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Porus 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Meets Barsin

Porus 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Alexander’s party continues. Ephastian says he knows he wants Darius to come out of his hide out or at least make a mistake. Alexander says let him see where Darius is hidden. Puru with his team walks in diguised as Farsi and asks Vishuddi to go and lure soldiers. She goes to soldiers with liquor and says they fought hard and should celebrat with this wine. She serves them wine. Puru walks towards Barsin’s room silently. Alexander notices something is wrong and asks soldiers if something is wrong. They say no. He asks if someone went out. They say no. Ephastian asks him to enjoy the party without a worry. Alexander says during this situation they need to be more careful and reminds Philip’s murder during celebration.

Puru with Laachi walks further into palace and seeing a

soldier hides and kills him. He says they have to get rid of all these soldiers and he has a plan. Barsin tells his mother that Porus has reached here to help us, but they have to help themselves first and get rid of soldiers outside and message Porus. Mother asks how will she. She sees red cloth and says she knows how to. Puru disguised as Farsi soldier informs soldiers that king Alexander has invited them to attend party. Soldiers says Alexander ordered to be alert and guard here. Puru says Alexander is a king and can do anything.

Vishuddi spies on Alexander and hopes Puru return soon. Alexander tells Ephastian that Barsin did not return yet howmuch time she needs to get ready. Ephastian says women can take whole life to get ready. Alexander asks him to go and bring her right now. Ephastian leaves. Vishuddhi gets tensed seeing that. Ephastian chats with soldiers and sends them somewhere. Vishuddhi gets more tensed.

Puru with Laachi hides seeing soldiers guarding passage way. Laachi saks how will they pass these soldiers now, where is Barsin. Puru says Barsin will show them way and seeing feather on a Farsi flag says this is signal, explains when he challenged Darius with feather and took it back from him. Laachi says how can this be a signal. Puru says Faras’ flags are changed to Macedonian flags and feather on flag means Barsin has fixed it. Barsin asks servant to go and keep flag outside away from people’s eyes. Puru reads message on flag that he should enter via window as guards are guarding front door. He informs Laachi, but hides seeing soldiers walking. Vishuddhi walks acting as inebriated and asks soldiers if they did not attend celebrations. Soldier pulls out sword and says nobody can disobey king and come here, she should return back. Vishuddhi apologizes and walks away. Laachi hopes Ambhi Kumari and Hasti have done their work. Hasti and Ambhi Kumar burn grass on palace backyard and create smoke. Soldier rush to control smoke. They both kill soldiers.

Soldiers walk into Barsin’s room and informs Alexander is calling her. Barsin says her sister fell unsconscious and she had to stay here. They say they will come back again and leaves. Barsin says Porus must have come by now. Puru and Laachi jump in via window. Barsin gets happy seeing Porus. Puru says Bharti can go to any extent to fulfill their promise. Alexander asks Ephastian why Barsin is taking so much time, he will go and check himself. Messenger delivers Darius’s message. Alexander says let us go and read this message in front of Darius’ family and walks with Ephastian. Puru ties rope to Barsin and says he has already made arrangements. Hasti whistles and signals Puru that everything is alright. Vishuddhi walks to Ambhi and says Alexander is heading towards Barsin’s room, they should send a message to Puru. Ambhi writes a message and sends it tying to an arrow. Arrow hits pole. Puru reads message.

Alexander with Ephastian walks into Barsin’s room. Puru and Laachi hide. Barsin apologizes Alexander and says she was about to come when her sister fell unconscious Alexander showing message says she seems to know about this message beforehand. She says she is prisoned in her own home, what she can do. Alexander says prisoners tend to escape, if she is also trying same. Laachi with Puru hiding behind wall tells Puru that they missed their goal coming so close. Puru says they will try again, it is important for Barsin to know what is going to happen. Alexander says something is wrong. Barsin says her daughter is fine now, can we attend function. Alexander says let her rest for some mor time and walks towards window. Barsin and her mother get tensed. Laachi says Puru that Alexander has realized an outsider was also present in room.

Precap: Puru says Laachi let us follow Alexander as he knows where Darius is hiding. Alexander says Darius coward is hiding in Patria.

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