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One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 14

One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 14
(Dedicated to kia , ms.mahi,sia,sameera and all those who asked for it and for everyone from may days i haven’t updated this so wrote it and other also ill post when i get time ok share your views for this waiting for comments tell me liking it or no if no ill stop this particular ff and suggest anything what youbwant to see ok if any error ignore it no proof reading )
Days were passing fastly in this days kunj genuinely asking forgiveness from twinkle and keeping her happy doing all the things which she loves. bearing her every taunts and tantrums. Twinkle giving taunt to kunj everytime and making him guilty or hurt for his past mistakes but she was not happy when kunj becomes sad she dont want to hurt him by her harsh words but she cant help she dont want to forgive him so easily this time whenever she forgived him easily in return she suffered so much. So she is scared to trust him thinking what if he break her trust this time too.

Twinj’s sweet and cute family sleeping peacefully on bed twinj on either side and kush and ranu babies in middle of kunj sleep got disturbed as his alarm made sound he looks at time snd got up quickly
Kunj- today I have important meeting and this siyappa queen will not leave me to go office until i finish work here huh kuch jyadha nahi huva iska huhu mann tho kar raha hey ki isko bahon mey leke so javu aur isko kaa javu looking at twinkle
Twinkle in sleepy tone what you are saying
Kunj- haan no ..n…no I was just saying ki… I am going to prepare breakfast for you
Kunj got freshen up and looked at room which is messy now before sometime it was all clean
Twinkle laughing silently
Kunj- huh again I have to clean this but in night my small babies made is mess while playing so I clean it now they are sleeping then he looked at twinkle…oh its big baby work huh he again cleaned room .
Twinkle pov ( arey arey you are cleaning it good but dont think its over kunj important meeting huh my foot today you see what ill do you have to go late for office. )
Twinkle got up from bed yawning kunj came there with her bed coffe he smiles at her and gave it in her hand Twinkle didn’t smiled just took coffe she finished half of coffee suddenly dropped it down saying its not good
Twinkle pov ( now he gets angry )
Kunj looked at her while she gave attitude look and moving forward above to step on glass piece of cup and kunj winced in pain twinkle looked at him confusingly he was sitting on flor and her foot on his palm then she looked at his hand which is bleeding as glass pierced into his hand then she got to prevent her from getting hurt he did it
Twinkle- kunjjj… worriedly she made him stand and took out glass piece looked at his wound and automatically her eyes filled with tears looking at him
Twinkle- are you mad? Why you did this haan now sit ill dress your wound
Kunj- no need of it twinkle I am ok
Twinkle- shut up see its bleeding she applied detol in it blowing air on it and completed dressing
Twinkle- is it paining?😢😢
Kunj- yes but not there
Twinkle- then
Kunj- here showing his heart
Twinkle- shut up😢😢😢
Kunj- you hate me right twinkle and you want to take revenge on me then why this concert now dont say no I can see in your eyes that how much you love me
Twinkle- n…n..no i dont love you I hate you and dont act smart with me ok its just that if you get hurt then who will do work so i just dressed your wound then nerthing got it she quickly goes to washroom to get freshen up kunj smiles at her he kissed on his hand where twinkle touched tanu woke up and started to cry saying mum mum kunj lifted her she stopped crying and smiles at him cutely
Tanu- k..ku..ku
Kunj- say papa say papa
Tanu – ku…ku
Kunj trying from so many days to make them say papa but not happening
Kunj gave her milk bottle she started to drink in while kush too woke up and searching for twinkle
Kush- ku…mum..mumma

Kunj-she will come now ok you to drink it now like good boy he said him giving another milk bottle in his hand kush node in no kunj sat on bed and made kush to lye on his lap then placed feeding bottle in his mouth making him to drink milk while kush made faces then drinks it kunj enjoying with them twinkle came outside and looked at this lovely scene she smiled lovely looking at kunj
Twinkle pov (may be you are changed kunj i can see only love in your eyes for me and our babies but I cant forgive you that easily after suffering this much . I cant see you in pain I know you are guilty and want my love back but it takes some time now because I am scared to trust you again what if you break it again like before you did…you cant be weak twinkle its your time to hurt him show him how it feels to get hurt by loved ones she said to herself)
Kush – mumma
Tanu – mumma
Twinkle smiles at them while both started to jump on kunj arms to go in twinkle arms she to sat with them kunj gave her kush and tanu twinkle playing with her babies looking cute kunj lost in her she was looking very cute kunj couldn’t control himself he came near to her and kissed on her cheeks making her shock
Twinkle- kunj😠😠 angrily kunj gulp in fear ….how dare you to come near me without permission and how dare you to kiss me haan
Kunj-oh angry because i kissed only on one side by saying this he kissed on other side too
