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Remember twinj ff part 7(Last episode)

Remember twinj ff part 7 (last episode)

Twinkle is sad thinking what she is going to loose him now she said him to leave her and marry her sister . For her sister happiness she is doing this but inside she is dying thinking kunj will go away from her now she will loose her love forever. Those time she spend with kunj are just magical its very memorable gift which she will never forget in her life time. When she close her eyes she is only remembering kunj and moments she spend with him a cute smile appeared on her face and suddenly it vanished thinking about mahi she promised her widow sister that she will make her marriage with kunj she opened eyes she doesn’t felt good she went out to spend some time she looked at one side and remembered how mahi was happy with her jiju yuvi and they both were smiling and enjoying and they disappeared she looked at other side there mahi coming in plain saari and she is silent no smile she is sad twinkle closed her eyes again and thinks mahi should be happy always and if her happiness is in kunj then she will give her that happiness .

Next scene

Kunj and chinki at there terrace kunj told her what mahi told him.

Chinki- what?? 😠😠 she told like that huh . She is selfish women only thinks about herself she is blo*dy opportunist she is a b*t*h😠

Kunj- chinki shut up why you using bad words

Chinki- ok sorry but fact is that only bhayya.  She is blo*dy opportunist knowing that you and twinkle love each other still she is doing it by emotionally blackmailing twinkle and twinkle thinks on her decision her sister’s fate will be decided.  Now i got it she never loved yuvraj bhayya truly I am feeling bad for that soul he did everything to get her love he beleaved her fake drama and sent you to her to help his love. And this girl started to feel for you in those 2 months forgetting yuvi love and for her lies and drama she made yuvi responsible saying he dont understand her but she never tryed to understand him.

Kunj- yes thats true I was shocked that time when she asked me didn’t i got second opinion on her? And when i got to know she lie to me and yuvi i got angry on her and decided to tell this to yuvi but she took promise from me so i didnt told me also i dont wanted him to get hurt.from that day i didnt talked to her and even i returned her gift (watch) to her indirectly by presenting it to yuvi I thought she understood ill not accept her as friend too. But ger part in my story isn’t over yet now she is in middle of me and twinkle at any cost ill not marry mahi not only mahi but ill not marry any other girl except twinkle. She is only my love and my wife ill not give her placeto anyone.

Chinki – ill talk with twinkle once

Kunj- No use she is stubbern girl . I also tried to explain her in all way she just comes on my nerves i dont want to shout at her but she makes me do it. And chey I couldn’t control my anger one time and that made me to slap her thats first time i ever raised hand on any girl

Chinki- hmm let me try one time and i want to tell you one thing you cant convince her by scolding or giving lecture or slapping try get her back by something which connects you both it should make her remind everything that every special moment she spend with you and that should make her come back to you.

Kunj- hmm

Chinki – and one thing i want only Twinkle as bhabhi not that mahi

Kunj- for sure Twinkle will be my wife if not she then no one.

Chinki called twinkle and told her to meet

Chinki- so you decided that you will leave kunj for mahi? You are ready to sacrifice your love for mahi happiness

Twinkle- yes I am ready to give up my love for my di

Chinki- Agar koyi aur hotha tho teri behan key jagh mey thab bhi thu yehi karthi thi kya… kya thu chod dethi thi apni pyar uske liye?

No answer from twinkle

Chinki- we create feeling; its not the other way round. Such feeling should be under our control not the other way round.

Twinkle- tell this to your brother. Let him conquer his feeling and marry mahi.

Chiren- hmm…laughs sarcastically… Its not your fault… It is my brother’s fault for not having married at the right time.( galthi teri nahi hey..galthi tho mere bhayya ki hey jo pyar karne ki umar mey kisi ko bhi passand (pyar) nahi kiya aur abh shadi karne ki umar mey teri jaishi ladki sey pyar kar raha hey…muje jake mere bhayya ko hey daant lagana hey )

Chinki- Anu way forgive me if i have hurt you. Good bye.

And she went from there

Next scene

Twinkle going to kunj home to return his gift to him i’e mouth organ and some other gifts which he gave her and also she wanted to tell him tomorrow is mahi birthday and he should present her gift by saying yes for marriage

Kunj and chinki on terrace

Kunj is busy in staring at sky and chinki studying twinkle comes there

Twinkle comes near them chinki saw her she stood up and smiles at her

Chinki- Hi twinkle

Twinkle- hi

Chinki looks at her brother who is not looking at twinkle and he is looking like angry bird

Twinkle- where is usha maa?

Chinki- she is at home only didn’t you see her? Shall i call her?

Twinkle- no ….. its all right I came here to talk to kunj.

Chinki- ok then you both talk to each other. Ill go and get coffe.

Twinkle- thank you

Chinki left from there leaving them alone there is only silence between them both busy in staring each other for sometime.

