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Ishqbaaz 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi returns home

Ishqbaaz 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Khanna says maybe someone has stolen Rudra’s phone, we may search and find out, everyone isn’t family here. Devyaani asks are you accusing me indirectly. Shivaye says no, sorry, Khanna don’t cross the lines, say sorry to Nani. Khanna says sorry. Devyaani says its fine, I have prepared mango icecream for you all, I will get it. She goes. Rudra says I wish my phone is safe. Shivaye says its just a phone, not wife. Bhavya says exactly…. Devyaani says I have started this work and should end it too. She puts some liquid on Rudra’s pillow.

Rudra comes there and rests, playing on tab. He gets some smell. He falls asleep. Devyaani takes the tab from him. She smiles and goes. Shivaye says Dadi isn’t answering the call. Devyaani gets mango icecream. She says its good that Dadi didn’t answer,

she has gone to satsang. Shivaye asks her to smile and clicks pic. He says I will send this pic to Dadi, she will see this pic and call you. Anika serves icecream to everyone. Dadi calls Shivaye. He says I told you she will call. He asks Dadi can you hear me…. maybe network isn’t there. They like the icecream. Shivaye says its really delicious. Devyaani says I added flour in it. Anika says you added flour in icecream. Devyaani says yes, I have learnt this recipe from icecream parlor. Anika says I m noticing your recipes are different. Bhavya asks how do you know so many things. Devyaani says because I visit different houses, I have more friends, have it. Shivaye asks where is Rudy.

Rudra comes and asks did anyone get my phone, I had a power nap. Bhavya says amazing, your sleep problem got solved. He says no, it got doubled, my phone was missing, now my laptop and tab are also missing, you guys love me a lot, you don’t want me to strain my eyes, just give me my gadgets back. Bhavya says we didn’t take it. Khanna says they haven’t stolen it, sorry Sir, I have proof this time, she has stolen the gadgets. They get shocked. Shivaye scolds Khanna. Khanna says I myself have seen it, she fainted Rudra and then took his gadgets, I have recorded it. Shivaye sees the video. He asks what’s all this. Devyaani says he is saying right, I have taken Rudra’s gadgets, I just wanted him to sleep peacefully. Khanna says she could have told him, ask her why did she hide. She says so that he doesn’t know I m doing his treatment, I didn’t put chloroform, I have put this oil on his pillow, check this.

Bhavya says its eucalyptus oil. Devyaani says I would have stolen things till now and left if I wanted, everything is under Rudra’s bed. Rudra goes to check. He finds the gadgets and comes back. He says she is saying right, gadgets are under the bed and there was eucalyptus oil on pillow. Devyaani says I did this to help him, see he got a good sleep when he stayed away from gadgets, it will become a problem later on. Anika says phones are harmful. Shivaye asks why are you telling me. Bhavya thanks Devyaani. Shivaye asks Khanna to apologize. Devyaani says its fine. Shivaye says think well before blaming anyone. Khanna says sorry and goes.

Shivaye and Anika sleep. Devyaani gets something. She thinks I got what I wanted, I should leave now. Shivaye switches on lights and stops her. He asks what are you doing here. She says I m not habitual to sleep in AC, so I was having a walk. He says I will just come. He goes to room. Anika wakes up. He says sorry to wake you up, I was finding something, Devyaani was feeling cold, I thought to give Dadi’s shawl, she is Dadi’s friend. She says but, I meant to say, its a beautiful and expensive shawl. He says so what, when Devyaani wears this and smiles, it would become priceless. Devyaani looks on.

He comes to Devyaani’s room and gives the shawl. She says you didn’t have to get it. He says you won’t feel cold now. He covers her up with the shawl and says get some rest, I will reduce AC cooling, its really cold here. She smiles. He switches off lights and goes.

Its morning, Shivaye, Omru, Anika, Gauri and Bhavya cook in kitchen. Rudra does commentary on ShivOm. Om scolds him and asks him not to post video. Rudra says the video was live, I m married now. Om says you should realize this. Bhavya says breakfast is ready. Shivaye asks her to call Devyaani. Anika says she wasn’t at home. Bhavya says I have seen her going out. Rudra says did she leave without informing us. Om asks why. Devyaani says I will inform before leaving, I went to get Tulsi, its good for health, we will have tulsi tea today. Dadi comes and asks for her grandsons. They all go to her. Devyaani says I must leave now. She sees them with Dadi and runs out.

Shivaye says we missed you a lot. Om asks why didn’t you inform us, we would have come to pick you. Dadi asks what’s fun in it. Rudra says I know you wanted to conduct a raid on us. Dadi says stupid, I would have raided if you three were alone, I don’t need to conduct a raid when my sensible bahus are here. Shivaye says you surprised us, and now we have a surprise for you, your childhood friend. She asks who. Khanna stops Devyaani and asks where are you going, your friend has come back. Shivaye says your childhood friend is staying here. Dadi asks Devyaani? I don’t have such friend. Shivaye says you will know when you see her. He calls out Devyaani. Devyaani says I have imp work, I will come later. Khanna insists and takes her inside.

Shivaye reminds Dadi about her friend. Dadi says I haven’t lost my memory, I didn’t go to have chinese food, I would have eaten chole puri if I had to. Khanna says Shivaye didn’t listen, now he will be sure. Shivaye says I have clicked her pic, see her. Dadi sees pic. They ask do you remember now. Dadi says I haven’t seen her before. Khanna shouts Shivaye sir. Shivomru go out. Khanna says fake Nani has run away. They get shocked. Gauri says it means Nani is not Dadi’s friend. Dadi says you kept her at home. Rudra says she lied to us. Gauri says why did she lie. Khanna says so that she can stay here and steal. Rudra says she could have stolen my belongings yesterday and escaped. Khanna says maybe she got something expensive thing. Anika says Shivaye, that shawl. Shivaye and everyone run to check. Shivaye stops and thinks of Devyaani. He enters the room. Everyone tells Dadi that everything is same in the room. Shivaye comes to them. He says she didn’t take the shawl, she left this note…. thank you for love and affection, I m not a thief, even then I m stealing something precious, sorry for that and lying to you, Lord bless you all. Rudra asks your jewelry. Shivaye says she didn’t take jewelry, she took our family pic. Dadi says what will she do with that.

The guy hugs Devyaani and cries. Shivaye says why isn’t she telling them anything. Devyaani says they have called media, you should leave. Shivaye stops the couple and scolds them. He says your mom has saved you, else I was going to expose you publicly.

Update Credit to: Amena

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