Twinkle- awww
Kush and tanu clapped for kunj and giggled looking at twinkle
Twinkle- shut up you both dont clap him he teach you only this things and you sadu wait ill tell you she took pillow and looked at him angrily kunj node in no while twinkle started to hit him
Twinkle- kush tanu now you clap while they both node in no kunj smirked looking at twinkle
Kunj- hahaha siyappa queen no claps for you
Twinkle started to hit him again
Kunj- no twinkle no and he held her hands and pulled her close to him Twinkle slipped and fell on him and kunj on couch twinkle above him both shared eyelock
Kunj- ahha earth quake someone save me twinkle get up dont take revenge like this yar I cant take your weight moti get up
Twinkle- aww I am not moti because of you i fell and you telling me only huh ill not get up what you will do
Tanu – mumma mumma uttt
Twinkle- shut up
Kunj- kush tanu close your eyes they closed eyes cutely while twinkle looked at them and before she can look at kunj she was beneath him kunj on top of twinkle smirking at her naughtiely
Twinkle- kunj leave me
Kunj- what wrong i did huh you hit me by pillow now ill give you punishment
Twinkle- huh ill not take your punishment got it now get up otherwise see what ill do
Kunj- what you will do let me guess he acted like thinking and said oh you will kiss me back
Twinkle- no .
Kunj- see choice is yours now let me kiss on your lips or you kiss on my cheeks then ill leave you twinkle didn’t do anything ignored him and try to get up but not happening she made puppy face kunj comes close to her lips
Twinkle- no no kiss
Kunj- then give me kiss on my cheeks then ill leave you
Twinkle- okay she goes close to his face kunj closed eyes smiling twinkle lips goes close to his cheeks then Twinkle screamed in his ears in sharp voice kunj’s grip on her become loose twinkle pushed him and got up from there
Twinkle- you think only you are smart huhu and she went out to look at devils
Usha maya or alisha sitting on couch and having fun while twinkle coming towards them alisha looked at her
Alisha – di twinkle 🙁🙁 coming in scared express
Maya- what?🙁🙁 come lets start working
Alisha- huhu di you both got better work cooking and cleaning home and me bathroom cleaner how can i do it chi please you do it
Maya- no no
Twinkle- oh ho maya and bura saaya both sister dont have any work?
Alisha- Iam alisha 😎 not bura saaya😏
Twinkle – yes alisha the toilet cleaner
Alisha- di
Twinkle – maya ghar saaf karo javo kadi kadi meri muh kya dhek rahi ho
Maya – look twinkle dont show me this attitude you dont know what I can do
Twinkle- I know what all you can do you will start planning again how to break my home right this is not going to happen again got it. Iam not that innocent twinkle to obey your orders saying ji bhabhi haan bhabhi like before i use to do that is not going to happen maya its my time now dont dare to speak with me in this tone you are like servent here or have to say ill respect our servents more than you because they have good heart they work like servent here to earn some money from it they look after there family but you people huh you people do hard work in making some plans to spoil someone happy family and to break others home and from that you get some kind of relief tell me how can you sleep peacefully daily by destroying others life. What i did to you I loved you like my elder sister but you break my home you made my husband against me you made him to torture me haan did you think ill forget this all and let you live happily and peacefully in your life no dear after spoiling my life you are thinking you will live happily by my husband money hasn no its not going to happen you know your state now right you are working under me do you have to respect me get it now go and start cleaning

Maya looked at her angrily and started to work having no option as before somedays she skipped working and twinkle didnt gave her food so now working to have food
Twinkle goes to small mandir in home only and pray to god for her kids hapiness and also ask him to make her strong to torture kunj and his family because its tough for her to torture kunj her love for him always stops her to hurt him but she want to hurt him so he can get what she went though
After praying twinkle coming and in her way maya wiping the floor twinkle looked at her and kicked the bucket which having dirty water in it. It fell on maya and also on floor
Twinkle- ewww you smell so bad but kachra pani kachra par hey gir gaya and clean this now in 10 min it should be clean and floor should be like mirror got it maya made faces looking at her …arey oh usha rani thu kaha marr gayi haan kaam kar rahi hey yaa soh gayi kam chor kahi ki saying this she goes to kitchen kunj who was looking at her standing in upstairs having coffe he sips the coffe
Kunj- is it my innocent twinkle only 🤔🤔🤔 leave it ill let her do everything to them because they deserve it . He heard screaming of babies and saw tanu fighting with kush and they are rolling on floor he went to look at them
Twinkle scolding usha and usha looks at her angrily
Usha – twinkle is it way to behave with elders huhu I am your mother in law give me some respect
Twinkle – oh ho mummy ji I am really sorry uffo what i did i behaved rude with you oh my god its ghor paap hena mummy ji now will you complaint my kunj ji and tell him to hit me ahha no no please behaving like she scared…..
