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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya Rescues Foreigners, But Gets Trapped By Terrorists

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Deepu asks Diya and Ratan to give Iric or get ready to die. Ratan tells Diya that he will talk to him and says matter is about his love Diya faints. Ratan gets worried and asks Imposter to open their rope once. Guards free their hand. Ratan asks her to drink water and says nothing will happen to you. He asks Diya to tell them about Iric and says I don’t want to lose my love. Diya signs him towards gas granite to make them unconscious. Diya gets up and asks how can you be selfish. Ratan says I am selfish and says I want to be with my love. He says we tried to save Iric, but what we can do. We can be selfish once and asks her to try to understand. Diya refuses. Ratan pushes her towards the gas granite. Diya falls down there and picks it up.

Ratan picks her up and asks her to tell.

Diya says I am ready to tell you. She tells that they have kept Iric…and releases the gas. Imposter and meethi faints. Bhuvan and others get worried. Mohak and Yash tell that they shall go and help them. Just then Diya and Ratan come there. All ladies hug Diya. All men hug Ratan. Diya tells them that they have made terrorist unconscious and locked them in room. She tells that they have to leave the palace right now and asks everyone to rush out. She asks yash to take Iric out. Mohana slips and falls down. Yash asks her to try to walk. Diya and Ratan manage to take everyone out except Mohana and yash. Mohana asks yash to go and save everyone and gives her promise. Yash asks her not to move, and says I will come to take you out.

Imposter shoots and makes everyone comes to their senses. He says diya and ratan have failed his plans. Nitya’s husband second wife apologizes and thanks her. Nitya asks them to go first. Yash comes and tells that he will bring Mohana and goes inside. Diya tells that she has sent Iric and other foreigners out of Palace safely. Imposter and Meethi come down the stairs. He says nobody shall be saved. Mohana gets tensed. Imposter catches Mohana and asks her to come out. He drags her out and shouts that everyone can leave, but Mohana will die. He asks everyone to come back if they want her to be fine. Mohana sees Yash and signs no. He hurts her injured foot. Mohana writhes in pain. Yash comes there and asks him to leave his wife. Imposter asks Yash to keep his gun down. Yash says we are with you. Ratan and diya come there and says we are with you. Mohana gets emotional and says this is my family, you can’t harm me until they are with me. Imposter tells them that they have done a big mistake by making Iric escape, and says he will kill everyone. Diya tells that police will reach here anytime soon. Imposter hits Ratan.

Meethi says Police can reach here at any time. We shall kill them and leave. Imposter says we have to keep them alive to escape from here, and then we will ask Govt to give us plane so that we can leave safely. Meethi says if we get caught then we will blast this entire palace. She comes out and tells that she will kill Diya. Bhuvan asks her to kill him and begs for her life. Sakshi, CT and others ask her to kill them. Diya asks them not to beg infront of them and says what matters to her is her respect and prestige. Ratan asks Imposter to shoot him first. Imposter smiles.

He says you all will die, but we will not kill you, but you all will kill each other. He loads gun and asks Sakshi to kill one person. Sakshi says she can’t shoot anyone. Imposter says if you don’t shoot then you will lose your husband. Sakshi gets tensed.

Imposter asks Isha to shoot Ratan. Diya gets tensed. He makes Isha shoots at Ratan. Diya runs towards him and takes bullet on her. Everyone shouts. Ratan holds diya and asks her to open her eyes.

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