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Kahan jaye ye dil (kanchi fs) by Niyu Shot 3


Hi guys , hope u are all fine .Thank u for ur likes & comments on previous update . Here is the next part –


Recap – Kanchi met with each other .

If u don’t read previous update , link is below –


They are still searching & finally Pragya found the phone in broken condition.

Pragya : Sanchi , Your phone …Oops Ashes of ur phone .

Sanchi : Shut up Pragya ….Give it to me .

Isha : Sanchi , I think we should do last rites of ur phone . That’s our duty 😜 .

Sanchi frowns & give deadly glare to Isha while they both chuckle.

Pragya : Chill, Girl …You just called ur parents . They brought a new phone for u .

Sanchi : I don’t need there so called money for my needs . When they have no time for me , then why should I call them.

Isha : Sanchi , Calm down . Let’s ho home .We have to prepare for our college .

They leave for their home .

In morning –

Sanchi was getting late while Ppragya is busy in munching food while Isha in applying makeup.Sanchi become irritated my this .

Sanchi : Guys , We are getting late .Pragya don’t u get time food I’m college canteen & Isha you don’t look like Miss universe after make up .So stop it.

Pragya : Let me eat na…

Isha : Yeah , if u want then u also can join us .

Sanchi : Shut up ….I have no interest .

After 15 min, they both get ready.Trio came downstairs & Sanchi locked the house .They leave from there . They get in a cab & reach college but they are already late & the credit goes to our dearest Bhukkad Pragya & Beauty queen Isha😂 😂 .

They are very confused regarding the college as this is their first day. Trio are moving with great speed in colleges corridor .Suddenly , Sanchi sandal get open & she start wearing it properly . When she looks up , she saw that Pragya & Isha are not there .

Sanchi : This college is like Bhool Bhulaiya & on the top of that they both get missed.Now, what should I do .

She start moving here & there while panicking . She bumped on someone. She look at the face & get shocked.

Sanchi : You…What are u doing here?

Kabir : Same applies to u …What are u doing here ?

Sanchi : I asked first so u have to answer first .

Kabir nods his head in disbelief .

Kabir : I am fine-art teacher here .

Sanchi : Ohh..Really , Then I am also professor here . Stop joking with me.

Kabir : Not again …Look, Miss I am telling u truth & I don’t crack any joke .

Sanchi : Who the hell said to u thag u are lying .You are actually daydreaming.

Kabir : Seriously , I am a teacher here .

He give her the file in which hus name is written . Sanchi get shocked.

Sanchi : So, u are really our fine-art teacher. Why didn’t u tell me before?

Kabir patted his forehead.

Kabir : I was singing the song inspite of telling …Right .

Sanchi : No, I don’t mean that . How I get to know that u said truth ?

Kabir : Ohh…So,Now u want I put a tag on my forehead that ‘I am a teacher’ 😂 😂 .

Sanchi : No Sir..

Kabir : Hope u get it …Be careful next time.

He leave from there while she is cursing herself for doing this.

Sanchi : Gayi bhains Pani main…Pehle hi din aakar tamasha kar diya .

Someone tap on her shoulder & she turned.

Pragya : Kahan thi be tum ( Where were u )

Isha : We fine our class, now come.

Trio leave for the class & sit on the same bench.

Kabir enter after sometime & Sanchi noticed him. He start to make them understand . Sanchi continuously drooling over him or u cam say checking out him. She get lost in her thoughts .

Kabir swipe his hand in front of her eyes & then shake her.

Kabir : Where are u lost ?

Sanchi(tensed) : No where , I am concentrating on the class.

Kabir : Ohh…Class is already over before 5 min & your friend also leave for canteen .

Kabir said while giving him questioning look.

Sanchi : I am reminding the class in my mind 😂 .

She said in tensed voice . She pick up her bag & fleed away from there  while he is not satisfied with his lame excuse .

Precap – Sanchi’s attraction is on another level.

What do u think . Is Sanchi get attracted toward Kabir or she start falling for him.

What happen when Sanchi know about Maya ?


Hope u guys like it .Sorry for late . Kindly ignore grammatical & spelling errors .Do comment & like/dislike

Niyu 😘

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