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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Agastya Disguises As Ghost To Expose Pankaj’s Truth

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bulbul keeps milk for Bhuri/goat and hides with Mandira. Bhuri returns home smelling milk. Bulbul tells Mandira that with love, they can tame anyone. Mandira taunts her as usual. Bulbul counterattacks her and says she should drink goat milk like Badki Daadi/BD and goes to get goat milk.

Vasu takes Yug to guest house. Power goes off. Yug gets afraid seeing ghost and shouts. Vijay with whole family walks in and asks who is it. Agastya shows his face and laughs. Angad comes out and laughs on Yug. Vijay scolds them. Angad says Yug was shouting in fear. Bulbul asks not to be afraid of Agastya, he is looking beautiful chudail. Angad says he does Agastya’s makeup. Bulbul reminisces Mandira’s plan to make Pankaj confess via a beautiful woman and liquor. Bulbul says Mandira’s

idea was right, Agastya can become that woman. Mandira laughs Bulbul cracked a big joke. Bulbul says she is serious. Mandira says this lame joke will not work. Vijay says it will and they don’t have to risk a girl’s life if they can send Agastya. Agastya says he trusts Vijay. Mandira says Agastya’s political career will end if plan fails. Vijay says it will. Agastya says he still remembers Prabhath’s teachings. Vijay chants Prabhath’s teachings and whole family joins him.

Vijay gets worried for Agastya. Bulbul says nothing will happen to him and says situation toughened Vijay and even Agastya will. He agrees and says she sings well, if she sang on Daadi’s order. Bulbul says let us sleep now. Vijay says BD is emotional and is kind hearted, she got into coma unable to withstand Prabhath’s death. Bulbul says all their problems will be solved soon, he need not worry, Mandira on the other side thinks she gave idea to Vijay, but Bulbul garnered praises with her girl’s idea.

Next morning, Vijay rushes to office hurriedly. Bulbul gives him tiffin. Agastya, Angad, Vasu also hurry, and Bulbul gives tiffins to even them. BD asks how does she know they will be late. Yug says she knows to run house well and asked everyone beforehand. Everyone meet a guest house, and Vijay scolds them not to hurry together. Mandira walks in and says she will help disguise Agastya as beautiful woman. She does modifications on laptop. Bulbul says Agaystya should learn dance also. Yug says he can do hiphop, but not desi dance. Vijay says Bulbul can and reminds her hawa hawai dance. Mandira says she will teach him dance and practices with him. Vijay gets romantic with Bulbul and dances with her. Someone enters and asks what is happening here.

Precap: Pankaj sees Mohini’s photo and reaches her home. Vijay and team get tensed thinking they should not come in front of him.

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