Twinkle- do you think ill say you like this no way you dont deserve this resoect and all huh and wait what you said is it way to behave with elders my food dont tell me this first look at yourself tell me being elder what good work you did huh badi aayi elder . Elder people will teach good work to younger people but what you did you only supported your son in doing bad work or I say you made him beast you made my love away from me. you made my kunj against me by filling his ears against me. If you were really a mother then you would have stopped him when he raise hand on others daughter but no see from whom I am expecting this you are the one eho said him to raise hand on me right. And what you said mother in law you can’t become good mother then how you will become mother in law . Every girl want to see her second mother like figure in her mother in law I also loved you like my mumma but you never ever valued it you only tortured me from start and kunj was my support you cant see that also so you played with his feeling and my feeling and made him against me used him as weapon to hurt me huh tell me what you got from this. Like your wish i went away from you family away from your son then what you got in return you got happiness no right because you lost your son love that day oh ho thats not important for you now you are happy with his money and now i stopped giving you money so this drama i think you never loved your son if you did you never did this you would have never seperated us kunj suffered this years only because of you .
Usha thinks she is right from that day kunj never called her as maa and loved her like before he used to do he never respected her and he was lost somewhere living alone life with his sorrows.
Usha- but its because of you
Twinkle- i was knowing it . You will never ever improve uff leave simply I am wasting my time on you now work fastly otherwise today also ill cancel your breakfast now do it fast
Twinkle- hey alisha the bathroom cleaner
Alisha- see twinkle dont say me like that!!!
Twinkle- you deserve that only
Alisha- what do you mean huh i deserve what?
Twinkle- shit you deserve shit so I am sending you to clean it. Clean yourself also from it you want my husband only to love huh dont feel ashamed to love my kunj knowing he is my husband. And you tried to break my marriage so that you can marry him huh do you wanted this all in your life alisha. Your sister promised you that she will make you and kunj one and you mad girl listened her and came here and joined your hands with them to spoil my life huh you wanted me to go away from kunj ok in this 2 years i wasnt with kunj tell me did you took my place in his heart leave it taking my place not possible only atleast any place no right ….its love it means kunj will never become yours he was mine he is mine and will always be mine you can never ever make your place in his heart. He only loved me and will always love me only . Why I am explaining about love to you who don’t know that’s meaning spoiling others life to build your life is not love. Breaking others happy household to build your own is not love my dear.
Alisha- what you telling I am not getting anything?
Twinkle- huh thats right who isn’t guilty about there mistake and think what all they did isn’t mistake only to them I am explaining leave it now go and clean bathroom there is many shit and dirt like you go and clean it otherwise today no food to you alisha made faces and went to bathroom to clean it.
