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Nimki Mukhiya 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki doesn’t come back home

Nimki Mukhiya 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Mausi is in kitchen. Nimki is behind her. She sneaks in the room. abhi comes home. Mausi says was Nimki found? he says no. Ram was so worried. He was crying. Where is elena? He sees some sauce. He says what is this sauce? Someone took it? Mausi says who could?? He follows it and comes room. They see Elena eating it. Mausi says I thought she was asleep. Nimki is hidden. Abhi says doctor asked you not to eat ssauce. She says I really wanted to eat spicy. He says its okay. Nimki says she does good acting. Elena winks to Nimki. Mausi says whom did you wink at? Who is there? She looks there but Nimki hides. Elena says there is something in my eyes. Abhi says show me. Mausi comes back. She says I amgoign to my room. Nimki sees a rat. She is scared. Abhi says you don’t have to eat sauce.

The rat is coming towards Nimki. She says oh no. Abhi says I heard something. Elena says please clean my face. Mausi says I will sleep in hall. Elena says you sleep in hall I and Nimki.. Mausi says Nimki? She says I mean me alone. They leave.
Elena says why didn’t you come out? Papa will help you. Nimki says I dont’ wanna go to jail. ELena says no one can take you to jail. Nimki says I have to do something.

Scene 2
Nehar says to Mauha where is Nimki? Chachi says Ram is finding her. He says ask these people inspector. Inspector says she cant hide for long. Nehar says your sister is running for Teettar’s sins. Why is she hiding if she didn’t do anything?
Nehar says ram is involved in all this. Kundan says her father is Tettar’s dog. Mauha says shut up don’t dare saying a word. I will hit your head with a stone. Kundan says see what she is saying. Kundan says Ram is hiding like a rat. Babbu comes there and says stop it.
Mauha says did you find something about Nimki? he says no we are trying. Ritu says we have to make nimki missing report. Nehar says this is all their dramma. Don’t write their report. Babbhi hits his head on the car. He says don’t dare saying a word. Inspector says stop all this. nehar says I will see you babu. Nehar leaves with Kundan. Inspector says you shouldn’t have hit him. Babbu says if you come here to threaten people again I will do the same. Inspector leaves.

Mauha says did you find anything? Ritu says she shouldn’t have run. We have to find out what she has done only after she comes back. Tettar is innocent. All people say yes. Ritu says we will let you know when we find anything. Tune says in heart I have to talk to nimki. He says all people go home.

Tettar says better showed Nehar his worth. Ritu says Nehar will see that scar on his face all his life. Tettar sayas shoot him next time. Babbu says i so wanted to. Annaro says you get so angry. Tettar says she is like you. Babbu says Ritu said Tettar is innocent people said yes. Sweeti says we are involved in this anyway.
Abhi calls Tettar. He says its about nimki. Tettar says did you find her?
Precap-Abhi says we all know you are the real owner of the company. Whoever messes with ram’s family I wont leave them. Tettar says are you threatening me?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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