Twinkle- Hi kunj

Kunj- Hi…then turned his face to other side

Twinkle- surjith uncle was happy to know that mahi agreed to remarry. He asked about the groom, I thought to mention your name…

Kunj gives her angry glare twinkle shuts her mouth for some minutes and bows her head down and then looks at him slowly kunj gets up from his place comes near to her holds her arms firmly he moved forward and twinkle moved backwards and he he pinned her to near by wall.

Giving her angry glare it not only showing anger it showing her love , hurt, possessiveness and everything

Kunj- continue…

Twinkle looks at him not making eye contact she started to speak not looking at him

Twinkle- you first have to tell your approval for marriage to mahi then ill tell your name to uncle….

Twinkle- kunj tomorrow is mahi di birthday But i want you to give her your approval on her birthday as birthday gift.we both wait for you tomorrow at..interrupted by kunj

Kunj- we will meet at Hill view

Twinkle- Hill view ??(the place where twinj used to meet and its memorable place because they spend mos of there special moments there)

Kunj- yes any problem? Smirked at her thinking that place will make her remind everything there moments those lovely days

Twinkle- ok we both wait for you at hill view you have to come there and should say about your approval to her. And in case you didn’t turn up something terrible may take place. Iam sure my kunj wont let it happen.

Kunj- your kunj..won’t let it happen twinkle tries to come outof his grip he leaves her twinkle keeps the mouth organ on table and leaves from there quickly so he cant see her tears. Kunj looks at her going he too keeps his mouth organ near that mouth organ and thinks something

Kunj- my kunj yes your kunj always twinkle and you are mine only mine my twinkle you are only my love no one can take that place he calls mahi

Mahi- hello kunj!! Surprised

Kunj- just called you to say Twinkle cant keep her words which she gave you you have more hope on her promise and I have more hope on my love mahi just smiles

Mahi- lets see I have more hope on her promise.

Kunj- you are impossible tomorrow you will get your answer he cuts the call


Twinkle and mahi gets ready

Twinkle pov ( why this day came in my life baba ji . Iam forcing my love my kunj to marry other girl no twinkle not other girl she is your sister she said she will be happy with them then you have to leave your kunj for her happiness she talks to herself and a question comes in her mind will kunj leave her?)

Mahi takes wrist watch to present kunj another time they leaves from there to meet kunj

Kunj is waiting for them in hills views he looks at there car approaching there Twinkle and mahi gets down from car .mahi stands there only Twinkle comes to kunj to talk to him. While tears made there way to come out from her eyes she is just controlling her emotions and her mind only thinking how she will live without her kunj how she will see her love getting married to other girl she herself leaving all rights on him .

Twinkle- t…t.. 😢😢 thank you very much for having come kunj.

Kunj standing there with support of bike and he not looking at twinkle

Twinkle- I have told mahi that you have given your consent for the marriage with her .I’ll send her to you now tell her the same when she is here place. Twinkle turns to go and going without looking at kunj

Kunj turns around he takes out mouth organ which twinkle gave him and he started to play it and twinkle stopped in middle way. The tune of that music reached her ears and it too her to memory lane she went back to those moments where her beautiful journey of love started the tune of there love made her to remind everything.

She remembered that rainy say where she all drenched in rain . How she can forget that rain drops she remembered those rain drop which welcomed them to new journey of love that made two soul to become one. On that day she got fever kunj took her utter care she remembered his promise


Kunj- twinkle i have decided that ill marry you in future

Twinkle- p..promise forwarding her hands kunj placed his hand on her

He lifted her in bridal styke took ger to washroom and he gave her bath and after that he was taking care of her like she is baby

They were sitting at balcony Twinkle not getting sleep kunj made her to sleep on his lap caressing her hair he made her to wear his jacket and blanket even he was feeling cold but he didn’t cared about himself till morning he was in that position only not disturbing her sleep.

Fb end

Then she remembered there first kiss and some romantic moments.


And her promise to him she will never ever leave him she opened her eyes looked at mahi who smiling at her and then she looked at kunj who smiled at her he came one step forward and opened his arms and signed her to come to him.

Twinkle didnt wait second she ran to him and stopped in front of him breathing heavily and smiling he gave her his gift mouth organ back which she took happily then she hugged him tightly kunj to hugged her tightly kunj lifted from waist and twirls her twinkle laughed loudly then he put her down he keeps mouth organ in his mouth and told her to join Twinkle too joined him its two sided then kunj removed it there lips meet in passionate kiss which looked like it will never end they ate telling each other hiw they missed each other and cant live without each other they broke it after 15 min twinkle hugged kunj tightly she forgotten mahi and everything she cant leave kunj for anyone she thought kunj gave winning smirk to mahi then he hugged twinkle again then took her away from there to some place to spend time with her

Mahi smiles to herself and throwed that wrist watch aside she got it true love always wins.( because this is matter of hearts…and that matter is very poisonous no one can come between two hearts and there is no way to seperate them )

Twinj married each other taking permission of elders and lived happily ever after.

The End


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