@ twinj room
Kunj- kush tanu please you guys please dont mess up room again now Twinkle will not let me go to office if room is not clean ok now like good boy and girl sit quitely and look at cartoons they both busy in watching TV while his big baby entered room and looked at kunj and smirked looking at kunj who keeping room clean and working fastly she remembered her time a idea flashed in her mind
Kunj- siyappa queen see my work finished now you sit here like queen and take care of kids I am going to office
Twinkle- stop
Kunj- i dont want breakfast ill be late for meeting
Twinkle- when did i say you to have breakfast you have it or no i dont care and you finished work no not yet saying this she opened wardrobe and took clothes and throwed it everywhere making it mess again
Kunj- twinkle….gritting his teeth
Twinkle- aww baby gussa aa raha hey now after cleaning this only you can go kunj comes close to her hold her from her arms tightly and pins her to near by wall and looks at her angrily Twinkle smiles at him she is not scared at all
Kunj- look you are doing too much mey chup hun iska mathlab ye nahi mey kuch bhi nahi dhek raha hun aur thu kuch bhi kar sakthi hey . I’m behaving nicely with you twinkle then why you act to be so rude with me. It hurts me twinkle it hurts me when you behave rudely with me I can’t take it I want my sweet twinkle back. I want to hear your lovely talks
Twinkle- mimicking him mey chup hun iska mathlab ye nahi ki thu kuch bhi kare I am nice to you you also be nice to me huh . Mr.sarna let me tell you aap chup isliye hey kyu ki aapko patha hey ki aapne galathi key hey so you dont have any rights to stop me. And you feel bad right when i talk and behave rudely with you its good you feel bad before some years I have also gone though same things now you are feeling my pain right you cant take it but you gave me this now I am giving you back take it. that time I was behaving sweetly with you and talked with you lovely but what twinkle got in return only rude behaviour right and today you get angry because i spoiled your work you took time and cleaned room fastly so you can go to office remember that time when i also did this and what you did .both look at each other teary eyed
Its when kunj said her to no need to go for job he dont want her to work in that place and job is recommended by rocky which he didnt liked
Twinkle wanted to work because she get bore at home and also she likes to work now big fight happened between her and kunj on this matter . She know he hates rocky but he is her brother and rocky didnt gave her any influence to her to work in that company she gave good interview then she got she did work hardly to be in that position now suddenly if kunj say her to leave how can she leave it. Kunj said her to help his mom in home no need to go for job so she thought if she complete every work quickly then he will send her to work
Twinkle woke up very early on that morning still everyone were sleeping she didnt disturb kunj sleep . She got freshen up and cooked everything made everything ready and cleaned home then came back to room and cleaned mess there which is done by kunj last night while showing his anger after sometime kunj woke up
Kunj got up from bed and looked at twinkle who is folding clothes twinkle too looked at him and gave cute smile but kunj ignored her didnt gave her smile
Twinkle- good morning darling cutely
Kunj ignored her again twinkle felt bad he was above to take towel twinkle gave him that in his hand he gave her look and went to washroom to take bath before he comes outside Twinkle pressed his clothes and kept it on bed and his watch blazer everything she made ready and she went to downstairs to get his breakfast
Kunj came outside
Kunj- thank god she is not here again to increase my anger. What she want to prove me that only her brother is rich and respectful man and have every influence to give her job she want to do she didn’t asked my help but her brother’s help huh and that to she is working in that kunal branch of office he will get chance to meet and talk with her everyday and I said her not to be in contact with him but she is in contact with him huh yesterday i didn’t do any mistake by slapping her she deserves it she did mistake so i slapped her this bebe is her side telling me to say her sorry but mom said no you did right and twinkle did wrong this time by hiding this matter from me and how dare she is to say me that make seperate home and take her there she thinks my family members not good but fact is she isn’t good with them first she was very nice now listening to others she became like this ill not let her to go out for job and all now
Kunj wearing his shirt twinkle came there and kept breakfast on table and goes to help him when he was wearing blazer but he jerk her
Twinkle- kunj😢😢😢 dont behave rudely with me yes we both did argument yesterday we both were st fault we couldn’t control our anger but i talked with you only with words but you slapped me i was also angry on you but I forgot that and trying to be nice to you right 😢😢😢 but why you ignoring me like this kunj please understand I dont have anyone here expect you if you also do like this then where will I go? 😢😢😭😭 she cryed saying this
Kunj- you talk like you are very innocent and haven’t done anything and only I am responsible for everything. First you hide matters why you didnt told me because of rocky influence you got that job and its under kunal branch of office then how dare you to join there
Twinkle- kunj its not influence or anything yes rocky bhayya is friends with boss there but not because of that i got job . I gave interview and test then i got selected and after that bhayya got to know he is his friend. And about kunal when did he came in our middle haan i wasnt knowing anything who’s branch and all I was just working there
Kunj- you and your cooked up story looks fake
Twinkle- hmm good…wiping her tears leave it if you dont beleave there is no point of explaining you anything you have your breakfast I am going she said taking her bag
Kunj – where you going?
