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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa rides for khatri mountain.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kansa in his palace saying we have to go to khatri mountain, yog maya will tell me the truth of vishnu and if she doesn’t, then she will know the wrath of kansa, I will not leave yog maya alive. Pralapt and janur say but bhagwan what if Vishnu reaches there first? Kansa says that cheater Vishnu will try to save yog maya, but before he does anything like that, I have to reach to yog maya. Kansa, pralapt and janur sit on their horses and start their journey.
Kanha is in vrindavan and he convinces all people to go khatri mountain to pray to mata yog maya. Kanha tells balram, brother devi yog maya is in danger, her life has to be protected as kansa is going behind her. Kanha says kansa can kill devi yog maya so we have to reach there on time. Balram says don’t

worry kanha, I am with you. As everyone start departing, radha comes to kanha and says kanha you had promised to me that you would tell me everything but even now you are hiding something from me. Kanha says what am I hiding gopi? Radha says kanha you are planning something on this trip to khatri mountain tell me what are you planning? Kanha says nothing gopi, why would I hide anything from you? Radha says kanha I know you very well, you are hiding something for sure and I will somehow know whatever you are hiding from me. Kanha says do what you want gopi, I am going. Radha says kanha you will see!
Narad muni says prabhu, why isn’t kanha telling radha that he is planning to save devi yog maya? Laxmi says devrishi, kanha always hides a lot from radha, your prabhu too is secretive as he doesn’t tell me everything. Lord Vishnu says devi, kanha is hiding the truth from radha because he doesn’t want to compromise this mission, he doesn’t want more people involved in this. Laxmi says still swami, radha will anyway get the truth from kanha.
All people walk and then they reach chitrakoot. Nand says this is chitrakoot. Everyone look at the beautiful gardens, trees with fruits, flowers and everything looking like a paradise. Nand says in treta yug, shree ram had rested here under this banyan tree with mata sita, today we are lucky to come to this place, we all shall rest here under this same tree for some time. All people are happy. Yashoda says yes, we will get shree ram and mata sita’s blessings too. everyone rest. Kanha says to balram, brother if we stop here then we will be late to khatri mountain and devi yog maya’s life will be in danger. Balram says I agree with you, but we cannot do anything.
Kanha goes to nand baba and says father if we rest here then we will reach late to the mountain, we need to go early. Nand says kanha but if the people don’t rest then we wont reach, everyone is tired and they need to rest and as much as you are excited even we are excited to pray to devi yog maya, but everyone shall rest here for now. Nand goes with damodar.
There kansa, pralapt and janur are riding on their horses. They ride and then pralapt and janur stop because of heat and tired. Kansa stops and pralapt says bhagwan there is a fresh water lake here, even you must be thirsty, we should go there. Kansa comes near and slaps pralapt and says while we drink water, cheater Vishnu will reach that mountain and save yog maya, we will become puppets then. Kansa says until we reach khatri mountain, no one will say anything about stopping otherwise I will take the life out of your body. They start riding.
There radha goes to kanha and says kanha, I know you don’t want to wait here because of some reason which you don’t want to tell me, but I will know the secret you are hiding at any cost. Kanha says what happened gopi? Radha says when shree ram had come here, he had plucked fruits for mata sita, I want you to go and pluck custard apples for me as I am hungry. Kanha says why do you think I would do that? Radha says you will do because if you don’t, I will tell all people that you are hiding something about khatri mountain and if everyone goes there, they will be in danger, then nand baba will cancel this trip and we will go back. Kanha says okay I will get you fruits. Radha goes.

Precap: kanha reaches khatri mountain with everyone. Kagasura sees yog maya’s residing place. Here kansa rides till khatri mountain.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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