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Savitri Devi 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir ruins Sanchi and Veer’s honeymoon

Savitri Devi 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Veer coming to hotel in his car and thinks where is Sanchi. He enquires with the receptionist. Receptionist tells that she was here, but don’t know where she went. Veer calls her. Driver asks Sanchi to blind fold herself as Veer said. Sanchi blind folds herself. Driver takes her mobile and rejects Veer’s call and switches off mobile. Veer enquires with the watchman. Watchman tells that she sat in red car and went. Driver brings Sanchi to the man who was stalking her. Sanchi says shall I open my blind fold. Man switches on the recording which Veer recorded to surprise Sanchi in which he asks her to feel him, sense him and tells poetry praising her. Sanchi gets emotional and says I loved it, thank you so much. She says I didn’t know that my doctor husband is a poet too. She

says I can’t wait any longer and asks him to open her blind fold. Man (Dr. Kabir) comes near Sanchi and kisses on her hand. He holds her closer and plays music. His face is not shown fully. They dance. He touches her sensually.

Veer is still in car and searching Sanchi. Dr. Kabir face is shown now as he dances with Sanchi and hugs her. Sanchi asks if you are Veer? She tries to open her blind fold, but he stops her and continues to dance with her touching her hands. She says you can’t be my Veer. Dr. Kabir swirls her and she falls. Veer comes and holds her. It is the same place which he decorated for Sanchi and Dr. Kabir took advantage and came before Veer. Sanchi tells Veer that someone was here, but nobody is there. Veer says I will call Police. Sanchi says we shall go home now itself. Priya comes back home and opens the door. Vikrant says so you came and asks her to open bathroom door. Priya opens it. Vikrant asks how dare you to lock me in bathroom. Priya says how dare you to blackmail me and to make me steal the things. Vikrant says you have find out and tells that he is the blackmailer. He says you can’t do anything and will be punished. He hurts her. Priya cries.

Veer and Sanchi leave from the hotel with bad memories. They reach home. Savitri says why did you come early? Veer says weather was not suiting them. Savitri asks them to rest. Jaya comes there and calls Sanchi. Gayatri stops and insults her. Jaya says I came to meet my daughter. Gayatri asks her to get out. Savitri says this is not right and says Jaya is Sanchi’s mother and have right to meet her daughter. Jaya goes to their room. She tells them that Pragya said that you both have returned. Sanchi says yes and tells that weather was not suiting them. Veer asks her to drink water. Jaya says she was feeling strange and that’ why came to see both. She asks Sanchi to take care. Sanchi hugs her. Jaya says she will leave. She comes to Savitri and says atleast you have seen Sanchi’s goodness. Savitri says yes and says I was against her as she was your daughter, and was scared thinking if she is selfish, but thankfully she is not like that and says it is Veer’s luck that she loves him a lot and can do anything for him and his family. Jaya says I am happy that your behavior is good with her, and says she hopes she realizes the snakes in sleeve.

Sanchi tells Veer that their dreams were spoiled. Veer says nothing is important to me than anything. He says I will take you to best trip soon from where you will have best memories. He asks her to sleep.

Sanchi and Veer come to the hospital. Jaya says you would have taken rest at home. Sanchi says she can sit idle. Jaya tells her that a big foreign company wants to work with them and want to sign deal. Sanchi and Veer tell that it is a good news. Jaya says I will call them. Sanchi checks the papers and says who is the CEO of your hospital and says she will sign on the merger deal only after meeting him.

Jaya asks Sanchi to welcome the guest with garland. Sanchi lights diya. Electricity goes. Jaya and Sanchi looks at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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