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Siddhi Vinayak 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi lies to Vin

Siddhi Vinayak 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rajbeer, Prachi and Gauri asking for help. The men ask who are they, junior artists, who went inside their characters. The men joke on their drama and asks them to wear costumes before director comes, its a film set. Rajbeer asks them to open the lock once. The man asks did you go mad. They think how did the real police station become a setup. Rajbeer says I think we should leave from here. Siddhi calls on number. She says I have to know about the person who told me about will, I can know who tried to kill Vin. Vin comes to her.

She greets him. He says you did a lot for me, thanks, I got a gift for you. He shows the necklace and makes her wear it. She gets glad. She stops him. He asks didn’t you like it. She says no, its good. They have a moment. She gets away and says

I will wear it later. He asks why, what happened, I think its that man’s right who made you wear this mangalsutra. She gets shocked.

He asks her why didn’t you tell me about your marriage. She says I don’t know why I have hidden this from you. He claps and says you don’t know, you know everything about me and yourself, I didn’t know you are married, why should I talk about your personal life. She says let me explain. He asks what’s your husband’s name, who is he, where does he stay, tell me, what was the need to hide from me and family. She says I don’t want to talk, I m afraid to lose my dear ones, I don’t know my family will accept this marriage or not, Manjiri called me, I will go.

In faaslon ka….plays…. She goes. He cries. Rajbeer, Prachi and Gauri think what to tell at home. Gauri says its getting dangerous, I don’t care for Vin now, I have to see my life. Rjaveer also agrees with her. Siddhi comes to talk to Manjiri. Manjiri says Vin looks happy today. Vin says Mannu was telling my childhood story, I want to have Chole made by you, make it for dinner. Manjiri says fine. Mannu tells about meeting. Siddhi says I will come along. Vin says no need, Mannu and I will go, you stay with mum, help her today. He gets stressed. They worry. Vin stumbles. Manjiri says your health looks bad, cancel meetings, stay at home. Vin says I m joking, I m fine.

He leaves with Mannu. Siddhi thinks I know you aren’t joking. Siddhi exposes Rajbeer, Prachi and Gauri in front of Manjiri. Manjiri thinks she is very clever. Siddhi takes her to room. She says Vin has seen my mangalsutra, he was asking my husband’s name, what shall I do. Manjiri says he didn’t get well. Siddhi says we should tell truth to Vin, if he knows from someone else… Shankar comes and hears them. He asks did Vin get to know everything. Manjiri says yes, how did Riddhi make such a big mistake. Shankar says Riddhi did a lot for him. Manjiri says we should tell Vin that he is Riddhi’s husband. Shankar says no. Manjiri says Vin will try to know Riddhi’s husband. Shankar says we will see his behavior and then think what to do. Manjiri thinks Vin won’t be alive and blame will come on Riddhi.

Vin stops Siddhi from falling down. He says marriage is a beautiful bond, what’s your husband’s name. He falls down the stairs. She shouts Vin.

Update Credit to: Amena

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