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Savitri Devi 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir becomes CEO of SDCH by cheat

Savitri Devi 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sanchi telling the staff member about his hospital CEO. One of the man tells that he is out of city. Sanchi says she wants to meet him before signing the deal. Man asks if you don’t trust us. Dr. Malhotra asks Sanchi to come out and asks what is this misbehavior? She says this deal is a big opportunity for us, and says it is not about you or me, but of SDCH. Man calls someone and tells that Sanchi wants to meet you and says if she meets you then she will not sign on the papers. CEO says she has to sign anyhow. Man comes to Sanchi and says I can make you talk to our CEO through video conferencing. Sanchi says it is great? Man acts to check the laptop and says video is not clear. CEO is behind the curtain and asks her to sign. Sanchi says she wants to meet personally and sign

on it. CEO asks if she is doubting on them. Jaya asks her to sign. Veer asks her not to doubt. Dr. Malhotra says you wouldn’t have understood if done any hard work. Jaya asks her to sign. Sanchi says as you all are convinced so I am signing. She signs. Man says CEO will come in the evening.

Jaya says we shall welcome him. Man calls CEO and tells that papers are signed, you can come here as way is cleared. Pragya and Isha hears him. Pragya asks about his preference. Man says he wants his cabin in northeast direction. Isha tells jaya that Dr. Kabir’s cabin is in that direction. Jaya asks them to get Dr. Kabir’s cabin cleaned and give to CEO. Vikrant asks Priya to make coffee for him. Priya goes to kitchen and thinks of his torture. She dips his finger in the cup and threatens to tell everyone that he is bankrupt. Jaya and others wait to welcome CEO. Electricity goes. Jaya says electricity never goes in our hospital.

Sanchi lights the lamp and gets shocked seeing his face. Jaya drops the aarti plate shockingly. Dr. kabir asks what happened? Man introduces him as their CEO. Sanchi says he is not CEO, but a fraud. She says she will cancel the deal. He says if she does then she can get jailed. Veer says you have betrayed us. Dr. Kabir pushes him and warns asking him not to touch his collar again. He asks everyone not to forget that they all are under him now, and announces incentives etc to staff. Dr. kabir tells Sanchi that same hands are clapping for me. Sanchi says they are not respecting you, but pleasing you. Dr. Kabir says whatever and says I have power and can do anything. He tells her that you have done two big mistakes, one is marriage with Veer and other is today. He says you will be punished.

Dr. Kabir tells that he don’t need anyone now and will do everyone alone. He looks at Sanchi’s pic.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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