Twinkle- office
Kunj- Didn’t you understood what i said you yesterday you are not going any job
Twinkle- and I am also saying you I can’t sit at home I am going for job you have problem in me doing that job right ok ill leave it and ill search new job
Kunj- no dont want help mom in work and learn something like how to keep everyone happy in home
Twinkle- see kunj i did my all work today i woke up early than you and did everything perfectly now work us finished so ill go she started to move outside room kunj held her wrist tightly and pulled her close to him and twisted her hand
Kunj- dont you dare to speak with me like this and he pushed her on bed and said your perfect work let me spoil he made it mess again by throwing everything here and there while twinkle crying being scared and slowly saying him to stop she was shaking being scared by his anger then he dragged her and pinned her to wall looking at her angrily and he raise his hand to slap her while twinkle closed her eyes in fear
Kunj- you dont want me to slap you again right?
Twinkle opened her eyes slowly looked at his hand then at him and node in no
Twinkle- please k…please k..kunj dont do this please
Kunj- will you say again like you will go to for job? Or do you dare to speak with me like this
Twinkle- no ….n…no I am sorry please leave me
Kunj- good for you now clean this mess I am going to office now Twinkle cryed after he went out thinking how he can change this much
End of flashback
Twinkle- now you tell me what I am doing is more haan did you thought about me that time now you feel I am rude to you yes I am rude to you now because of you because you never gave value to sweet and innocent twinkle now if you have problem with my rudeness i cant help it kunj and you said you are changed right so I am doing this i want to check your patience level if you do anything wrong with me now ill leave you forever kunj left her hands
Kunj- ill never do anything wrong now i promise you that and I am asking you sorry thousand times because I am guilty when you left me i was all alone daily i was dying with guilt and pain i cryed daily for my mistake i just want to be with you now.
Twinkle- but i dont want to trust you again because whenever you show sweet behaviour after that you will show beast behavior too i told you many times it will take time for me to forgive you i dont know whether ill be able to forgive you or no.
Kunj- ok I am ready I am sure one day you will forgive me and ill wait for that day do whatever you want to do now i have to clean this right
Twinkle- off course you have to 😎😎 no option left…kunj looked at her and lift her in bridal style
Twinkle- what you doing? Leave me?
Kunj- did you forgot but i didn’t
Twinkle- what?
Kunj- yesterday you said me i have to look after you like baby and have to take your care like you are baby and have to treat you like princes
Twinkle- haan tho
Kunj- see you are baby now so i have o take your care like baby only ill give bath to baby now
Twinkle- 😮😮😮 go and give bath to kush and tanu ill allow youbfor that
Kunj- for those two i already gave bath so
Twinkle- so ?
Kunj- now its twinkle baby turn to take bath
Twinkle- dont try to be smart ok dont play with my words i mean to say like baby i dont do any work but ill spoil every work and you dont have to tell anything to me like that
Kunj- and those babies dont know how to take bath and all so you too dont know because you are baby my cute baby come ill give you bath and wrap you in towel and ill make you wear dress
Twinkle- no no leave me Kunj she is struggling to get out but not happening kunj took her to bathroom made her to stand under shower
Kunj- baby now ill remove your clothes
Twinkle- kunj no he turned her and placed hand on her back and started to unzip her karthi which revealed her milky smooth skin he started to kiss there and bites there while twinkle enjoying his touch after so many days while twinkle stopped him in middle turning to him
Twinkle- aww baby sey koyi romance kar key aishe kaat the hey kunj ruffled his hair winking at her
Kunj- so what i have to do baby is so hot i cant control my self touching her cheeks sensually and he rubbed her lips with his thumb while twinkle looked at him he was looking very hot and small drop of water falling from his hair making him look too hot to handle twinkle dont wanted to move further and she knows of she will be there for more time surely he is going drench her in his love and she cant control herself too it was only in her dreams from last 2 years that to be in his arms and those eyes only showing love and desire for her and she can see only herself in those eyes but she dont want to move further now she pushed him bit to come out of his grip and kunj lost balance and fell on bath tub and he pulled twinkle too both in bath tub fully drenched in water twinkle on kunj Twinkle tryed to get up but again fall on him kunj kissed on her cheeks making her blush more twinkle clutches his shirt tightly and kissed there
Kunj- please atleast one kiss twinkle closed eyes kunj grabbed her lips within no time they both kissed passionately for 10 minutes and still kissing twinkle suddenly remembered what he did she got seperated from him kunj looked at her confused then got to know
Kunj- don’t worry ill not do anything against your wish I am sorry i couldn’t control but you also didnt stopped me it means you still love me
Twinkle- shut up its just leave it why I am wasting time on you she went outside kunj smiled at her.
