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Three Shot Competition (Level 1) #Entry 4

Is really a daughter is burden on the father??


A news channel studio was shown… was focused on an anchor person who was sat on the chair and exact in front of him one Successful lady was sat…

Hello Dr. Saanchi welcome to our show “let’s talk about Life with Vinod Sharma”.

Thank you.

Okay Dr. Saanchi our viewers who is watching us they want to know about your success…so Dr. Saanchi tell us to our viewers that how much you struggled in your life for reaching at this position.

Struggle…she smiled…struggles if your life is going through struggles that means you are most luckiest person in this world…because God’s Grace and blessings is on you forever…God is taking your exams…you need to be strong…then see what the miracle happen.

Dr. Saanchi you are also running an orphanage for an orphans so our viewers want to know from you that where from you get this inspiration??  From where this idea click in your mind to open an orphanage..

Okay before going a head a want to ask to one Question from all of you…

Is really a daughter is burden on the father?? She emphasized the word burden.

It was about 22 years ago…

I was very simple girl…I’m living in a small village with my family…in my family we were 3 members my Maa Jaya Mishra my Bhai sunny Mishra he was 1 year younger than me and I… My father died when I and sunny were kids…

Although sunny was my younger brother my Mummy use to give him more importance…but sometimes I was thinking it was just my thought…My Mummy Love me too.

I always want to become a Doctor…I want to fulfil my father’s dream…Actually he want to established a cancer hospital for free treatment for cancer patient to whom who is actually is suffering from this kind of dangerous disease but they have no money and no resources to afford for this treatment…..this is my father’s dream because my father saw to my grandmother who was suffering from this disease and died because of not proper treatment…..because when my grandmother fell in this disease on that time that cancer treatment was not happen in India…they was need to go outside the India for her treatment. But my father had enough money because they were very poor on that time…my grandmother died after suffering from lot’s pain….my father wasn’t able to bear this shock on that time and he vow to open a cancer hospital. Because he didn’t want that he lost his mother anyone else lost their beloved ones…. but unfortunately my father also died in a car accident…as I told u earlier that we were lived in a small village and my father he were went to city for some work when he was coming home his one friend gave him lift…he happily agreed…but who knows that was her last drive.. Actually his friend was in a drunken state.

Their car met with an accident…actually one truck was coming forward them…my father’s was not able to control them self…the car bumped with truck and hit the car away…and car was blasted…

She wiped her tears…

Anchor person are you ok Dr. Saanchi??

Yeah!! I’m fine (laughs) papa ki yaad aagayi…


Now where was I.

U were told about your father’s accident.

Ohh….so yeah I wanted to be doctor I wanted to be full fill his dream…my papa lost his mother I lost my father…but My mother was quiet different in thoughts from us…when I was little girl she started to find Relations (Rishty) for me…yes she didn’t liked to send me school…when I used to tell her about my education…she answered me…

Mummy I want to go school like sunny…

Shut up don’t you know that girls are not going school…she yelled at me…

I was scared. While sunny my younger brother was laughing on me….I was doing all work at home like mopping, washing, and cleaning etc…even my mother she learned to me cooking as well.

I was really liked to play with children that were playing outside our home…I was quickly finishing my work for playing with them but my mother didn’t allowed to play with them…don’t knows why she was doing like this?? from whom she was scaring…but that was hurting me a lot…whenever I was crying she doesn’t came to stop me but she came to scare me more that stop either I will beat you more cruelly…by hear these from her my tears fades automatically in fear…I was starting to live keep quiet….

Sunny didn’t interested in studied he wasn’t good student at all I was really wanted to study… when my mummy was go to Mander (temple) for puja then I was used to go school in her absence…so he knows about it…he started to blackmail me that I have to do his Homework otherwise he will tell to mummy about it..

One day Heeri mausii came to our home he always came to our home with bring so many relations (Rishtey) for me…now that time I was quiet lucky… she told to my mom….

I was stood behind the pillar and I was hearing their conversation.

And my life completely changed ever after….what she told here we hear..

She told to my mummy…

Arrey Jaya you know that what happened today with our neighbors Mr. Malhar.

Yes Heeri mausii what happen to them?? She sat on the chair while keeping down a cup of tea for Heeri mausii.

 Ab kiya bataun…aj kal toh rishtey milna aur miley hue rishtey tikna bohat mushkil hogya hai….

(Now what to say nowadays it is very difficult to meet the relationship and having long standing relationship).

Ahhaa kiya sach heeri mausii??

(Ahaa..Really Heeri msusii??)

Haan…aur nahi toh kiya…tumen pata mr. Malhar kii betii kii mangni tute gayii…

Yes that’s it…you know what the engagement of Mr. Malhar is broken.

But why??

Actually that boy want to a well-educated girl because the boy was well educated who wanted to go abroad…that’s why he pressurized to his parents to break this engagement because Mr. Malhar’s daughter Meena is illiterate girl.

But heeri mausii that was their childhood engagement that broke so easily..

Yes that’s why I told you that ajkal zamaana boht khrab hai.

My mom started worried about me…she started to thinking… now what will happen to my daughter?? If this will happen with her too then??

No no I can’t afford this..she nodded negatively.

Heeri mausii give me suggestion about it for protect her from this.. what I need to do??

Listen what was the reason of broke her engagement??

My mom was like thinking something??

Arrey lack of education na??

My mom nodded yes.

So this is the only solution of your problem.

Means she puzzled

You need to give her full education… you need to send her school along with sunny…understand??

She was quiet for sometimes…

Now what are you thinking…mummy say yes…I murmured.

Just then she said “okay”

That day was life changing day of my life. That day no limits of my happiness. And very soon I went school along with sunny.

I was very happy I entered in my class room…where I found lot of other students like me…but one from them was sat in the corner he was very decent boy…I went beside him. He looked at me I smiled but not he….I sat hello to him he didn’t replied…I asked can I sit here??

He silently gave me place for sit…I sat beside him with smile

Hello, my name is Saanchi Mishra

What is your name??

Why are you upset??

Did teacher scold you??

O God how much you talks?? You are not tired while so much talking?? I’m human being give me chance to answer…

Wow you know how to talk?? I’m so happy I was thought that you are dumb and you are not listing me.

What?? His reaction was😮😮😮

He he I was joking now tell me why were you upset??

Actually my tiffin eaten by these kids.

Ohh!! Don’t worry you can eat my tiffin box I never mind I promise.. I offered him my tiffin box

He smiled okay

Friends?? I raised hand

Ummm okay..

We Both laughed

What is your name??

Kabir, kabir Kapoor…he replied while looking @ Tiffin.

One day I went school but kabir wasn’t came. I finds him everywhere.. I asked about him to every one…but all my efforts goes in vein…I was very upset sat on the bench and I started crying. Just then my friend Isha came to me and said…Saanchi woh kabir……she was gasping.

I instantly stood up and I asked Isha what happened to him??

To be Continue……

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