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Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi Aursh cursed daruk.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with indra dev and all gods standing with rishi aursh. Daruk says you old rishi, you will die too. daruk says go my demon soldiers, take that rishi captive and make him your slave. Daruka laughs. Indra dev gets angry and says daruk, you have become very egoistic and your demon wife daruka too! you all will die, you insult rishi aursh, he is a very great rishi and he will punish you.
Rishi aursh says daruk, you cannot rule this world, it is not yours, you had a chance to go back but you denied with your arrogance. Rishi says now I shall punish you all. Daruka says I saw this rishi somewhere, yes I remember, this is the same rishi whom none of our demons could take captive, whenever our demons went near his ashram, this rishi killed them easily with his powers and turned them

to bhasma. Rishi aursh says daruk! I curse you and all your demons, from this moment on if you and your demons attack, touch or try to hurt any rishi, human, gods or any innocent people then you will instantly be turned to ash or you will die from the anger of my curse. Daruk is shocked and he says what is happening? Daruk says to daruka, I don’t think his curse can work because mata adi-shakti is protecting us. The soldiers run towards rishi, indra dev says to the gods, let the soldiers come, I trust rishi aursh, his curse will protect us all. The demons come closer and suddenly they all get electric shocks and they die. Indra dev smiles.
Daruk is shocked and he says what to do now? Daruka is worried. More soldiers run towards rishi aursh and all gods to attack them. As they come near, they start burning from fire and turn to ash and die. Daruk is shocked and gets scared and says mata please protect us. Daruka closes her eyes and prays to mata adi-shakti.
There mata kali says this way rishi cursed daruk and dangered his life.
There, daruka says mata, please protect us, you promised you would protect me and my kin.
Indra dev takes his weapon vajra astra and walks towards daruk to kill him. daruk says I cannot even attack them otherwise I will die and I have been cursed too, so if he attacks I will die, what do I do? Indra dev attacks from his weapon and the bolt heads towards daruk. Daruka prays to mata shakti. Suddenly the shield appears with mata adi-shakti behind daruk and daruka standing very huge. Indra dev’s bolt is stopped. Daruka says thank you mata for protecting us. Rishi aursh says pranam mata, forgive me but I had to curse these demons to protect the lives of all humans, gods and innocent rishi’s, they used your wishes for adharma mata, so against your wish I cursed them but I had no other option. Daruk says mata, you have to protect us, daruka is your disciple, how will we fight? Mata shakti says daruk, I never promised that a curse wouldn’t act against my wish, I just promised to protect daruka and her kin, that is only what I will do, you both have used the wish for adharma. Daruk cries and says mata what do we do? We are demons and eat non veg food, this forest is not enough. Mata says daruka I granted you a forest and that should be enough but you all decided to attack earth and rule it, but as a god I still bless my disciple and I shall tell that you can defend yourself daruk and fight if you cannot attack. Mata shakti goes.
Indra dev comes to attack daruk and he removes his sword. Daruka says swami, we have to do something now otherwise you may die! Daruka closes her eyes and she lifts the forest. Indra dev and all gods get behind. Daruka takes daruk and all demons with her forest. Suryadev says the forest suddenly flew in air and has gone. Indra dev says if I find daruk, I will kill him otherwise i will not call myself devraj indra!
Daruka lands the forest on water. Daruk says what will we do on water? Daruka smiles.

Precap: daruka says we will eat food from the water, we will eat non-veg by killing fishes. Daruk says we are demons and we learn from failure too, I will kill everyone.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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