wife in her already waking up. ” Mr sso you’re going to have your food right now!”

“I’m busy.”
“I don’t care.”
“Feed me then!”

Anika smiled slightly at his obvious flirting. As shivaay resumed his work, she dipped a bite of paratha in the curry and brought it next to his mouth.

Shivaay raised a brow before eating the food off her hand, making sure his lips linger for a moment on the tip of her fingers.
He felt Anika stiffen but chose to act oblivious. He repeated the same with the next morsel and finally decided it was enough torture for both of them.

Anika felt his hand stopping her midway as he look into her eyes. Slowly, he licked the food off her each finger while he never broke the eye contact.

Shivaay And anika was surprised to hear her own voice;  so husky and full of want.
Shivaay stood up and turned Annika

Her face was getting warmer with every passing second she was sure he could see the redness of her face even though he had dimmed the lights.

“dadi is waiting for me shivaay

. I’ll go.” Anika moved only to be stopped by a pair of strong arms that pulled her back to the man she loved more than anything.
Anika felt shivaays hold tightening on her waist as he hugged her from behind.

She felt his lips close to her ear as he spoke.

“I’ve waited and waited Annika
. Not Now!”

Pulling out her earring that was teasing him since god knows when, he finally kissed her swan like neck.

annika shuddered in his hold when she felt his palm on her bare back and his hand fiddling with the dori of her blouse.

As it slowly came undone, shivaay pulled down the sleeve of her blouse, nipping sucking and biting her caramel shoulder.

Anika hung could not breathe, could not move. It was as if the air around them had solidified. All she could think and understand was shivaay and the feel of his lips on her skin.

He twirled her around in his arms as his lips came crashing down on hers. Their resistance was slowly going away as they suckled on each other’s lips for dear life. The slow and sensuous kisses were now turning passionate with urgency and need and they could do nothing about it.

Anika did not know they were moving until the back of her knee hit something and she crashed onto the bed, with him on top.

Shivaay pinned both her hands above her head with his one hand while his other hand continued to tantalize her body.

Shivaay  teasingly traced her lips with his tongue, making her gasp thus granting him way to taste her mouth making her senses go for a toss. Shivaay finally broke the kiss; only to devour her bare neck. She tried her best, but her traitorous throat could not bear it anymore as she moaned and called out his name while melting in his arms.

And none of them ever wanted to stop…
“anikaa come for dinner beta..”
And dadi s voice brought them back on earth as they took in their states. Their breaths were mingled with each other and so were their bodies. Annika saw her messy hair, disheveled clothes and hid her face in shivaay s chest only to realize his shirt’s buttons were undone; much to her horror as she realized it was probably her who did it.dadi is calling. I have to go” she spoke, calming down her erratic breaths. Shivaay smiled as he helped her stand up and kissed on her forehead.
As Annika made her saree and hair presentable, he spoke up.
“We’re not done yet mrs Shivay singh Oberoi ! Come back soon. I’ll be waiting” He said, making Annika blush and run away from the room.
She already knew it was going to be the longest night of her life…

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