Kunj went to kitchen and prepared pastry for twinkle and took it to room while three idiot look at him and boil in anger
Twinkle changed her dress and looked at her babies
Twinkle started to change there dress to tanu was quite and let twinkle change her dress while kush too came twinkle removed his all clothes he got happy he was fully naked wearing nothing he started to Crawl here and there like that only
Twinkle- oye shameless junior sadu come here
Kush – na na mumma aiche atha (aishe acha)
Twinkle- no baby bad manner you should wear cloth while kush node in no and not letting her to make him wear dress
Kunj- why you running behind him
Twinkle- huh see him he is not ready to wear clothes its all because of you
Kunj- abh mene kya kiyaa? 😢😢
Twinkle- he went on you only bebe told me you also doing like this only when you are baby and after marriage too
Kunj- chi after marriage? Dont lie ok see I am wearing cloth now
Twinkle- daily night you sleep without clothes
Kunj- tho kya huva bhay jab jab mey naked hotha tha thu bhi tho hothi thi i use to remove yours too
Twinkle- shut up now catch him
Kunj- kush
Kush – na ku.ku crying
Kunj – ok no problem be like that only but please dont cry ok
Twinkle murmured baap bhi shameless beta usse bada shameless
Kunj – what?
Twinkle nerthing… tell me why you brought this cake?
Kunj- I made it for you
Twinkle- oh I am torturing you so you celebrating that
Kunj- shh please cut it and taste it he kept it bed twinkle first made faces then looked at cake she loved it she comes there and cut it and eat a small piece
Twinkle- hmm so good I am impressed mr.sarna
Kunj- then feed me she took small piece and put in his mouth while kunj lick her fingers too
Twinkle- shameless they took cream part and put in babies mouth while they made face like its good
Kush- ku ..ku ..mumma cac…and gesture like he too wants to cut it kunj happily placed him near cake gave plastic knife in his hand while twinkle stopping him saying he is not wearing any clothes
Kunj- arey cake khatne mey khapde ki jarurath kya hey siyappa queen let him cut it kush took knife and started to hit on cake while kunj and tanu clapping for him kush left knife clapped for himself too happily then ….then did susu on cake itself
Twinkle- chi
Kunj- eww kush you spoiled my cake
Twinkle- thats why i was saying you huh now give it to me ill throw it outside
Kunj- it will get wasted i prepared with so much love
Twinkle – kunj i tasted it no and now we cant have it she took it and went down ro throw it while usha saw her going towards dust bin with cake she stopped her
Usha- why you throwing it haan mere puttar ne banaya hey mujey bhi nahi diya
Twinkle- acha but ye khane ki layak nahi raha abh let me throw it usha snatched it from her hand
Maya – she tell us not to waste food but see she is wasting
Alisha- haan see and this cake looks so cool
Twinkle- listen to me before she can tell anything trio started to eat it
Usha- different taste right
Maya- yes its superb
Alisha- I liked it looking at kunj who just came there
Kunj- why you people having it
Twinkle- see i am telling them not to eat but also dont eat its not good
Alisha- kunj I like everything what you make . I like you so much and this cake too its my taste i liked it so much
Twinkle- you liked that’s taste your taste is very kharab
Maya – you just be quite ok
Twinkle- stop them kunj
Kunj- arey its there taste let them eat be quite dont say anything they kept quite trio eat it not leaving anything and alisha tho licking her fingers and everything to impress kunj Twinkle got irritated and felt like vomiting looking at then sbe went back to room kunj controlling his laugh
Maya- do you want anything kunj?
Kunj- nerthing just wanted to ask how is cake?
Usha- good different taste
Alisha- yes but salty but good
Kunj – oh my god hahahaha😂😂😂😂
Alisha- why you laughing
Kunj-the cake which you liked and had different taste hahaha my baby my kush did susu on it so twinkle came here to throw it but you people eat it hahaha
All of them shocked and ran from there to vomit everything
To be continued…..
Precap –
Birthday party twinkle to insult kunj….

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