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Shakti 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman realizes Soumya’s presence seeing toys

Shakti 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chintu coming back home from Kishan Lal’s home. Raavi says you are here and asks how did he come? Chintu says you said that Nani is missing me, and that’s why I asked neighbor to drop me here. He says he was fed up of his Dadi. Raavi scolds Balwinder and says your family couldn’t keep my son well. Balwinder politely scolds him and asks him to obey Dada and Dadi. Harak Singh comes there. Chintu asks what happened to Nana ji. Raavi says your Dada had shot your Nana. Chintu asks why and asks where is Soumya and Harman. Preeto takes him inside. Raavi gets her lover’s call who asks her to come out of home with laundry guy and take the thing which he had sent with him. Raavi is surprised. Shanno gives clothes to laundry guy. He comes out. Raavi comes and says neighbor lady called her

to get sarso ka saag. Shanno is surprised.

Sumit, Surbhi and others bring Maninder back home from the hospital. Varun stops them and says nobody can come inside. Sumit asks him to move. Varun says you came inbetween Surbhi and me, and asks him to go. He tells that he is very crazy guy and can call villagers. Sumit slaps him and says I am bearing you since long. Varun says you have slapped me and my inlaws are just watching.

Laundry guy gives a box to Raavi. She calls her lover and asks why did you send the box at home? He asks her to open the box. Raavi sees money in the box. Lover tells that he wants to buy saree of her choice. He asks her to buy saree with the received money. Raavi thinks if I am so beautiful that he is flattered by my beauty.

Harman is driving the car and sees toys in the women worker hand. He stops the car. Jasleen asks what happened? Harman gets down from the car and takes the toys in his hand. Jasleen asks what happened? Harman says I told that Soumya is alive and this is the proof. He says only Soumya can tie toys like this. He tells that when Soumya was a child, her mother used to tie her hand with her dupatta. And after marriage with me, I used to tie her hand with my hand, and whenever I was unwell, she used to tie her hand with my hand. He says this bandhan is a sign of our relation which Soumya will never forget. He asks the woman seller from whom she got it? Woman tells that she had bought the toys from Mela. She tells that 3-4 women used to sell toys in mela. She asks Harman to buy atleast one set. Harman buys full basket and tells Jasleen that they shall go to mela.

Sameer thinks to talk to Soumya, but then thinks she will go to kitchen after reaching home. He thinks they shall go home by walk. Sumit and others take Maninder inside. Neighbor asks what did Doctor say? Varun says he worked hard and that’s why he fell unwell. Sumit says Doctor said that he is strong and even poison didn’t work on him. Neighbor asks who gave him poison and discuss that Varun must have given him. Maninder and Bebe are surprised. Sumit says may be it is food poisoning. After they leave, Varun asks Sumit to marry Surbhi and end the matter. He asks him to do everything openly and says I will think that my wife is characterless. Sumit tells that I would have married and freed her if Surbhi or any other girl is in your clutches, and infact any guy would do the same, but Surbhi still regards you as her husband. He says if Surbhi tells me then she wants to end her relation with you, then I will be the first guy to propose marriage to her. Surbhi asks what you are saying? Sumit says I feel pain seeing you in pain, but don’t want to break your relations. He leaves.

Sameer and Soumya are walking on the road. Sameer takes bag from Soumya’s hand. Preeto asks Chintu not to worry and don’t tell anyone. Chintu tells her that one day everyone will cry for Soumya Mami. Raavi comes home. Chintu says nani is worried and you have gone on a shopping. Raavi says she brought clothes from Tailor and asks him to come. Shanno thinks she shall keep eye on her. Chintu asks her to go and says I will come, don’t bother me. Raavi scolds Chintu and calls him mannerless. Chintu tells Preeto that they shall search Soumya. Preeto says your Mama will bring her back, Soumya will surely come.

Sameer asks Soumya to remarry. Soumya gets upset. Sameer says I am not telling anything against your husband, but may be other man can be better than him.. He says you are beautiful, runs business nicely etc. He says any guy would want to marry you. He asks if she thinks he will return? Soumya says don’t know. Sameer asks her to sit and says it is normal for a friend to say this.

Sameer and Soumya sit on the bench. Sameer asks do you really think that he will return? Soumya recalls Jasleen asking Harman to pray and telling that Mata Rani will hear him in the hospital. He says what will happen after my marriage, my wife might let you live or not in my house, may be I will go to foreign then how you will live alone? Soumya says life will run as it is now running. Sameer runs after her and says 1 birth is passed and asks what about other 6 births. Soumya asks him to walk without talking. They come home. Soumya thinks she doesn’t know about this and next birth, but she belongs to him (Harman) in every birth, says you have done many favors on me. She says your name will be with me in all births. She recalls Sameer’s words and thinks I used to wait for you before, but now I can’t wait for you as you don’t belong to me anymore.

Precap: Harman checks Jasleen’s foot as it is sprained. Some men gather there and say this place is not for romance. Harman says her foot is sprained. They call other men. Jasleen tells that they are husband and wife. Soumya hears them. Sameer asks if he is Harman and tries to call him. Soumya keeps hand on his mouth and stops him. Sameer looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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