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Laado 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka and Shaurya join hands to search Juhi

Laado 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka telling Shaurya that she will search Juhi. Shaurya asks her to have food to get strength and says then we will search her. Anushka says will you help me. Shaurya says yes and tells that he tried to search her, and asks her not to feel bad if she can’t find her. He gives her medicine and leaves. Anushka thinks I never wanted to hurt anyone. Shagun and Amrish ask Kuldeep to come and celebrate with them. Kuldeep says I have to be in home as if call comes from Police station then I have to go and check the dead bodies. They say ok and leave. Kuldeep comes back to Dadi and tells that they are fine and safe, and are at Shaurya’s home. Dadi asks are you lying to me. Kuldeep says no and tells that he lied to Shagun and mama. Dadi hugs him and cries.

Anushka searches in the

newspapers to find some clue and says there is nothing in it. Shaurya says how we will find her. They have an eye lock. Rabba mere Rabba plays. Anushka says we have to think something else. Shaurya asks her to think. They both take Tai’s name. Juhi thinks Shaurya thought him weak, but she managed to come here to save someone. She calls the woman. Just then Rantej comes there holding plate and sees Juhi. He asks what you are doing here? Juhi pretends to sleep walk and asks him to take her to her room. Rantej says ok. Anushka tells Shaurya that they can be friends. Shaurya says since he came to know that she is not Juhi, she is stranger for him. He sleeps.

Shaurya and Anushka leave in jeep to go to Tai’s house. He tells her that last night, he was angry and tells that they can’t be strangers. He says you know everything about me and asks her to tell about her family. Anushka tells him about janvi, ammaji, yuvraj’s murder etc. She says I have no family now and tells that may be Juhi is staying with some family. She says this happens with every girl and she will search Juhi. Shaurya gets impressed with her. Anushka thinks he is understanding her.

Inder tells Malhari that he thought to take blessings of Guru ji and says I am happy that Rantej is coming with us. Inder asks where is Juhi and shouts? Rajjo says she was getting ready. Malhari says I will bring her and comes to Juhi’s room. She asks Juhi to come and tells that they can’t meet if baba ji takes Samadhi. Juhi says she is feeling unwell. Malhari says you will feel better if you come. Juhi says I usually go with him and asks her to go with him and spend sometime with him. Malhari asks her to rest.

Inder looks for Juhi. Juhi hides. They leave. Juhi thinks now she can go and meet the captive woman. She peeps in the room and asks if someone is there. She thinks nobody might be inside. The captive woman shakes her bangles. Juhi hears and thinks someone is inside. The captive woman manages to push broken bangles piece out. Juhi gets it. She hears someone coming and hides. Rantej comes there and opens the door. He looks at the captive woman and smiles.

Anushka asks Tai to tell where is Juhi and gives her promise? Tai tells her that Juhi is in Haryana, in Veerpur. Anushka is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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