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Savitri Devi 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Someone stalking Sanchi to trouble her

Savitri Devi 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with room service guy or girl changing Veer’s gift with other gift. Sanchi comes and opens the gift. She sees punching joker and gets scared. She asks him why did he prank on her. Veer tells her that he brought earrings for her and asks her not to worry. Sanchi hugs him. Someone is keeping eye on them. Dr. Malhotra tells Savitri that his watch is missing. Dadi says painting is also missing. Savitri says my ancestral necklace is missing also. Gayatri accuses Sanchi for stealing the stuff. Savitri asks her not to blame Sanchi and says she gave her jewellery to me for safe keeping. Dr. Malhotra says we shall call Police. Vikrant panics and tells that they shall call Police if theft happens again. Savitri says ok.

Mr. Saxena comes and tells that his hospital want to do partnership

with them. Dr. Malhotra says your hospital is among 10 hospital of America and says what to discuss. Jaya says we will be happy to work with you. Mr. Saxena says we shall do the deal. Jaya says our dean went out and we shall do the partnership after she comes. Dr. malhotra says I will call Sanchi back. Jaya says it is not needed and tells that they will do deal after she comes. Mr. Saxena goes. Jaya tells Dr. Malhotra that she knows that he wants to spoil their honeymoon, but she won’t let that happen. Veer and Sanchi come for shopping. Sanchi says she needs icecream.

Veer goes to bring it. Man wearing clown comes near her. Veer returns. Sanchi hugs him and tells that the joker is coming towards her. Veer says there is nobody here and asks her to see. Sanchi looks on and sees nobody. Veer says we will go for shopping now, so that your mood changes. They come to a shop. Veer selects earrings for her. Sanchi is about to try it on her ears, but just then she sees clown again in the mirror and gets shocked. She shouts calling Veer. Veer says it is your illusion. Sanchi says I want to go back to hotel. She sees balloons tied to car and says they are same balloons which joker was holding. They sit in car and leaves.

Savitri calls Dadi and Gayatri and tells that she got her necklace back. Gayatri says she found Dr. Malhotra’s watch also. Dadi says it is good. Vikrant tells Priya that he has kept fake things so that theft angle goes. Priya tells him that blackmailer called. Vikrant asks her to go alone and tells about the place. Priya asks how do you know? Vikrant says you told me this.

Veer brings Sanchi to room and makes her rest. He thinks to do something special for her. Priya suspects Vikrant and locks him in bathroom. She goes to the said spot and keeps the watch, but nobody comes. She thinks her doubt was right, Vikrant is the blackmailer. She takes the watch back and thinks how can he betray me so big.

Veer comes to the reception and asks them to give note to his wife and promises that tonight will be best night of her life. Sanchi gets happy. That stalker comes and takes one of the note. Sanchi comes to the reception. Receptionist gives her note and says he loves you a lot. Sanchi waits for him. Driver comes and says Dr. Veer sent him to pick her up. Sanchi thinks Veer and his surprises will never end. Jaya shows Sanchi and Veer’s photo frame and says she didn’t give them anything till now. Sanchi sits in car. Driver eyes her. photo frame breaks. Jaya gets shocked and says my kids are in danger.

Sanchi comes to the place while blind folded Someone in Veer’s voice asks her to feel him. He touches her with lust. Sanchi says you can’t be my Veer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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