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Twinj: In love with an unknown (Shot 01)


That was again a one more late evening for her coz again her class got extended as the lecturer was late. Even now her friend who left to take a call and get some food is nowhere found, so basically late again!!!
But twinkle is a girl who is always punctual in literal sense. She likes to do work on time and spares no one if they delay. In a short she is more organised, who plans for her work but that doesn’t mean that she won’t consider her moment of happiness. Her planning will have a happiness and satisfaction as a mandatory things. As few people think that while planning and working they forget their lives to be enjoyed.
Well, twinkle is a power package of perfection, punctuality and patience. As many people won’t be on time patience is mandatory for her to live. Additionally she also carries some extra ordinary characters such as morality,values and devotion. She works for her satisfaction and happiness only.

A girl who gets irritated by the word “LATE” in reality has peaks of patience!!!
Coz she is very desperate for one thing called “LOVE”, it’s not that she is deprived of this word but she is actually aware of the purity of getting love from the soulmate.

It’s been 2 years and she is waiting for that perosn.
The one who can make her feel special,
the one who can love her to the eternity,
the one who can keep her happy,
the one who can be with her till the last,
the one who can grow old with her,
the one who can stand with her in the darkest days of her life,
the one who is called asSOULMATE

She believes that everything comes to us on a right time and she just needs to be patient till that proper time comes. Thats why she felt it’s really worthy to wait for that person.

She looked around to find her friend Chinki, who was standing in a queque near the canteen. Heaving a deep sigh of relief she plugged in her music system and a melody started playing.

It was a cool evening, since she got late classes to attend she decided to have something before she leaves the college. The homely campus environment accompanied her music, a cool breeze started playing with her and a heavenly smell of sand hit her nose. Within few minutes the breeze halted and it started to drizzle.

The whole combo of melody and coolness with rain and smell of sand matched the situation. She closed her eyes to feel the unseen beauty of nature through her heart while few rain drops invited her back to the place. Feeling the bliss she slightly opened her eyes and a blurred image caught her eyes, she fluttered her eyes to adjust her vision and noticed the most familiar person of her life, infact the most awaited and important (that’s what she thought) person.

There he was standing completly dressed up in a casuals and a small smile adorned her lips making his dimples more attractive.

‘Kunj!!! She thought.

This was the most awaited moment for her, his presence lightened the heaven up for her and she just wanted to run into his embrace to feel the warmth of his love.
His love??
Atleast for now, it’s only her love as she never dared to confess. Still being in a dilemma she stood up from her place and proceeded towards him removing her earplugs. By every step she took, her heart beat raised a bit, cheeks turned crimson and finally when she approached him, she tried to have a clear cut glimpse of him but something was ambivalent.

She took a step forward to reach onto his shoulder, when a grating voice pierced right into her ears breaking her whole trance!!!

‘Twinkle!!! What are you doing here??…..’ Chinki howled at her but she seemed to be lost somewhere. She slowly shifted her gaze back to horizontal. But found nothing!!!
Before she could think anything she earned a smack on her head and that is when she completly came back to the reality. She looked around to see students looking at her in awe.

‘Hey!!!’ Chinki screamed again gaining her complete attention.
‘I…I am fine, come’ Twinkle said before being interrogated.
‘What was that? Why were you standing like that as if some ghost had invaded you’Chinki sat next to her comforting her with as glass of water.
‘I don’t know what just happened….it’s just that I saw him…’ she stopped midway and saw increasing curiosity on Chinki’s face. ‘Its just that I saw the beautiful nature and….and…just got mesmerized that I just forgot myself.’
Chinki gave her a look of suspicion.
‘Cmon…’ twinkle said trying to be normal.

Once she was done having her food, she left home still lost in the happenings of the evening. She wasn’t sure what had just happened with her was fine or not but as long as she was with Chinki she managed to be normal as if nothing had happened

But the never ending thoughts disturbed the depths of her life to the core of her heart. Feeling the cool evening, travelling back home by boarding a bus she travelled back to the depths of the memories from where all these started!!!!


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