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Twinj: Are we destined for Love – 10

Ding Dong!
‘I will see’ yuvi said to Usha and moved to open the door.
Ding Dong!
Coming baba’ He screamed before he opened the door.

There stood a girl who felt very familiar to him, he was happy cum shocked cum surprised to see her there, within a second thoughts came  rushing into his head.
‘Twinkle!!!!’ He mumbled in an unknown mixture of feelings.
‘Yuvi!!’ Even the situation was same with her.

‘Twinkle, yes I met you in the morning but it doesn’t mean that you will follow me till here, it’s not fair you know. I treat you as my friend only not anything else, please excuse me if I triggered something in you but I can’t get into….’ yuvi started speaking in one go when twinkle cut him.
‘Will you please shut up!!’ Twinkle screamed making yuvi halt.
‘Oh!! Twinkle, finally you are here’ leela came from behind.

Twinkle sighed with a relief as Yuvi was still in a confusion.
That’s my mom’ twinkle answered sensing his confusion.
Yuvi sighed deeply and welcomed her inside where everyone were already present.

‘This is my daughter, twinkle’ RT introduced.
Twinkle greeted them and took their blessings. Usha felt very happy looking twinkle, after so many years she felt the desi aura from her. She always longed for a daughter but God never heard her prayers but this time he blesses her with a daughter in law, in the form of twinkle; that’s what Usha thought.

Twinkle was Felin little shy as for the first time she met these people bit once the time started tickling she grew more closer to them. Firstly she was comfortable because of yuvi, who turned out to be his friend in a stranger’s home.
Yuvi was also happy knowing her from family side as well.

‘Call kunj na..why he is taking so long’ Usha said to yuvi who was already busy chit chatting with twinkle. Obviously, friends na!!!
Yuvi excused himself and got up to call kunj and saw him coming towards the dinning area.
‘He is here’ yuvi said sitting next to twinkle.

Both twinkle and kunj were not at all shocked seeing eachother as they had met before but…..Both were little uncomfortable as they were not expecting to meet eachother again that to with their families.

The food was served and the table was full of fun and few nostalgic talks about old days.
Yuvi and twinkle were happy to meet eachother again and they were busy too, enjoying their food and talks and the only one left out their was kunj!! To one extent he didn’t like the noises around him, to be precise he didn’t like that feeling of loneliness when his dearest and nearest were present all around him.

‘Yuvi’ Kunj called our for his brother who had completly forgot the fact of his existence next to him.
How come you know her?’ Kunj whispered.
‘Kunj,it’s the same girl whom I met in the morning. I told you na’ yuvi said reminding kunj about the talk they had during the drive.
‘Oh…how come you people are soo close?’ Kunj inquired.
‘I told you na…. we are best friends’ yuvi said casually.

Kunj wanted to tell yuvi that twinkle was the girl whom he met in the cafe but something held him back. By then twinkle was completly aware about the ongoings and she never expected yuvi to be the brother of kunj, not even in her wildest dreams. She thought that the Earth is huge but failed to notice that the world is tooo small.

Once after the dinner, Taneja’s left.
Yuvi was having a talk with his parents while kunj was busy with some stuff in his room.
‘She is really pretty, I would like it if you consider this’ Usha was saying. Yuvi wasn’t aware of alliance and was still in a doubt.
‘Who ma?’ He asked.
‘Kunj and twinklesaid usha.
‘What!! Really?’ Yuvi was not sure what he heard.
‘Yeah, kunj already met her once but didnt say anything about it, why wont you ask him?’ Usha told manohar.
‘I thought of it…but….’ before manohar could day anything yuvi interrupted.
‘Dad, you don’t worry. I will go talk with kunj and get to know what’s running in his mind’ yuvi said as usha nodded in agreement.

Yuvi somewhere liked the thought of twinkle and kunj ending up together but at the same time he was also sure that they both are completly different entities just like himself and kunj but he felt it’s ok to do so coz kunj and yuvi had always been an amazing  brothers and he hoped that twinkle and kunj will also make a great couple together.

‘Kunj…’ He screamed entering into his room dragging away his laptop.
‘What!!!’ Kunj said annoyingly.
‘You met twinkle before and didn’t even bother to tell me??’
‘I told you but you didn’t bother to tell me that you know her from before’ Kunj complained back.
‘I told you na…that I met a girl who gave me  those chocolates‘ yuvi said.
‘Soo….it’s her?’ Kunj questioned.
‘Yes…and the one whom you met for alliance is also the same one!!’ Yuvi said as kunj nodded.
‘Okay then what’s your problem is marrying her??’ Yuvi came to the point.
‘I think we are not alike’ Kunj answered simply.
‘So we are…’ yuvi said.
‘We are different’ Kunj stated.
‘How come? As I know you very well I can say that you can take good care of her and be a great husband too and she is the best choice for you, but what made you to reject her? She is such such a rare combination of beauty and wit, are you seeing someone?’ Yuvi asked directly.
‘No…no…not at all, you know that I am busy settling up my career which just started. I am not seeing anyone but….MARRIAGE is nothing without love,’ He said.
‘I agree with that…better you take some time and think about it, don’t miss her. Somewhere I feel you both are bound together‘ yuvi stated his mind out.
Somewhere kunj started thinking and yuvi’s words had a good effect on him, he remembered the day he met her for the first time when he barely noticed her and the next meet when she behaved friendly with him even after what he did with kannika. The thought of her friend somewhat terrified him but still twinkle managed to occupy his mind. Somewhere he felt he can consider twinkle to be his life partner and he felt peaceful about it.
‘Yuvi..why you asked me this?’ Kunj asked.
‘Coz mom really likes twinkle and the discussion about your marriage is going on down there’ yuvi said.
‘Are you here to….’
‘Yeah….I want to know what you think about her’ yuvi said.
There was a silence for few minutes and kunj broke it saying,
I am ready to marry her’ Kunj said.


So…hws it?

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